it's friday already?

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taking a cue from ali i took my polaroid with me the other day... hence the window shot and the shot above.... while lugging my BIG bag around i was thinking about how and why i got more interested in this whole photography thing. i mean, yes... i have always been visual - but no... i would never have thought of myself as a PHOTOGRAPHER. i still don't - but the idea of me as photographer is creeping its way into my mind. {like a slow moving virus}

i think what interests me most about the photographic process is that it's an opportunity to re-FRAME something. i spent alot of time thinking and talking about framing in grad school {and not the picture frame kind of framing - heh heh}. it's like putting things into another context. highlighting something... making you notice something that you didn't. an altering of perception. along with the suspending time, capturing a moment thing [i think i need to go and re-read susan sontag's "on photography" and barthe's "camera lucida". any other suggestions??]

so i definitely want to talk about artemesia some more... i'm stuck at about 1/2 way - haven't had much time to read it since vacation... anyone else have any thoughts? where are you in the book?? {if you are reading it}

i'm sitting and waiting for a studio visitor to arrive. this always makes me antsy. i've re-hung stuff... cleaned up a bit... and now i just wait and wait and wait [can't really manage to get anything else done]

if you are bored - visit the world's smallest website

and if you are in a shopping mood:
new underdog

i've updated ye olde shoppe . i'm offering free gift wrapping for a spell... and remember all bloggy friends get 10% off... just email me [ -at-] and i'll send you a special paypal invoice....

have a good weekend!! my dream is to get some gardening done... not sure how feasible that is, but...


wendy said…
oh I love love your photos...especially with your new camera...and the new stuff in the shop is super lovely!
I think that is why theater is great...because you can do your own your own moments...and why great filmakers are great...
shash said…
the new goods look so pretty.
esp. like the necklace and the cards. those photography theory books sound interesting. may have to check those out...
Ky said…
loving the new goodness in your shoppe - i am particularly smitten with the cards on the lower right!
framing....capturing the essence....i do this through music - was writing to someone the other day and reflected on music's nostalgic presence in my life, how i remember my life through the songs that have amassed in my mind.....
Jon said…
I love love love those two polaroids you posted there- they look soo cool! is that a playground thing? i would have loved to play in something like that when i was a kid!
Shari said…
hi lisa,
my wish for you is that you get some garden time this weekend. what do you have planned? i really like the polaroids. fantastic! oh and i LOVE the necklace! happy days to you, shari
bugheart said…
visual editing.
you dictate
the perspective.
i love
that something
can become
and complex.
i love
the photograper
so clearly
the photograph.
i love
bugheart said…
do you
tees for men?
bugheart said…
i am interested
in the tee
my friend's b-day.
is it like
an american
apparel M
(that's what
he wears)?
can't find
your email....
mav said…
i am adoring all of your photographs. they are SO very you ..... please, keep it coming. xo, mav
Alison said…
I don't consider myself a photographer either, but I like to use photography to help tell a stroy - or to tell the hidden more obscure bits, to hint at things, to suggest what lies beyond, to stir imagination and possibility, and to provide a vignette into another life, another story, another piece of action. I love the detail and evocativeness of photographs and what they choose to tell, or not tell.
Camera Lucida is a great place to start, and if I had all my universty notes with me I'd dig through and find some other references - look in Baroque and Medieval art/architectural theory sections.
poppy said…
oh time to go shopping! love those new stationery items and jewelrey and....!!!
dani said…
i think photography is a natural extension of expression for you. everything you do is infused with beauty!
lisa s said…
wendy.... thanks my a photo hero of mine i really appreciate your words! yes yes! theatre and film! same idea on a grander and moving scale!

shash - thanks!! you should definitely read those articles/book - i have a copy of camera lucida if you want to borrow it...

ky.... thank you! and music yes!! it's funny how music and bring back a VERY specific memory....

jon... thanks! yes - it was a playground thing and YES i'm right with you - i would have loved that!

shari... thank you ... i didn't get to the gardening, but i did have a good weekend....

hi gwen... yes yes... the person's personality always comes through... that's why i like the different perspectives....

oh mav... thank you... from you - someone whose photos i consistently admire your encouragement means a lot!

alison... yes yes... small parts, pieces, puzzles of imagery to put together.... i read camera lucida long ago and don't think i'd have the same response now... i think i should go digging through my notes too!! :)

thanks jan!!

and dani... that is so kind.... the perpetual search for beauty... you know it well!! xo
vegasandvenice said…
Per usual I am thinking that you are fabulous! You are also my Gocco Goddess! I am working on an e-mail as we speak! Hugs!
jerusha said…
it's funny, because i definitely don't think of myself as a photographer, but camera lucida and barthes by barthes are two of my most-loved books from school. what i loved about barthes was that he wasn't theory for me, i could take him everywhere. thanks for writing about this, i haven't read camera lucida for a long time and i think i'd like to revisit him now, after and away from school.
maditi said…
you are a true photographer!!!! again, I´m so very in love with your polaroids!! have to head over to flickr...
andrea said…
love the polaroids. and I've been thinking a lot about photography these days too-- why I'm so drawn to it, how I can't seem to get enough of it. I've always loved photography but have never so much been interested in being the one behind the camera. but over the course of the last five years (and especially this last one) that has drastically changed. I find myself taking my camera with me everywhere, seeing things around me differently. and I love what you said about re-framing and altering perception... yes, I would agree with that. there's something very powerful about finding something, a moment, a color (whatever), shooting what you see. and then there it is, forever. never to be shot in the same way again. I think the blog and flickr have played a great part in the monumental dive I've taken into it. and becoming a mother too, I think. I find myself so thirsty for more, wanting to learn, take a class, absorb as much as I can. I've never read susan sontag's 'on photography'. I'm thinking I probably should.

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