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detail of Annabelle's piece Originally uploaded by dressform.

above is a comission i finished the other night for annabelle. to refresh - she is the one who sent me this amazing goodness. she contacted me about buying a drawing a day drawing and when i explained i wasn't up for splitting them until the whole year is done she was willing to have me "re-make" one. she sent me a list of her favorites and told me her favorite color was pink.

so i percolated. how could i combine what she liked in my own way. and then it hit me.... so i drew sweat peas in pink and embroidered the stitch that she liked so much on top. oddly enough it feels to me like vintage modern. which is fine with me. i actually think getting the lovely gifts from her helped me feel like i knew her a bit.... maybe someday we shall actually meet face to face.

oh abigail ~ let me count the ways

i have been waiting to share this amazingness! it just didn't feel right last week.... abigail makes the most amazing jewelry [this is in case you have been under a rock]. and now i own some !!! [insert happy dance/jumping up and down here]. you can get you some too . and can i tell you that the whole package was perfect? the wrapping, the color, the hollyhock card... and she has THE CUTEST handwriting. sigh.... you can see me attempting to model and shoot photos simultaneosly here

music swaps should be going out tomorrow! woo hoo! i made a flickr group where we can all post pics of the spoils.... can't wait. today at the studio i was fixated on music. what song would go well with this one.... i listened to nick cave's "no more shall we part" which immediately brought me back to this one winter. i was working for a gallery riding the bus into san francisco for my communte. i was reading "a heartbreaking tale of staggering genuis" and listening to that album. on repeat. it went so well with the book. it was comforting.... all that came fluttering back. don't you love how that works??

and because it's an eye candy kind of day....
from koodiker . the teapot is here. but there is plenty of droolworthy stuff there. go. go....


lisa said…
this was such a lovely pretty post. thank you!!
Abigail said…
Awww..that you my sweet for that lovely post..:) The jewels look so nice on you - REALLY delighted!!

Pretty drawing you made there too!! And what a teapot!..general love=fest for the eyes..hehe.. Xox
wendy said…
You percolate really nicely!!
abigail makes some really amazing pieces of art! love her stuff, you got quite a score there.
that teapot is I don't have a word, but I love it.
pat said…
Abigail's jewelry is "to die for!" You are very fortunate to share such lovely gifts with your friends!
Annika Sandin said…
Lucky you! Abigail's work is so great. Just like yours.
abby powell said…
Lisa-at first, I thought the top was an old emroidery pattern that you stitched over-now that I know the whole story it is even cooler! The jewels look absolutely stunning on you, how precious. I am excited about the swap and the book club. Is it nice there yet, so beautiful here!
Jessica said…
Lovely jewelry, I myself am often tempted to buy something. I might need to put some money aside for some of those great earrings!
mati rose said…
i am gushing over your beauties, wow abigal! lucky girl you are lisa:)
Karen said…
Goodies, what? I thought it was just music ;)

Just joking...mine is in the post...
gracia said…
Snail mail & music swaps - I am loving your world!
Shari said…
hi lisa
what a lovely piece you made for annabelle. so pretty. and that teapot!! beautiful. what a nice batch of goodies you received from dear sweet abigail. she's the best. and in silver too!! i didn't think of asking. enjoy your weekend. yay for music swap!! xo, shari
poppy said…
lovely lovely commission! lucky girl!
tania said…
ooh so much niceness- love your drawing! and i was just trying to remember the name of this jeweller! thanks!
lisa s said…
lisa bird... thank you!

abigail.... i'm the one that is DELIGHTED!! you inspired me to create the feast... in many ways

wendy.... isn't that tea pot just amazing. sigh.... and thank you for the kindness

pat.... you said it!

annika.... i feel lucky... and thank you for such kind words!! [your work is amazing as well]

abby - i can't tell you how happy i am that you thought the pattern was an old embroidery pattern.... that really makes me tick... i'm excited about the book and music too!!

jessica... oh you should... abigail's stuff is so lovely... thank you for stopping by and commenting!!

hi mati... luck seems like it's not lush enough of a word, but yes.... lucky i am!

karen... the music IS the goodie!!!

gracia... welcome! you are certainly a part of it!!

hi shari.... i feel so fortunate to have asked about silver... abigail IS the best!!

hi jan... :)

tania... i'm so glad to have jogged your memory!!
anke said… late again and so sorry again too...:)
I had my eyes on these GORGEOUS rings for a while now and am waiting for the perfect moment to hint my husband in the right direction...teehee...
What a wonderful package and super eye candy post (that teapot will make any tea taste great I bet!).
So so glad Tonka is feeling better!
anke said…
I almost forgot! I love the piece for Annabelle! Pretty color and the stitching just makes me want to stroke a finger over beautiful.

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