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so YAY for e-bay and YAY for grandmas that support your spirograph habit. [which i guess is better than a crack habit]. i now have a GIGANTICUS number of spirographing possibilities... so hopefully you aren't sick of seeing them, cause they are going to make more appearances m'thinks. and how great that the box is RED??

ephemra from ohbara

the mail has been so so kind to me.... the dear and sweet ohbara sent me some ephemera.... she will send you some too [and it really does come w/ pretty paper and a bow]. get yours

to start of the color day:
hint of pink

this is a comission for a special someone... there's actually another part, but i want her to be surprised! i finished it this morning [hot off the press]... i hope she is OK with the color!!!

and now.... purple::


[can i just say that i love the accidental little house in the lower left of the upper photo.... and also i can't wait for my wisteria to bloom fully! i'm hoping the pounding rain doesn't make all the petals fall before i get to really enjoy them!]





i could go on and on about pink... this is a pink coat that was crocheted by an aunt mimi [not my aunt, but a friends]. i wish i had the patience to crochet something like this. i LOVE this coat. i really do... and i love pink too. i used to steer clear... too girly.... too cute, but i have embraced pink with open arms now.... i love how it can be feminine, shocking, surprising, demure, sexy... all at once.

and that ends our color based programming.... still ruminating on the book to read next.... [maybe we just do all 3 of those in succession?] there is now a list of music swap participants.... hope everyone is having fun making their compilations....

happy weekend!


eireann said…

YOU are too sweet!

It is my pleasure to send you this. :)
shash said…
thank YOU for your lovely week of colorful pics. i especially like the nest and the bowl and all your blues.
vegasandvenice said…
I totally totally want to read along please!!!

I am still completely ruminating. I had something in mind at first, but now ... I don't know I am re-thinking. It's been on my mind a few days now. I am not exactly sure where you were going with it in the first place, but it has taken me off into some whole new directions. It is very interesting!

I love your red and pink pictures. You have some fabulously picturesque items. It is all so interesting and I am totally envious, but only in the best, most inspiring way!

The new work is great. I find it interesting that something so simple in its elements can be so complex and interesting in it's design. It has a sense of movement and I think it belongs in a gallery. Ooooh you should do a show of "Lisa's". Both of your works really compliment each other very well. Such talent!

Lastly, I love ohbara's package. I was super considering a package purchase from her, but it's probably not in the budget just yet! Soon I hope though! Thanks for showing your fun stuff (hmm did that sound dirty?).

Anyway sorry for the super long comment. I did not realize I had so much to say! Have a wonderful day wonderful!!
vegasandvenice said…
My gosh is there anything that I don't find "interesting". I am laughing just sitting here re-reading my comment. Si said it would make a good drinking game. I guess I would in general. When typing I really do tend to repeat myself a lot! Isn't that interesting? We all have to take a drink now!!
poppy said…
yes love that red and pink! and aren't you the lucky spriograph girl? i am actually quite lured by your spirographs! happy weekend to you!
wendy said…
I love that your grandma shops for you on ebay!! such fun.
colorwise - I think I tend toward crimson - love my reds cool.
fabulous phots!!!
you and that camera are on fire!
abbytrysagain said…
Oh my! (doing a happy dance) must go get ready for the fair, but I had to tell you thanks for all the tips, etc-bascically-you are amazing!!!I'll email you later-thanks!!!(the color in the painting is fab!)
joy madison said…
mmmmmmmm! I love the red and pink! YUMMY!!!! Happy Sunday!
Alison said…
Oh I used to love spirograph as a child! I saved up all $13.95 for one and thought I was sooooo cool for doing that....
lala said…
If only my wisteria would bloom.

Oh, and I was queen of the spirographs when i was a kid. I spent hours in the tv room, making patterns with it. I should see if my mum still has it.

So many great things in your post today.
Abigail said…
Oh I have loved your photo's of colour this week..all so bright and airy...just dreamy really!!

How lucky you are to have so many Spirographs...HOURS of fun there to be had!!

Hope you have had a lovely weekend my dear :)..hugs to you Xox
maditi said…
I love your spirographs ;)
can´t believe that pink coat is crocheted ... so gorgeous, even the buttons are perfect!!!
and I´m soo looking forward to the music swap!!
lisa s said…
eirann! :D

shash.... thank you so much... i hope the project resurfaces in some form....

vegas... emailed you about some stuff.... thank you for liking all my "stuff". it'd be really fun to show w/ lisa bird... maybe we can make that happen some day! thank you for your long comment.... i feel energized by it! and heh heh... drink!

hi jan and wendy! thanks girls....

abby :)

hi joy! thanks for looking!

alison... you WERE [and ARE] incredibly cool!

lala - yes you must see if your mom has it... she kept all that other stuff that i saw on flickr... how great would that be???

abigail... and i have loved your photos.... mutual love!! :)

hi sweet maditi.... i am excited by the music swap too! and i know those BUTTONS... amazing, huh?
anke said…
I love the reds and pinks...but the coat is to die for!There is so much to comment on in this's so vibrant (and not only because of the colors)...sadly I don't have the time...soon...:)
andrea said…
oh, the colors... they are SO GOOD. and I'm loving the word 'giganticus'.
cally said…
That red spirograph kit looks like the same one I got when I was 5 and in hospital for an eye operation on my birthday, it was the coolest thing I had ever seen! It still is, though has no box now.

I'll never get sick of your spirograph work, it reminds me of happy times.

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