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so... here's what has been coming in the mail... music of all types, cards wishing my computer well... hand drawn /made amazingness and little presents of all shapes and sizes. do you see how many p2p things there are? i love that! if you want to know what came from who and where click on the photo and go to my flickr page. i have really been enjoying people's pics of their swaps... and reading about them . IF YOU HAVEN'T received your swap yet... let me know!!. and for those of you pictured above... i have a little something brewing for you....

can i just say how much i LOVED the punk responses from the last post - if you haven't already you should check out some of those comments. i have been thinking a lot about why the notion of punk really does ring true to me. i think all makers in some way shape or form are punk. you have to be because creativity requires you to take risks. because my closest and dearest friends are also artists and we pass the torch around to each other... punk punk punk.

quote for today from Sara Vowell's "Take the Cannoli":
Phone rang. It was Dave, a writer friend, We talked for over an hour, mainly about punctuation. He has big plans for the ellipsis. He's mad for elipses. I tell him yeah, I have similar affection for the parenthesis (but I always take most of my parentheses out, so as not to call undue attention to the glaring fact that i cannot think in complete sentences, that I think inly in short fragments of long, run-on thought relays that the literati call streat of consciousness but i like to think of as disdain for the finality of the period).

i love both the ellipses and the parathentical [in case you haven't noticed here on my little blog...] i love that they can talk for an hour about punctuation [like i can probably talk for an hour over which yellow is more appealing in certain situations... indian yellow. vs. naples yellow vs. cad light/medium/dark yellow]. i love that slight but not overly cynical and dryly funny twist regarding disdain for the period. a girl after my own puncutation and writing style heart! [so i am no longer going to feel guilty that i don't capitalize my I's.... it IS too much to hit shift when i'm thinking and typing and thinking simultaneously. plus isn't it cuter w/out all the caps?]

i have spent the whole day running around trying to get ready to leave tomorrow after i teach. still need to pack, but much cleaning has been done. i also need to generate the to-do and potential things you might need to know list for the house-sitter...

garb_ tulip - dyptich DONE!

before i go.... i had actually been wanting to do some kind of tutorial. but i kept thinking... what in the world could i show people how to do? who cares? what would they want to see... and then dani commented on flickr that she wanted to know how to create a dyptich in photoshop. if you want to know how i do it [and trust me there are 101 ways to do it] check out this flickr set . i tried to go step by step [baby steps at that]. if you have any questions, you know where to find me....

and so adieu. i will catch up with everyone tomorrow before we take off, but no posting until we return. have a fabulous weekend... and to all the mothers out there.... happy mother's day!!


Abigail said…
*loving** the sweet!, and thanks for the tutorial..although I have to say it would probably take a miracle for me to be able to work = computer thicko!

hope all goes well with getting organised...always SO much to do!! luck be your lady....hugs, xox
Shari said…
loved seeing all of your goodies! i think i need to read the sarah vowell book. i'm always overusing punctuation despite my english major background and i definitely don't think in complete sentences. thanks for your emails yesterday. :) xo! s
vegasandvenice said…
I can't!! I can not seem to catch up! I am not finished with the book so I am trying not to read your quotes just yet! I bet they are great! I was trying to pace myself, but I guess I should speed up!!

So happy you are back and you get delightful mail!!
wendy said…
I love that you got computer wishes in the mail - too cute and funny!!
We must talk color some time!!
have a great trip!!
Ky said…
be safe, and have a fabulous journey!! xoxo
justine said…
thanks for organising ht e music swap, it was good fun!
dani said…
lisa, you are so sweet to do this for me and all the other dummies. sometimes i just go blank with stuff like this. i will attempt the dyptich and let you know the results.
briana said…
My friend Matt and I started a movement* years ago called "The Semicolon Appreciation Society - For the correct usage of the semicolon and general betterment of punctuation everywhere..."

*(theoretically speaking of course, as the idea was conceived as so many great movements are, over many beers and ridiculous streams of conversation at a loud bar somewhere far away...)
lisa s said…
abigail... if you can pickle jewelry you can make a dyptich in photoshop!

shari... i really think you will like the book... i now want to read all her others

vegas... catching up is hard to do! :)

wendy - i will gladly talk color with you in a heartbeat! name the time and place!

thanks ky!

thanks for playing justine! i'm glad you had a good time!

dani... i hope the tutorial helps... and you are NO DUMMY!

briana... i'm there... beer and loud bar... i'll be carrying my semi-colon!
andrea said…
yesyes, thanks so much organizing the music swap! so much fun, just so much fun.

(and now that things have slowed down a bit for me, I am sooooo looking forward to checking out the dyptich tutorial)

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