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so first off i can not believe how kind all the comments were to the last post. wow. wow. wow. thank you. each one brightened my day and made me smile a bit wider....

i've been thinking a lot about that saying "when a door closes a window opens" {it goes something like that - at least in my mind}.... when i got back from my trip there was a nice fat rejection packet from something that i really knew i wasn't going to get, but thought wouldn't it be great if i did? {there was a really nice stipend that came w/ this particular award}. so i kept thinking.... well rejections often make way for something else... and i kept thinking about timing... and luck.... and then a few days ago i got a call from a curator asking me to be part of this show where i was one of 15 "emerging" artists chosen from 200+.... what is most exciting {and SCARY} is that they are giving us carte blanche with the space... so i'm thinking another wall work is in my near future.... something paler and quieter?? something that goes over a wall? maybe onto the floor???? so that was my window opening....

i just got back from after modern where i will be in a show in sept. I'm excited ... i really like the other artists in this show and now i have a better idea of how much space i have to fill and what i might want to do....

summer school starts on monday! eek. am i ready? syllabus - check. reader - dropped off at the copiers... keys? have them... oh! have to take the supplies there ! i think i have 10 students signed up at the moment - but there may be a few who want to add? i like smaller classes. i feel like i can tailor things to the students when there are fewer of them... plus going on field trips is easier!

mylissa over at hello charles [and who also is responsible for the amazing lucky dip art swap ] has an interview with me posted if you are interested. i'm not sure i answer questions so well - but i like the idea of answering questions... i really do!

i leave you with:
orchid detail

a drawing for a trade with a flickr friend. she wanted something blue/green and nature-esque.... i don't think she reads my blog, but in case i'm only posting a detail.... hopefully she'll like it!


wendy said…
that is a beautiful image...I am sure it will be loved!!
so cool about that show!!
Shari said…
congrats on the window opening!! how fabulously exciting lisa! oh and that orchid is gorgeous. she will love it for sure! xo shari
vegasandvenice said…
Well if your friend is anything like me then she is going to LOVE it!! Now of course should could be the exact opposite of me, but that would not really make for the best comment now would it?

Oh sweet girl! YAY!!!! Sometimes doors are stupid and windows are lovely!!! Do you want me to call the door people and give them a piece of my mind? I will ... oh uh huh yeah thats a threat door people! Your mothers are going to hear all about this you ... doors!
Lisa | eots said…
I would love to be in your little summer school group, quite a lenghty commute though...even by California standards!

Great detail photo, your flickr friend will be thrilled.

Happy Blogiversary! I'm off to read your answers.
poppy said…
you deserve all those kind comments lisa, you are truly inspirational and always a treat to visit here!

love the subdued hues in that polaroid.

and congratulations on the new wall show - look forward to what you come up with!
Lala said…
Congrats on being part of the show. It's well deserved!!!
simple me said…
We just have to keep positive and the windows will open. Congratulations on the show. I would like to be part of you classes but as you can imagine it would be a bit impracticable.
paula :)
bugheart said…
open windows!
may there be
for you...
the drawing
is so
and delicate...
risa said…
felicidades! i loved your interview and such beautiful images accompanying it!
Ky said…
cognratulations on the show! i am a charter member of the "things happen for a reason" club, so your thoughts on doors/windows are at home in my mind. =)
shash said…
what great news! is the show in the bay area? if so, i wanna go! lovely piece of the green drawing too!
mati rose said…
i have been thinking about that very thing: door=window~! i just read your interview and love and looked up a lot of your influences. so great to have a fuller picture of your art thoughts:)
dani said…
love your positivity.
love your creativity.
love your generosity.

have a great weekend lisa
xx dani
anke said…
Congratulations!!! I hope a lot more windows will open for you (even without doors closing) to show the world how amazingly talented and sweet you are. You go girl!
I also find that when you really take the plunge, new opportunities present themselves...
LOVE the orchid. Hug!
gracia said…
A great window has been flung open! And something to work towards - YAY to both.

take care, grache

(P.S. I'm always excited by the thin envelope in the post... rather than the big bulky one with all your slides returned to you and a rejection slip paper clipped to your proposal)
Karen said…
Really lovely to check out that interview! Have a fab weekend!
lisa s said…
hi wenders and shari... thanks you two!

vegas... you crack me up! yes... please go talk to those doors for me - will you?? that would be swell!

lisa... oh i wish you could come too!!

hi jan... thanks... you are making me blush!!

thanks ali!!!

paula - when is that teleporter going to be done?? it would be great to have you in my class!

thanks gwen.... happy b/day again!

hi risa... thanks for visiting and your kind comment.

ky... i didn't know there was a club... where do i sign up? :)

hi shash - yes... i'll email you... and i'll post about them here as they get closer!

mati... that is the SHORT list of artists... we can obviously talk more about this when i see you....

thanks dani... right back at you

aw anke... can you just repeat that over and over?? till it sinks in??

gracia... yes! hate the big fat envelopes... love the small ones and the phone calls!! :)

hi karen!! hope you are good!
andrea said…
omg, the shows! so exciting! I'm so excited for you!

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