drawing a day ~ week 32

drawing a day ~ week 32 Originally uploaded by dressform.

it's funny how my second drawing couldn't help but match the first.... it's the way my mind works.... and no those aren't 2 doilies... technically one is a spirograph.... check them out on flickr if you want the details....

tonka says thank you!

THANK YOU so much to everyone who wished tonka {and ME!} well... felt the love for sure. he's doing mucho betero.... he's still a bit lopsided... [but no loger upsidedown].... his head is tilted more than usual [which only makes him cuter].... the best part is his appetite is back. he came home super skinny - poor thing - but now voraciously eats cookies and kibble almost like he used to ! we spent plenty of snuggle time together.... and he's totally spoiled - sleeping up by our heads in bed... snoring away :) he wanted to show you his scar [under his neck] but mama couldn't get the shot.

so.... party people are you feeling the music swap? the deadline is fast approaching.... i've actually been thinking about what i would do even though i'm not participating. hmm.... my favorite all time mixed CD is still the one that hubby made for our wedding favor. those songs bring back such good memories.... tonka and garbo each got their own song too [do other people have songs for their pets??]

hoping to get back into the blog and flickr routine this week! see you all around OK??


vegasandvenice said…
So so so glad he is better! I hope he has a speedy recovery!

Thinking of you both!
Kelly said…
Oh I wish Tonka the best. I'm sure the vet techs are taking ubber good care of him. My bunny had the same thing happen, all of the sudden too. Poor babies, getting into all kinds of trouble. Keep your chin up and if you have any questions, feel free to email me because I work at an emergency vet and I have come across a lot of weird questions, so dont hesitate to ask :)
lisa said…
yay for healthy pups. so sweet. kisses to both of you!
pat said…
hurray from me, too, about T's recovery! Now the question is whether you will ever get him off your bed again?!?
Karen said…
Lisa! So happy to hear the little honey is feeling better. Nothing worse than having your baby feeling discomfort because they really are so helpless in this situation.
Abigail said…
Super happy to hear Tonka is on the mend!!...and I love the drawings this week, you amaze me each and every time :)
gracia said…
Such good news! And, yep, songs for pets in this household also... so long as we humans don't sing along.
wendy said…
I love the spirograph and doilies. And the stitching on the doilie!!
I am so glad that the little tonka man is doing better!
Love your photos!!
natasha said…
mice get an inner ear infection that is not curable called...i am serious here...rolling mouse disease...where their equilibrium is screwed up and the keep rolling to try to right themselves. i had lots of pet mice and one of them got it and had to be put to sleep. i cannot imagine how much it must stink to have that. i am so glad your baby is feeling better. it is so hard when a pet is sick and can't tell you waht is wrong.
dani said…
tonka's face is so sweet! glad tonka is mending!

and love your pics as always!
abby said…
Whoo-hoo! I am so glad to hear the good news. I also heard it was sunny there-yay! I am working on my music swap-hopefully this afternoon it will be in tha mail, one for you-too. Glad to see you back *hugs*.
ps-I am loving the spirograph!
Aurora said…
He he. Hooray for Tonka! Keep on Truckin' lil buddy. I am so relieved. Phew!

Thank you for the reminder -- I just put my cd in the mail - hope she likes it! (c;
lisa s said…
VV.... :) thank you!!

kelly.... oh the poor bunny! a bunny upsidedown seems sadder than tonka upsidedown.... thank you SO MUCH for your offer of help! luckily my hubby works for a veterinary surgical service so he knows what's going on - if it wasn't for him i would have lost it!!!! but you are SO SWEET!!

hi lisa bird... tonka sends licks back!

pat... oh no - he's on the bed to stay... luckily he's small :D

karen... thank you dear!

oh abigail... thank you.... i'm so happy you like the drawings!

gracia... i'd love to know what the pet's songs are... i'll share mine if you share yours.

hi wendy.... thanks!!

oh natasha - that sounds awful. poor mice. so tiny....thank you so much for your sympathy it's VERY appreciated!

dani... you are too kind... your photos... now those are great!

abby... thank you kindly!! i can't wait for your CD - seeing that we have the same taste and all.... :D

hi miss a.... always lovely to hear from you.... tonka is definitely truckin! :)
poppy said…
glad to hear tonka is doing better! and those designs look amazing - i can't wait to see them closer in flickr!

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