the other coast :: part 3 {the end}

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so i'm kind of feeling like a jelly fish today [above is the one from the aquarium at cony island]. i actually GOT sleep last night, but am feeling a bit overwhelmed... there are things to plan for [more on this later] and next week is my last week of full studio time until class starts on july 3rd. gulp. i awoke the other night with my heart racing and my mind saying "exactly HOW did you think you'd be able to pull all of this off? shows, teaching, family, friends, clients?? you're insane". i think i just have to put my head down... and get ready to use every waking moment to my advantage. to be present - so even while i'm resting, or eating, or talking or making... BE PRESENT in the moment.

so the rest of the trip pictures are up on flickr here . we had this amazing day in cony island . i had never been and it was really fun. the 99 cent museum has some amazing artifacts. made me wish i had a time machine to go back to the 20's and 30's. there was a hotel shaped like an ELEPHANT. i kid you not. how cool is that? and the cyclone? well... it really is scary. i think the fact that it creeks and groans and may possibly break while you are on it adds to the fear factor [that and the fact that a woman behind us screamed the WHOLE time : "this is not safe!!! this is not safe!!!"] we all got off walking crooked. warning - that first drop is wicked!

we also spent some time in boston/cambridge. that's where hubby is from and part of why i really started thinking more about place. i mean i really like boston for numerous reasons - the architecture is cool - history is all around you... the seafood [side note - if you go to cambridge there's a place called alive and kicking on putnam street where you can get a lobster sandwich that is AMAZING!].... but place changes when you have memories that flood your mind... that was where we used to ride our bikes... that was where we swung from trees... i'm starting to liken it to layering. layers of meaning and intent and emotion [something i think a lot about in art].

shari brought up place and music. so true. venues make all the difference in the world when seeing something live.... so then all the senses come into play. sight, smell, sound, touch, taste... does one dominate? certain places have more of a tie to one - and certain people remember things differently, yes? i mean my mom can remember what she's eaten on practically every vacation where as my dad would be more likely to remember an event or a visual thing like a sunset or concert or museum.

i promise to catch up w/ my mail goodies in the next few days. the mail has been ultra kind to me of late... but for now it's back to work. it's take your dog to work day [tonka and garb are at my feet]- i'm listening to the multitude of CD's from the music swap and working in the studio. practically perfect!

a few more of my fav images from the trip and that will be the end of that!

motonmy rocks park
my version of camilla's photo


in the hancock

more buoys


school bus


Shari said…
hi lisa!
what glorious glorious photos! i am in love with the jellyfish image. i always spend time in front of the jellyfish tank at any aquariums i visit. it's like a mini meditation. watch the jellyfish and your problems will disappear! oh if only! happy weekend my dear! xo shari
briana said…
Oooo... jellyfish.

Your pix are amazing - make me want to go to Coney Island. Or paint it. Or maybe recreate it in thread... uh, what was that you were saying about being in the moment.
vegasandvenice said…
I am glad that you are so busy with wonderful things lovely girl! I hope that you make it through all the jumble. It may not be much of an offer, but if there is anything I can do to help please let me know!

Have a wonderful weekend!
pat said…
your photos are fantastic! and comments about "place" are so insightful! now, just take things one step at a time and you will find yourself "getting there."
wendy said…
your photos...amazing...I love your coney island pics...and I think having a history with a place makes the place more yours...connects you...
lisa said…
i have always wanted to go to coney island!! next time i visit ny i am determined to go. ah, i am feeling overwhelmed too. tomorrow i am determined to get un-overwhelmed...wish me luck. PS: i am so happy to have you in my life now!!
bugheart said…
know what
you mean
feeling over
i dream
i am making
of more
things to do.
Amanda Woodward said…
I can relate to your comments on layering. As I sat here & looked through your Boston photos I swear, a little piece of me cried. I grew up there & miss it a little bit each day but at the same time, I know its just "layers" of emotions. Its rough. I relate to your stress 150% Lisa, but your wonderful & everything will be good. My manta today is "be present".
dani said…
so totally relate to what you're saying about place, meanings, memories, layers.....

and i love the way these images really bring to life some of what you glimpsed. the photos seem to be charged with another quality, like they really have "life" in them so bravo for capturing that and conveying it to us.
poppy said…
swooning over the coney island pictures! those buoys (or whatever they are called especially! the colors are divine!)

your sleepless nights sound oh so familiar! in fact i still have mail to send out your way and all my things are still in boxes due to a delay in reno's. ho hum!!

simple me said…
The photos are amazing. They make me dream of far away places.
abby said…
I love all of your trip photos! The Coney Island ones are AMAZING and your story cracks me up. I swear, amusement parks bring together people who would have never normally met and makes them go through terrifying situations together-it is so strange! Good luck with all of your many projects, I don't know how you do it-but I hope to figure that out someday. I owe you a cd, too!
ladylinoleum said…
"exactly HOW did you think you'd be able to pull all of this off? shows, teaching, family, friends, clients?? you're insane".

I often have this very mantra floating about my conscious and unconscious. I just put one foot in front of the other and you know, it always ends up being okay. Scary sometimes, but okay. I know that this is true for you as well. Why? Well, because I just know you'll prevail. Keep on truckin' girlie!
lisa s said…
shari... i wish i had a tank of jellyfish right here! :)

briana... go.. go to coney island... and do all the rest too!

vegas... you are SO SO KIND i don't even know what to say... and i thank you for your offer. it means so much.

pat - right... one step ... at... a... time....

hi wenders... thanks...

lisa.... i hope you got un-overwhelmed! and i am happy to have you in my life as well. happy and lucky!

oh gwen... dreaming of lists... i haven't gotten there yet, but watch out!

hi amanda... i love your comment. it's perfect.

dani... coming from you... saying that my photos have "life" really means something. thank you!

hi jan... thanks! yeah, maybe we should take to late night emailing again...and mail for me?? wow. cool!!

hi paula... that is so kind!

hi abby! thanks friend! looking forward to your CD :) but no rush!! seriously!!!! take your time!

regina - i know you are right. and i'm sure that's what will happen, but sometimes it just gets tipped that little extra somethin' somethin' and i think i might drop and loose it all... back to work! thanks for the encouragement!
andrea said…
well, you are killing me with your photos... KILLING ME. and I mean that in the best way, I do. blown away by what you've been doing with your camera lately. can't wait to get over to flickr and see more of the coney island shots!

and speaking of coney island-- my brother just moved to a place very near coney island. the first thought I had when he told me was how I couldn't wait to visit him so I could check out coney island and shoot photo after photo...! he's an hour from manhattan by train now, but feels it's so worth it... bigger place and fascinating neighborhood (predominately russian). although, late one night he got lost and found himself walking next to a very deserted, a very dark and creepy coney island... can you imagine? the stuff of nightmares. anyway-- so glad you got to go! loving seeing it through your eyes and hoping I'll make it there in the next couple of months.

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