drawing a day ~ week 35

drawing a day ~ week 35 Originally uploaded by dressform.

it is always hard to go back to the drawings after being away. it's definitely less of a struggle when i have a groove going.... of note this week.... the first drawing is to celebrate the state in which my grandmother grew up - it was her birthday on the 15th - so minnesota it was! the 3rd drawing is a complete knock off of natalie [if you hadn't guessed already]. i just was so inpired to draw the bearded iris in my yard and use a nib... of course her floral drawings are a million times better.... and she just came out w/ a gorgeous new print.

the 4th is my second attempt at a floor plan drawing. it's the apartment, as i remember it, of my grandma kaiser. she was my babysitter when i was a wee one... in downtown LA. and she was really like a second grandma. we made apple pies in her kitchen, and went to sambos [does anyone else remember that restaurant?]. we rode the bus alot. and painted our fingernails... and she had THE BEST costume jewelry ever. she was a tough lady - even in not so great neighborhoods no one was going to mess with her - but she was also incredibly kind. and generous to me...

so.... my goodness i am so overwhelmed by the response to underdog ! . you guys are really amazingly supportive and kind and down right wonderful. thank you! i respect all of you so much and to have you all say such things really really touches me!

i should really be grading so i leave you with a few things....

hoping for happy accidents blogs about amazing things. i have to save her posts for when i can actually go to each place. she mentioned busy being and abee this deer for you? [too expensive but terribly cute].

and wenders i'm so glad punk is not dead !


Ky said…
my husband was just talking about sambo's yesterday......twilight zone....! he grew up in these parts, but i am not familiar. as always, love your drawings =)
dani said…
the new shop looks great!!!
wendy said…
the drawings are great.
I love the bobbins on the craft paper-so lovely. and the crocheted dollie. how tiny were your needles?
trudesign said…
Adorable Shop, love it! Your work is so cute, please let me know if you want to swap links.
eireann said…
where in MN was your grandmother from???!?!
ladylinoleum said…
One of my painter friends from grad school built his entire MFA show around floor plan inspired works. I love that kinda stuff! Glad to see you are back into the drawing swing of things. It's such a good exercise. Keep going!
pat said…
did you know that the mosquitos in Minneapolis are the size of bumble bees?!? very nice craft paper!
natalie said…
Thanks sweet Lisa! I am very flattered :)

I am (of course) loving your drawings a week, the colours have a fresh summer feel to them

the tiny doilies are gorgeous!
lisa s said…
ky... that is so funny!! of course the logo/imagery was terribly racist, but i still have a soft spot for that place!

dani... thank you

wendy... not ultra tiny - i don't know what # in english - came from my mom so measure in mm :)

trudesign... deal! thank you!!

eireann... where you are now :)

thanks regina... i'm not done till week 52!

pat... no... and ugh. that would mean golf ball size bites??

oh natalie... you amaze me every time i see something of yours.... i am so happy you are flattered!
andrea said…
love the 'hoping for happy accidents' link... absolutely love it. thanks so much for sharing... (and the world of blogs that I check as often as I can widens just a bit more)... :)

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