boot camp is kicking my a**

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i joke with my students that we are in painting boot camp. the first week is always this giant adjustment. i have to get used to riding the bus [i get carsick for the 1st week and 1/2 or so and then settle into it]... i have to get used to being "on" or avaiable for the 4 hours of class 4 days a week. here's the funny thing. i sometimes have to teach 2 almost 3 hour classes back to back with a short break between and somehow that is LESS tiring than the 4 hour stint. is it the days in a row thing?? what is it??

that said. i am loving this class. they are all smart and willing to experiment... and talkative [thank goodness].... this is going to be a good summer.

i promised some mail right?
above is the 3-d chipmunk puzzle that came in an amazing package from alison !! so, i knew that i'd be in for a real treat here, but golly does she make gorgeous detailed things.


the pin cushion and needle holder button INTO the basket bag. incredible..... she took some cool photos too here, here, and here.

also - vicki was offering some scraps from her sewing... all i could think of was more zakka beads!

fabric from turkey feathers

thanks vicki!

EDIT: i forgot to mention the incredible mailorder from the fabulous amy k that you can get on her website . #3 has an embroidery stitch booklet to put together. so ME or what?? we also did a little local store goodies swap which was really fun. she says she doesn't leave the house much, but man when she does, she does it in style!

seeing that i have a wedding invite to design, a website to attend to, my drawing for today and some sketches for an upcoming show due... i think i should motor [remember that phrase??].

i definitely want to talk about artemesia and other things... but i get to get back into gear/routine first....


mooncici said…
have you ever thought about coming down to LA to have a painting bootcamp???
hey there- 4 hour classes are soo long, but i love them. i took one semester of interior design at an awesome school in chicago, and our classes were 4 hours long, it really made for a long day though because i commuted 2 hours both way every day by train. thats funny that you said the motion sickness on the bus for the first week or so- i used to tell my mom that i hated the first week of school because i'd get motion sick and she was always like "its all in your head, yadda yadda". i should show her your post, heh.
wendy said…
it just sounds so class four hours...maybe that is what it is...2 hours, then 3 hours...broken up maybe not so bad...I get car sick, but never bus sick, strange.
awesome mail!
Shari said…
your class sounds great other than the long hours. 4? really? lovely mail you've got there! happy weekend lisa! xo shari
Maitreya said…
I feel your pain. I teach a lab course that's 4 hours, 2 days in a row. I can't even imagine going 4 days!
bugheart said…
i get exhausted
short classes
back to back...
can't remember
which class
i told what!
oh it would
be so fun
to take your class!
nothing better than
a class that is
ready to experiment
and have fun!
pat said…
Often the length of the class is less important in determining how tired one gets teaching it than the extent to which the students are engaged in it with you. Some "long" classes can be REJUVINATING whereas some "short" ones can be exhausting! Sounds like your summer students are like being in teacher's heaven.
Ky said…
"motor"...haha...have you seen the movie "heathers?!"
hooray for mail!
Abigail said…
Ouch...sounds like a long stint :0, hopefully you will get into a groove and it will fly by!!! I am sure they are lovin' being taught by you..who wouldn't!

Have a wonderful rest of your wk-end doll {almost over I know}! hugs, xox
briana said…
I want to take your class - is it too late to add?

Wishing you a beautiful, inspirational, mellow Sunday my dear.
lisa s said…
cici... it would be fun!

erin... yeah - you tell your mom it's a real deal that car sickness!! and yes 4 hour classes are great for the students. you can see progress from the beginning to the end of class!

wendy - yeah - maybe that's it... i think there is something about the 4 hours feeling more intense too. and these students ask more and better questions so i have to stay on my toes... there is MORE awesome mail... wink wink!

hi shari... hope you had a good weekend too!

maitreya... that makes me feel better! seriously! :)

gwen... i'd love to have you in my class and yes i always forget what i've told to who...

pat... great point. it is the engagement factor as well...

ky - uh yeah :) - i was really into heatehrs... that's even why i used motor... i'm so glad someone got it!

abigail... you are a doll!

briana... COME ON UP!
poppy said…
i'm late to this, but phew - i'm starting to wonder how do you mange to do all this creative stuff and pump out the goods? what's your secret?

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