i've got a secret

i've got a secret Originally uploaded by dressform.

i don't - but i think it looks like i do in this photo.... maybe i should photoshop a little something sticking out of my mouth... like when a cat has caught a moth or something and one little leg is sticking out. [i know eeewww].

photobooth friday goodness here

i can't believe i actually pulled off a "routine" this week. have you every had one of those weeks where no matter how hard you try to stick to your list and check it twice things are still a mess? i almost left the house yesterday without my student's graded quiz's, with out my roll book.... the beginning painting class had their first crit too. 3 hours of talking - there were some really gem moments. i love that. i tried to tell them that sometimes things in crits will make sense 5 years down the road... i think the hardest thing for beginning painters is to actually LAY ON paint. go ahead - put it on - make it your friend.

thank goodness things finally seem well with the 'puter... it's printing, it's re-starting, it's working hurrah! and just in time as i had to mail off 2 things this morning [picture me at 1am wed night fighting with re-installing printer drivers and the like with nothing working] and so on that note i will wish you all a very happy weekend - i feel like next week will be a fresh start. back to normal - drawings to share and all! i'm excited b/c things are brewing in the studio and i get to go there on sunday..... i need to take more photos again. i miss flickr....


Liesl said…
Oh, I've never see a photo of you before - you're so pretty! Can't wait to see what's coming out of the studio. Cheers!
wendy said…
love this photo of you!
so so glad that your plugged back in!
missed you.
can't wait to see all the drawings!
and fun times at the studio!
Pat said…
Three very loud and long cheers for persistence in the face of adversity!! Hip, hip.....aw, shucks, you know the rest....I can't wait to see some of your next drawings. And, nice photo by the way!
lovegreendog said…
the pink coat, the red curtain and your dark hair makes this a great photo

hope your weekend is great
vegasandvenice said…
Oh lovely girl, I can not tell you how happy I am that you are back! Missed you around here! Yeah for your working computer! Give it a hug and a kiss from me!

Oooh now I gotta work on my reply to your last e-mail ... thoughts have been brewing *smile*
a said…
Glad to see you are pretty much back to normal-whatever normal was.
JesC said…
Lovely photo! Photobooths always give a slighlty mysterious feel don't they?
andrea said…
I swear, you are the cutest. I'm bananas over your haircut! love this of you, lisa.

so glad you are back and that things have been ironed out with the whole computer thang. sad to say, but this computer is such a lifeline for me right now that if it crashed, I think I'd go a little nuts. I know I shouldn't be like that...!

yes, something is in the air this week, I think... (by the way, thanks so much for the kind words you left for me, thank you so so so much). as for lists, mine literally MOCKED me all week long.

Abigail said…
so pleased for you that all the computer malarky is over..phew!

...and delighted to hear about the brewing in the studio...cant wait to see ;}

hugs, Xox
gracia said…
You're back... & with a definite look of a secret too.

I'm also looking forward to the result of the studio brew. It's such a wonderful feeling when it all seems to come together almost effortlessly, after all the research, awful preparatory drawings and hideous/wonderful concoctions in the studio process.

take care & happy computer time too, grache
poppy said…
i'm glad someone out there is getting it together! and such a great "do"!
tania said…
great photo!
and yay for the computer- phew!
lisa s said…
liesel.... *blush blush* thank you

wendy... :)

pat... thank you.

lovegreendog... i couldn't believe my luck when the photobooth had the red curtain!

vegas... the computer thanks you for the smooch. it rarely gets kissed and so was quite shocked.

abby... yeah normal? what is that??

thanks jess c - and welcome to my blog!

andrea... maybe we need to divise a new thing. not a list but a ???? xoxo

abigail... i just love your vocabulary... malarky?? sigh

gracia... yes... sometimes the studio is magic... and sometimes... well we won't talk about that

hi jan and tania.... thanks girls!!
anke said…
Ah, the photo is blurry perfection! Love the expression and the colors (and my favourite pink coat).
I know exactly what you mean about things being chaotic no matter how organized one usually is...I suspect the universe having a good hearty laugh.
And I can totally relate to 'lay it on' and make paint your friend...every morning actually when I put on make up...paint is my BEST friend! ;)

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