drawing a day ~ week 36

drawing a day ~ week 36 Originally uploaded by dressform.

this week that one drawing with really intense color cracks me up. it's such a DUMB drawing.... the third drawing [sorry it's faint - you can see it a bit better on flickr] is of columbines . have you ever really looked at that flower? it's amazing. the way the petals are arranged just knocks me out.... so fun to draw..... the second drawing depicts the brain tethered to the heart as some kind of balloon like thing. i kept thinking about my heart and mind and how they were connected [or not] this week. it's kind of odd to think about how the heart supposedly rules emotions and the brain rules cognition. this week i kept wondering :: who is driving this ship??? [if i was a boat i imagine the giant steering wheel just spinning randomly while the captain gets drunk on scurvy preventing IPA below deck]

3 more days of classes. i can't believe it. my folks come this weekend for a visit {yay} and then we are off running around for a week. summer is ALMOST here.... [although i am teaching summer school so i won't get a real break until the end of summer...]. but you know what really felt good this weekend? i dyed my hair. i think my hair might have been the closest to my natural color it's been in a long long white. now it's black... with magenta underneath as a little peek a boo. hee hee

perhaps i'll have to post some more unbearably cute pet photos soon...those seemed to be a hit! :) or maybe i can be like camilla and post a short video clip! i also really really plan on sending out my music swap CD this week - i figured out the songs, the package.... now to make them!


abbytrysagain said…
the whole first paragraph made me laugh out loud for some reason. I think it must be that you called a drawing-dumb-i guess i just sounded funny, or i am delirous-which i am. oh yeah, this captain is drunk, too! I must go to sleep, nust wanted to tell you what's up and that I really like the "dumb" drawing!
i dont think youre allowed to describe your drawings as dumb...the word just doesnt go with your drawings! ever! if you think your stuff is "dumb", i cant imagine what you'd think of a few of the things i've pumped out in the past month or 2. i dont blog these things i dont think, not really anyway.

thats so great that you'll still get a *little* bit of summer off. by mom is a school bus driver and i am so jealous of her yearly schedule! i mean, she doesnt even have to go to taacher conferences or any of that! my dream job consists of a lot of time off. haha, but whose doesnt?

your hair sounds lovely! i am due for my hair to be dyed again. it's been black for about 5 or 6 years. i hate the "why do you dye your hair black" question- i've been getting that A LOT lately. so, i just say "because i hate blonde hair" (which isnt entirely true, but when the girl asking is blonde, it makes me laugh...only if i know her though, not if she's just a random person!)
simple me said…
I love the drawing with columbines. They are really pretty flowers. So delicate.
I would like to see a picture of your new hair colour. It sounds fun.
Take care.
Paula :)
Shari said…
oh pics of your new hair color please! i've always wanted to do something fun like that in the summer. columbines are favorites of mine...especially after being in colorado and seeing them on hikes. xo, shari
andrea said…
I found this week's drawings endlessly fascinating... and even more so, your own descriptions of them (I agree with e. scissorhands in that I don't think you're allowed to call one of your own drawings dumb)... :)

can't wait to see the new hair color!
lisa s said…
abby... i'm so glad you laughed! that makes me very happy....

erin... you are so incredibly sweet and i'm so touched.... i actually have a good relationship w/ the word dumb.... maybe i'll explain it in a blog entry :) i'm glad you dye your hair black too!! :)

ok paula - a picture will come soon!

shari - ok pic will come!! and don't you love columbines en masse......

andrea.... it is SO SO nice to have you back here... and you are making me realize i don't always "talk" about the drawings. i'll try to do that more consistently....
wendy said…
The one with the crazy colors reminds me of the everlasting gobstoppers from charlie & chocolate factory. Love the corner dollie!
Hope you have fun with your folks...and end of class is soo soon!

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