drawing a day ~ week 33

drawing a day ~ week 33 Originally uploaded by dressform.

well look at that... drawings. i actually have another weeks worth to share, but i'm saving them. because i took last week off from the drawing due to the computer drama... and i'm taking this week off because we are going out of town on a jet plane thurs and so i wouldn't be able to get thru this week.

it's kind of odd to look back a few weeks but there you have it... blue blue and more blue. i was starting to think about adding a bit more color. i tend to get stuck in colors that are similar to the thread - partly b/c i like the idea of clean and minimal, but i wonder if it's the easy way out??

i'm going to try and play catch up this week - i have lots to share and photos to take, but.... i really want to talk about take the cannoli. um yeah. how great would it be to work at this american life?? . one of the last essays is about sara wanting to learn how to drive and ira glass is her teacher. it's just too too perfect. your boss that has such a great encouraging voice [i think mr. glass could get me to confess to ANYTHING] and a knack for subtle humor is the one who eggs you on as your navigate a vehicle? [although i do have to say that my dad taught me how to drive stick and he was a pretty patient and amazing teacher. lurch - it's ok - lurch again / stall - just find that spot with the clutch - lurch lurch lurch screech stall - don't worry you'll get it]

one my favorite quotes though? [and hubby totally laughed at my book - it's littered with pink post-its so i could re-find my favorite parts]:

Punk is rhythm, style, poetry, comedy, defiance, and above all ambition. Punk is wounded....Punk means moral indignation....Reprise, as in reprisal, so that you can do what you want. Punk means getting all worked up...punk is female which is why the bravest punks are either women or womanly men...Best of all, punk comes out of nowhere. Punk is a torch that's passed around, a rumor that spreads from one nowhere to another that guts and perserverance mean more than anything else

i guess i would consider myself a nerdy punk. yup. and i wonder where the "punks" are now. not the ones that look punk - b/c that is just fashion. i'm talking about those that exude the above - especially in the youth. you would think that this climate would be ripe for a real punk explosion. perhaps there is one and i'm just so old and fuddy duddy that i don't see it... but i honestly don't see that spark in many of my students. oh punk oh punk oh where can you be.?

what about you? are you a punk? do you want to be?

i leave you with some art:

mended target :: petal stitch
a mended target. wendy brought me some targets that had been shot at. i didn't know what to do with them for the longest time... but then DUH it hit me... you MEND things with sewing. they just need mending.... so wendy - now i have a plan - and i actually might need more that have been shot at :) and
lucky dip art swap
if you didn't already catch this in my flickr stream... this is a postcard for a swap... why is it that a bird with a crown tickles my fancy to no end? [and the hummingbirds have returned to our yard - i LOVE watching them]
p/s i'm answering comments in the comments again.... if that matters to anyone.... smile....


Ky said…
mending - that's so perfect. =)
abby said…
Okay-where to begin...
Your drawings are lovely-I need to take a closer flickr look.
Love this quote!! James is a punk to the max, although you wouldn't know now-unless you talked to him. I love the "womanly male" part-so freaking true! I'd like to think I'm punk, too. A country loving, skirt wearing, cookbook reading punk. I think that you are right about your students. Kids a few years older than me had it-that something-that passion and drive-a want to take risks, make mistakes, learn, go out on a limb. But I feel like many of the kids my age and younger lost it. Like something strange happened in that generation-maybe the tv-maybe they are spoiled rotten, maybe just too brainwashed by this nation of fear, I really can't put my finger on it. Maybe it is that they are just plain apathetic. But something is wrong..I am going off-sorry.
I am in love with your little birdy painting. I hope you have a good trip. I will shut up now.
abby said…
okay-just one more thing-I really want Ira Glass to teach me to drive! I still don't know how-i am a loser-it is official-goodbye.
wendy said…
I love the dollies and what I see as dandelion with the seeds blowing away.

I think color on color is really interesting - not so easy to do well...and you do it beautifully.

I'd be happy to get you more targets! It is always 'a trip' to collect them.
lisa said…
a) i have been on the hunt for targets as well
b) is that a birdcage i see in your drawings this week?
c) i love sarah vowell. i read the book of which you are speaking a couple years ago. love it.
d) i am so punk. ha.
Jon said…
love the mended targets- genius!
Abigail said…
l-o-v-e the drawings/target...SOOO much!!

yes to punk!...especially the moral indignation, comedy and getting all worked up...ha! Big NOOOOO to the clothes though...a skirt wearing punk then?? :)

..you should lead the new punk revolution lisa..with an 'ickle crown on your head (hummingbird style..)...beam.

Shari said…
wow lisa, you are just blowing me away! love your drawings and the mended target is perfection. :) hummingbirds in the backyard...there's nothing better. love how they zip about. xo, shari
eireann said…
I always draw storks with crowns. :)

Love that drawing.
posy press said…
i love your week 33's....so beautiful...love your work, best ~ amy
briana said…
Super digging the mended targets. 'Natch.

I love that you said that "punk is ambition". I'm not embarrased to admit that I used to be someone who was pretty tied up in lables and identity even though they were mostly counterculture lables and identity. I had to come to terms with the whole punk-not-punk thing a couple years back, and in some ways ended a longterm relationship over it. My fiance at the time couldn't understand why I had decide to dye my hair back to brown (from black & bleached & red, ect), why I had ditched my "cool" job for a real job, etc... I remember sitting on the couch holding his hand in mine and and saying "... because refusing to take chances and explore the unknown and risk the possibilty that you might evolve in the process is NOT punk." We had been together five years at that point and only made it a few more months beyond that conversation.

I ran into him a show in Hollywood about two moths ago. He's 37 now and has his ears streached and finally finished getting fully sleeved. He's still ridding his vespa and still wearing pork pie hats and skinny ties and is still working as a manager of the same high end clothing store, selling vintage tee shirts to movie stars for hundreds of dollars.

I, on the other hand, do marketing for an investment bank, do yoga four times a week, buy organic produce and most recently, dated an attorney. And everyday, I read what I want, wear what I want, make art that pleases me and only me, say whatever I want to whomever I want - even when I'm afraid to. I have taken road trips across the country by myself, dropped out of college because I didn't want to be there and taught myself how to cook like a professional chef. I am still the same girl that he met 10 years ago, on sans the blue hair and less fearful of the unknown and the possibilities it holds - or less controled by her fears.

I love to see youth embrassing punk - especially the "youth". I see kids walking down the street wearing Buzzcocks or The Dammed shirts and patches with the Crass logo on them (okay, even I was to young to be wearing those bands when I was their age, so funny) and it makes me smile. And I see them look back at me, it my heels and suit and glare with that "What that f&*k are you smilling at lady" expression. And it always makes me giggle a little inside, and happiness sort of bubbles around in my chest - because I'm looking at "my people" and I'm looking at myself.

Uh, okay, maybe I should go write something for my own blog now... bessos, briana.
briana said…
Oh, I'm so punk that I've decide to start an all girl bike gang. You should come down to LA and cruise around with Regina and I...
trudesign said…
Really like your drawings this week. What a great and inspiring idea.
jenny vorwaller said…
bird king is awesome. i want to see more!! ;)) kisses! xo
nichola said…
I love your art! So beautiful!
joy madison said…
lisa, you are a genius!!!! I adore the mending idea....it has such awesome undertones! I love the imagery! The blue drawings are awesome too! Off to flickr to see them up close (yay for the D50)
andrea said…
many things this early wednesday morning:

1. love the drawings. gorgeous.

2. so glad you are through with the computer drama. ward and I are dealing with a little drama of our own this week-- internet drama, that is. it's a long story.

3. I'm buying 'take the cannoli' today. didn't think I'd have time but I so want to get in on this. intrigued by what you've shared.

4. mending the target? brilliant.

5. so loving the postcard.

have a fantastic trip, my friend!
poppy said…
you seem to be on this creative explosion and i'm in awe!

the drawings are so whimsical and floaty - the birdcage is the center of it all and the set together really works with just the one color. i don't know if using one color is the easy way out - i actually think it may be harder.

that mended target is genius! it can creat so many thoughts.

and that postcard - also am intrigued! that crown with wood background is amazing too!

i don't mean to gush - but it's all gushworthy!
ladylinoleum said…
Love the targets...

I HEART Ira Glass. One of my fave episodes of TAL consisted of David Sedaris talking about his experience as an undergrad in art school. He was apparently a performance art major. OMG, I was rolling on the floor succumbing to hysterical laughter. Amazing.

Dude, Bri did write a book in your comments...LOL.

Ahhhh...punks...I miss that era.
lisa s said…
thanks ky....

abby.... you are definitely punk... and i'm kind of relieved that you see something "missing" in kids your age and younger. i can't quite vocalize what it is... it's even more than apathy sometimes i think.... i love your long comments... ALWAYS!! and you are not a loser for not knowing how to drive... maybe you can email ira and tell him you read about sara's experience and might he be interested in giving it another go?

wendy... you are such a dear. your encouragement means so much! and i am thankful for your willingness to get more targets!

lisa bird... yes! birdcage! and YES! you are so so punk!!

thanks jon!

abigail... i think the whole idea for punk now is that it's more punnk not to look punk - at least the punk we recognize... so yes! skirt wearing jeweled punk! and maybe i will start a mini-revolution - ha ha ha

hi shari... i almost wish i could have a pet hummingbird... but of course i'd never want to confine them... just the thought is so lovely

thank you bara and amy!! [bara i love that you draw crowned storks!!]

briana - separate email coming your way... and i'm so there for the bike gang. do we get jackets??

thank you trudesign!

and jenny... more on the way!

and nichola and joy... you are so sweet!!
lisa s said…
andrea.... oh no internet drama?? i'm with you.... ugh.... thank you, as always... [you are going to love take the cannoli]

jan... i love when you gush... thank you. really. i'm so so honored.

regina... yeah. ira glass. he's dreamy! and yes briana wrote a book, but i LOVE it! i'm declaring that punk is NOT dead!
anke said…
first of all I love love love the drawings...the doilies are my favourite again I'm afraid...I'm such a girl. Does that mean I'm punk? I think I'm too wussy to be punk...if punk means different I might be...a little punky wuss or wussy punk. :)
vegasandvenice said…
Still trying not to read the quotes or comments! I will have to come back! Lisa, I love and adore your work! Oooh those drawing soooo good.

And how can a fancy bird with a fancy crown not tickle your fancy delightful girl?

My favorite pen seems pretty secure here at home with me *smile*!

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