what time is it?

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wow. hello. a week plus. a short and long time simultaneously. how is that possible??

and my oh my did i miss some major blog happenings... the color week brought to you by p2p and stephanie .... um do you guys know how awesome your pictures are? as i caught up with all 495 blog entries today [yup - see what happens when you miss a week] i was bombarded by all the amazing photos.

the funniest interview ever. is there any doubt why we all love hillary and amy ? smart alecs + make amazing things.... duh.

plus abigail joins whip-up and anke and poppy return. wow. i'm kind of feeling like i shouldn't leave the house.

i am on some crazy unreal time schedule. i couldn't tell you what time it was if my life depended on it. above is a shot from the taxi on the way to chelsea pier to meet up w/ host #1 of our travels. the whole trip in pictures seems to be about architecture and landscape. i can't believe how many shots i took of buildings. buildings and sky. buildings and sky. like a broken record i was.

but more on this later.... when hopefully i will have a shred of cognition. if i forget [highly likely] - remind me to try and synthesize thoughts on "place" and "light".... and artemesia... it took me a minute to get rolling, but then how can you not get involved in 17th century rome? politics, woman painter, intrigue, torture?? yeah, i'm hooked.

missed you all... only slightly less than i missed the pets.....xo


abby said…
SO,so, so glad to see you back in blogtown! You've been sorely missed-sighs. Sounds like a lot of fun was had.
sarah said…
it's so lovely to have you back lisa, we missed you xxx
poppy said…
YAY! yes couldn't believe you were away when i got back - but glad we're all back now!
pat said…
I missed your blogging so much that I checked 3-4 times while you were gone to see if maybe, just maybe, you found the time to post something...anything! Glad you had fun, are back safe and sound, and that you are as fascinated with Artemisia as I was. She was an incredible spirit, wasn't she?!?
anke said…
Welcome back! :) So glad to hear you have returned savely. And I'm very curious about your photos and your adventures.
Have you all finished reading "Artemisia" already? Maybe I can catch up by watching the movie...

As poppy said "...glad we are all back now!"

Hugs and much much love - Anke

P.S.: Package is making actual progress...
anke said…
safely. safely. safely...!
Abigail said…
Daft happy to see you back! :)

Can't wait to hear all your musings on place and light..and Artemisia! Such an amazing story right!?....

enjoy the rest of your weekend catching up with hugs from the pets...Mmmmm, bliss! xx
Shari said…
welcome back lisa!!! like abigail, i am eagerly awaiting your thoughts on place and light. i've missed you my friend! xo, shari
vegasandvenice said…
Oh darling lovely lovely Lisa,

Yay! You have returned! I am most excited.

Yours Truly,
Anonymous said…
Having never been to NY, I'm jazzed to see your architecture and sky pics. **I've barely started [10 pages is pushing it] Artemisia, please, please don't leave me behind. I'm very interested, just horribly busy with alpaca chores.**Missed you and hope a fabulous time was had by all! Please give all your pets a snuggle for me.

Amanda Woodward said…
YAY!!!!!!! I missed you!!!!!!
mav said…
welcome back baby!!! x
eireann said…
:) glad you're back.
dani said…
welcome back!!! where exactly did you go???

thank you so much for your amazing inspirational words on my blog - to hear this coming from you makes me feel so good about myself. thank you so much lisa!!!!!!!

might try to get in on the artemesia thang - i hope i can get my hands on one.
amy k. said…
oh hello there!-glad you are home, now to send off your package. . and so happy you liked our big dorky interview!
wendy said…
glad to hear you are back, and trying to get back into the swing of things!!
bugheart said…
i'll just join
with others
to welcome
you back...
i can't get
architekto photos
so i can relate.
i am
in your
about light
is a
of mine!
Annika Sandin said…
Oh I think I know how you feel. My life has been a constant mess since I came back to Sweden at the end of April. I am so far behind everything and have missed so much fun out here in blogworld. I wonder when my life is going to be normal again...
Nice to see that you're back though.
mati rose said…
welcome back home! let's hang out soon:)
lisa s said…
hello everyone.... you guys are too nice! it's so lovely to be missed!

mati... YES hang out soon!! xo
blair said…
Hi Lisa, welcome back. We've missed you too!
simple me said…
You are back...Great!
I can´t wait for all that you have to share.
Paula :)

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