photobooth friday

gram and lil Originally uploaded by dressform.

ok andrea . scored this [well the photo of it] in LA... this is my grandma and her best friend [who later became her sister in law too]. how grand is this?? love the hats, the smiles.... everything about this is just good. gram - i hope you don't mind my sharing.... :) someday i'd like to tell you some really great stories about my gram... in the same vein as andrea [man does she tell a mean story]... but today i am at a loss for good words... so another time!

so we've been painting the living room.
a sunny yellow w/ a gold yellow in the little alcove... it looks so much cleaner and brighter than before. but ugh my neck is sore from painting the darn ceiling... i promise more pics upon completion.

go go go and check out this cool!!! photoshop brush set ... via sugar loop - thanks sugar loop!
[thought immediately of you jan ]


wendy said…
love this photo!!
history and fun.
and look at her dressed so beautifully...lovely.

you are realxing and getting a new perspective on this break of yours! yeah!
Amanda Woodward said…
such a gorgeous photo Lisa, what a treat!!! I finally posted a terrible photo of my amazing scarf on flickr :D
Annika Sandin said…
What a wonderful photo Lisa! It really makes me smile.
poppy said…
how precious a photo! beautiful lisa, those hats are so amazing! WOW!

your yellow looks so cheerful and fresh! love new paint!

and those brushes - thank you for that - i'm downloading now!
pat said…
Your gram, and her friend, were gorgeous! With drawing a day, corners in the home, the book club you already have a lot going on. But it would be wonderful for people to share stories about their grams and gramps, don't you think? There is a whole world of history out there waiting to be captured!
andrea said…
wowwowwow, love this, lisa! the hats are to die for...what a gorgeous pic. and busting at the seams with personality and style and backstories... thanks for sharing!

(and thanks for the compliment on my storytelling. so honored by your words, friend)
lisa s said…
wendy.... yeah... photo rules! i could get used to this relaxing thing

amanda... i love the photo of you in the scarf! it reminds me of a painting....

annika.... thanks... me too!!

jan.... yeah. cool hats. they don't make such cool hats anymore. [or at least we don't wear them]... i'm so glad you are getting those brushes!

pat... you are right... somehow we should start a "history" club too.... i'm sure there are great stories floating around!

andrea... you deserve EVERY single compliment. you have a gift for tellin stories....xo
joy madison said…
love the hats:) and the color of your new room!

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