birds of a feather


meet livia. she comes to me via the amazing and fantastic girl who loves green . since i know you want one... you can get a warm cuddley softie of your own from her etsy shop

so mr. barney is a hard nut to crack. i'm still trying to figure out what my real reaction to his exhibition was. i want to see the movie too before i make up my mind. first thoughts: i'm intrigued by artist as athlete. i've fallen for the sheer materiality of his work. but... is spectacle enough? too much?? i do love walking the galleries of sfmoma with students though. it's like i get to see some things with fresh eyes... and speaking of fresh... mati is such a dear. she is so earnest and involved in her making it's delightful. she's making big decisions about her art and life and work and it's all there - openly and honestly. you HAVE to admire that! speaking of which i want to get this book as i'm on the hunt for some new to me books about making art and being an aritst for a class in the fall.

and no more words for me.... just pics:



bird from natalie

i had to turn word verification on. the spammers got to me... bad.... sorry!


aw! what a cute bird, im going to have to check out her shop!

i love the top photo you posted, its great.

now, HOPEFULLY this actually posts for me. i have tried posting on 4 different blogs since i got home from vacation and none of them are working. what a pain.
bugheart said…
livia is too cute.
it's amazing
when people
are so genuine-
open and honest
about who there are
what their art
to them...
wendy said…
ah livia!!
I must say she is one of the cutest ones...and one of the only pinks!
love your polorids!
(and I think you have this entry up twice...)
Meredith said…
i agree wholeheartedly about Mati. She's a great one. And I love it when she talks about her art process. It's strange how making art can tie you in such knots.

That book looks very intriguing to me as well. I'll put it on my list.
Ky said…
livia is a dear - too sweet for words!
likewise here, regarding matthew barney - the jury is still always make me think - love that about your blog =)
Shari said…
hi lisa!
livia is super cute. i love your polaroids especially the top one. i agree with you...mati is such an inspiration! have a great day. xo shari
dani said…
your polaroids are so beautiful.
which camera is it and what sort of film do you use?

we HAVE to geta scanner. i can't believe i live life without one. then we can get a polaroid too.

have a great weekend lisa!!
maditi said…
livia is a pink beauty!!
I love your polaroids - sorry, just had to say it again ;)
simple me said…
I love the pots polaroids in general.
risa said…
i love reading mati's writing. it is so honest and inspiring and wonderful...and that bird is cute cute cute!
lisa s said…
hey erin.... her softies are really special.... sorry about the blogger troubles.... crap!

gwen.... yes.... genuine. so nice!

wendy. i am SO LUCKY! i love livia! thank you!

meredith... yes, but the knots are sometimes good ones :)

ky... let me know if you have a matthew barne epiphany!!

thanks shari... i love your new apron icon!

dani... tried to answer in the next post.... :) and thank you

maditi... oh like i mind you saying it again?

thanks paula....

hi risa... i know mati is great! thanks for your comment!
poppy said…
always love seeing your polaroids! such great light!
Anonymous said…
Livia is too cute!

Ugh, I just hate the spammers!
andrea said…
oh, I love the pink bird! we are the proud owners of a green one... it serves as the mascot of our home and ava has affectionately named it 'bird'... ha. so lovely, that miss green girl. :)

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