inspiration, a thank you, and a shameless request

airline lounge Originally uploaded by dressform.

in my quest for the perfect bag to take to school... i stumbled upon the airline bag lounge TO DIE FOR. wow. it's the collection of bags of Troy M. Litton ~ the guy that brought us wanderlust . you know those cool journals/catalogues, etc.... and mav you have to check out troy's home page [if you haven't already].

white on white

my dad alerted me to the white one white show at the folk art museum in NY.... sigh....

and natalie shared this AMAZING artist with me.... with the weather stuck in perpetual rain i'm really wanting pretty things...


so lucky for me abee's package arrived yesterday. she's trying to encourage my polaroid habbit... see . a spectra all my own.... am i turning into a photographer?? she also sent the parrot fence pic that i fell in love with.... THANK YOU!!

::here's the request::

does anyone have a really cool vintage [or vintage inspired] pattern for a great CROCHET COAT?? my grandmother has offered to crochet me a coat after seeing the snippets of the pink coat . [yes i have the GREATEST grandma!!]. i have one pattern, but i have a feeling there's a better one out there... anyone? i know you guys all have a secret stash of pattern books.... i promise some goodies in exchange???? email me AT or leave a comment.... thanks!


valentina said…
I got some pattern books off ebay specifically for coats. Let me go find them.
anke said…
you have a fantastic family!
Your dad is great! You have to thank him especially that he keeps introducing us (through you) to arts and new wonderful is that?
And your grandmother will crochet a coat! I would love to help with the pattern but I don't have one...what color will it be?

The bag is cheers you up just by looking at it.
wendy said…
Love all the troy links. Beautiful!
How cool is it that your grandma is going to crochet you a coat - what a wonderful piece of art and love you'll get to wear!
love your abee's polaroid!
briana said…
I'm waiting for Not Your Mama's Crochet to come out in the fall so that I can make this peacoat:
(which I have been thinking about working up in pink ever since I saw your post...)
The new Debbie Stoller/Happy Hooker book has a cute shrunken blazer callerd "The Prepster" that's mighty fine- I think there's a thread under crochet on craftster.
vegasandvenice said…
Wonderful Grandma! Fabulous mail! Can not wait to see your polaroids!!!
laurie said…
i'm on the lookout for you too!
Ky said…
goodness gracious, i wish i had read this when i was visiting my family - my mom is a prolific crocheter (is crocheter a word? hehe)....i will ask her to take a look around her crafty library! love the bag - i saw a similar bag with a vintage vespa ad on it while in victoria, b.c. this summer. sadly, it was in the window of a closed shoppe!
gracia said…
Afraid I can't help with the request... a crochet coat in the making - you lucky duck, you!
And, thanks for swinging by my blog and leaving a comment on my wee mice. I've just started to draw them in the last little bit and it's nice to know folks like 'em. Working in a studio from home it's great to get external feedback... one of the things I miss most about completing art school all those years ago.
take care, g
lisa s said…
valentina.... ooohh i'm excited already!

anke... yes i do have a fantastic family. i am super lucky!

wendy.... :) aren't those links great!

briana.... oh that is a cute pea coat! thanks for the link.

vegas :)

thank you laurie dear!

ky... judging by the looks of the haul from your house - your mom may very well have something FABULOUS!

gracia... i am happy to provide feedback anytime!!

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