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it's not photobooth friday , but polaroid friday!

i've been playing with the polaroid land camera that we have.... i'm not even sure how it appeared in our life... for some reason i am very drawn to making pairings of polaroids. i like the idea of two images playing off of one another... to see my attempts thus far go here . i have been overwhelmed by the response of some of the photographers i really admire abee for one and maditi for another... i don't consider myself a photographer and so when real PHOTOGRAPHERS say they see something my tummy does a little spin and i start grinning from ear to ear. it's been one of those magical play moments for me... just finding small things around the house and trying to find the DETAILS in them. i keep telling my students that it's all in the details and i guess that mantra has been sinking into my own head.... [ah - this is why i love teaching!]

i am now really really sad that SX-70 film is no longer being made. DARN YOU polaroid!!

quick thing for those of you really into type [ jan you immediately come to mind!] there's a really cool show about hand drawn and experimental type called alphabet . it's in LA... maybe i'll get to see it next week when i pop down for 2 quick days??? hope so!

i'm feeling lucky today.... a box arrived and i have a new toy to play with [more on this after i get to play with it!] and i don't even seem to mind that i have to go to school today [5 days this week!] or that i have grading up to my forhead! happy friday!!!


lisa said…
i love polaroids...i did a collection about 3 years ago that was so fun. maybe i will post some this weekend...i used color filters over the lens to make them look interesting...this was a cool post!! you got me thinking polaroid again!
maditi said…
your polaroids really deserve praise :)...and I´m not a real photographer either ;)...I`ve just ordered quite a lot polaroid films, so if you´re ever in need, just let me know :)
wendy said…
these are great.
I love that they are lush and close up.
the washed out colors they are really really beautiful! you have captured these great details.
poppy said…
i really do like your polaroids too. they make me want to own a polaroid. i can see why you're drawn to making pairings. there's a certain feel to them i just love.

i am soooooo jealous you are going to l.a. (for one) and to perhaps dip in to see that alphabet show for another! man!!!!

ok whats in the box?
Karen said…
oooo....polaroids! I miss those! Do they still make those cameras?
such images set my feet dancing! I love old things, and vintage and design, and your blog has its share! I could leave comments on many, but I will start here! I enjoyu your musings!
Liesl said…
Those are great, Lisa!
eireann said…
ranunculus are my favorite flowers. sweet photos.
Amanda Woodward said…
I love these!!! I have a polaroid camera but I never use it. I can never get nice photos from it!

I just re-read all your older entries, since I'm a slow blogger these days, you'll like "devil". I thought it was really good.

I also love all the amazing bobbins of thread you have, I'm tempted to bid on some on ebay...
anniebee said…
hey angelpie, thanks for the kind words about me polaroids :) it really means a lot.

I love your pairings - I'm a huge diptych fan and your images, while strong on their own, lend themselves to that format so nicely! I can't wait to see what "develops" next. (excuse the corny pun).

I'm so with you on the importance of "details". Years ago I "invented" a game where I had to find something new everytime I walked down a familiar (ie:boring) street. It really trained my eye (such as it is).
lisa s said…
lisa bird.... i can't wait to see your polaroids!! i have a spectra too that can use those filters/weird lenses... hmmmm polaroids unite!

maditi... you ARE a real photographer!! and so sweet to offer film... i think i'm going to have to splurge for some more SX-70 before it's gone....

wendy.... thank you... i'm so touched by the praise from you... another photographer i admire so much!

jan... you should get a polaroid... it really is instant gratification! thanks for your kindness... i do LOVE the pairings.... if i go to the alphabet show i'll take pics!!!

karen... yeah - i think they do still make them - although the 2 i have are old

tongue in cheek... thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! it sounds like we have a lot of likes in common!!

liesel... thanks.... nice to hear from you!

eireann - i love them too! they signal spring, huh? i should grow some... next year!

amanda dear... nice to have you back! :) keep trying the polaroid... remember i'm only showing the good ones... there are always bad ones too! you SHOULD get some old spools!! they are so much better... i'll keep my eye out for more....

abee... apple of my eye [i'm trying to keep up w/ you in terms of endearment].... thank you thank you... went thru another pack this weekend! going to have to order more!! it IS all in the details, huh??
andrea said…
wow, so loving the polaroids... much love for the polaroids. what an eye you have, my friend.

I've read about the alphabet show somewhere... sounds amazing! would love to check that out... *sigh*
Zana said…
I'm a sucker for Polaroid shots. I think I am one of those people who'd rather go buy Polaroid filmpacks and starve :D
I am just waiting to get a scanner so I get to showcase my Polaroid shots online. If there was ever a chance, I'd like to do Polaroid-swapping, Postcard Polaoid style !
Oh, have you ever heard of Postcard Polaroid ?

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