with deepest gratitude


i just realized that this month marks my blogging for 2 years. gulp. this blog seems to no longer just be about me and my whims or as a means to inform my family of my comings and goings. if anyone 2 years ago had told me that the internet could foster real and meaningful, true and deep relationships i would have scoffed and laughed a hardy har har in their face. but lo and behold.... whoever and wherever you are out there... for those i know really well, those who just stop by silently, and everyone in between... i thank you. from the bottom of my heart. i grew up an only child and while i never felt lonely or deprived i always wondered what it would be like to have a sibling. and now i feel like i have many of them. all over the world. like minds and like hearts. your support and encouragement has kept me going many a time when i thought i might call it quits. thank you for motivating me, for writing and making YOUR hearts out - for your inspiration, ideas, feedback.... for making me laugh, for making me think...and also for sending me things....

mail is good. mail is great... here is my mail of late!

trim swap
bara hosted a round robin trim swap.... what i received from belinda did you SEE the cute little pouch??

card society
are you a member yet?

lovely goodies from natalie :: get yours here

from craftapalooza
thank you nicole your taste in music is fantastic, and the cuff is so darn cute i can't stand it!

vegas and venice
goodies from christine {who i think is on a personal mission to give me a big head - she flatters me so}. she painted me in my pink coat {hee hee - did i tell you she has a great sense of humor?} ... get your own monster coloring book in her shop


mati rose said…
what treats! when is your class going to moma?!
Nicole said…
Nice stuff :) glad you like the cd and enjoy the cuff :) Congrats on 2 years!!
vegasandvenice said…
OOh look at my sad little package amidst all of those incredibly lovely things!!

Speaking of lovely ... my biggest regret about your painting is that it was not title "Lovely Lisa and the Lovely Pink Coat". Sadly there was just no room. I had to take it for granted that after reading your wonderful blog and seeing your adorable self portraits that the "lovely" part would simply be taken for granted.

Now see your painting is sadly the second version of itself after sanding and repainting and the coat came out a bit too big for you, so I HAD to call it the lovely pink coat so as to assure people that Lisa's coat is really indeed lovely and even far lovelier on the real and lovely Lisa.

Okay your right my goal is to get your head to be as big as it is in the portrait so that it will look like I am a really good painter. *wink wink and smile*

Thanks for being so lovely ... lovely girl!!
vegasandvenice said…
I am also taking it for granted that you know how wonderful I think your two year anniversary is!! Yay for lovely Lisa!! I look forward to the next 80 years. You will still be blogging right? Promise!!

Oy... chatty.. sorry!
sarah said…
happy blog birthday dear lisa, thank-you for being such an inspiration :)
poppy said…
congratulations on 2 years! and i'm so glad i found you in this strange, yet incredible world!

beautiful mail - i'm so intimidated - everyone is so talented!
gracia said…
From one only child to another... here, here! I feel the very same. Happy, happy 2 years!
take care, g
briana said…
Happy Blog Birthday, Sissy Lisa!

I feel like blogging is the way I get to meet all the people that I should meet in my everyday life, but fate (or whatever) transpires for a comedy of errors... and yet, in tthe end the girl... gets the girl? Okay that came out wrong, but you get my plotline, right.

And yes, yes I am reading my bloglines at 1am on a Tuesday morning.
pat said…
You can count me amongst the many who feel very BLESSED to be part of your blogging world. If I was an artist, I'd exchange goodies with you too. But you'll have to be content with my admiration for your integrity, genuine warmth and commitment to others, and sense of humor. Your hubbie, family, friends, and blog-mates are very fortunate indeed!
simple me said…
happy blogbirthday!
I'm glad I stumble on your doorstep :)
mav said…
congrats on the anniversary! where would we be without you??? i still remember the first time i was inspired by your work ... and now your words have flowed into my every day. thanks lisa! love, mav
Shari said…
two years! fantastic! thank you for sharing with us lisa. you inspire me so! look at all of your wonderful goodies. i love mail and your little mail poem. :) xo shari
wow, what a great post!

2 years is a long time, i hope that we are all able to read our blogs in 5, 10, 15 years from now. that would be wonderful, although im scared that somehow someway they may be deleted? i dont know, i guess its only because we've never seen anything like them before, who knows whats to come.

those packages are GREAT! that apple button on the bag is lovely too. mmmm, it all looks so nice!
Amanda Woodward said…
YAY!!! Happy Blog Birthday Lisa!! I'm so glad you blog & I got the chance to meet you!! You are so incredibly wonderful, an amazing & talented artist, a great friend and wonderous blogger!!!
wendy said…
I feel so lucky to have come into your world of blogging...see how you approach the world and your art...congrats on two years!! lovely lovely!
lisa said…
so happy you are here...
Tracy said…
happy 2 yrs! thanks for all the beauty...
natalie said…
my pleasure! I imagine your drawings in the little journal

Happy Blog Birthday too! I am so happy to have found you (and your website) - you are an inspiration to me!
amy k. said…
wow lisa! that is awesome-2 years!! and you are the very frist person that wrote me "out of the blue" when i launched kingpod and you hold a very special place in my heart-big hugs-

and I will write you a private e-mail later explaining why I suck and why you havn't received your package yet;)
blair said…
Wow, wow, two years. Amazing. You're such a fun blogger, and such a wonderful person, you deserve all those goodies (I love those portraits Christine is doing, that one and the one I saw over on Lisa C's blog, they are just adorable). Congrats!
Karen said…
Happy Blog Birthday Lisa! Just wanted to say that we're the priviledged ones in getting to know your wonderful-ness as a person.
abby said…
oh lisa, happy day! I am so, so grateful for you-I probably wouldn't still have a blog if it weren't for you and your kind words! You are awesome and I love that you are an only child-all of my very close friends are-some weird give and take thing that works really well:)
I owe you a package-and-
I really want to see this awesome new show you are talking about. Exciting!!!
bugheart said…
a blog sibling
piping in to say
happy blog
are a gift
to all of us.
lyn said…
Happy bloggy birthday !
Your work is beautiful, you are a true inspiration. Keep it up.
: )
anke said…
Happy happy birthday, little blog! May you grow very very old!

Lisa... I think that we all have to thank YOU for being so incredibly inspiring, talented and creative...and so nice and sweet! I hope that your blog will help you to make your dreams come true by getting to know the 'right' people. ...or any kind of nice people for that matter.

I'm sorry I was such a crappy virtual friend over the last couple of weeks...I truely hope everything runs more smoothly now...and don't think I don't have a bad conscience regarding your package...I have and I truely truely hope it will be off next week...:)
maditi said…
happy blog anniversary!!!
reading your blog is always a visual and emotional treat :)
I´m hoping for many more years too come ...
andrea said…
yay for two years! YAY! and lisa-- you have inspired me endlessly... getting to know you through your blog, your drawings, your art work, our emails... such an amazing thing. I'm so with you-- I would not have believed that such great things could come from online relationships, but it's true. this community is so rich with support and creativity. you are a big part of that.

much love to you, my friend. sososo happy to have found you! xo

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