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colors for wall work 2 Originally uploaded by dressform.

last night i had a critique with the art group i'm part of. it was incredibly helpful. i feel energized. i also feel confused - so many possibilities... i'm in this tenuous place where things could go in several directions. good and bad time for feedback. seeing that i'm interested in duality in all it's shapes and sizes i'm going to just try and let all these thoughts and voices simmer. actually maybe they need to boil since i have to start installing my new wall work in the middle of august. [what is that? 3 weeks away? oy!]. above is the colorway for it. softer. blues and grays and whites.... and interference paint [ooh sparkley]

time for polaroids:

lacis . the best store for crochet thread. ever.

me_white pickett fence

fox glove

dani asked what polaroid camera i'm using. i have just started using a spectra camera [given to me by abee ], i also use 2 SX-70 land cameras.... an old one that is fully focusable and has a light/dark meter adjustment [not sure which model - but it's one that folds down flat]. i use the time zero almost extinct film in that one... and a sonar one step that is both auto/maual focus and that i use w/ an ND filter and 600 film [it's suppopsed to take SX-70 film].... this is the one i'm carrying around b/c it's sturdy and it cost me $3 :). i'd be happy to go into more detail in you want! this site is a GREAT resource for all the polaroids thru time....

if you want a fun photo project you need to join shari's compound word project . i can't wait for not only the words but maybe even sentences?? a visual sentence. so nice! have a fabulous weekend!


Ky said…
seeing the word "doilies" makes me think of the movie reality bites...."you look great, lelaina"...."you look like a doily"
more doily projects in the works?
briana said…
Oh god- that should be the name of *my* post. Seriously. You have no idea...

Love the poloroids today - so very etherial.

PS - My mom says hi! Over breakfast she asked me, "So have you talked to that Lisa Soloman girl lately...?

poppy said…
looking so forward to this project!
blair said…
Lisa thanks so much for the link to Shari's compound word project, very cool idea, I just signed up. Your polaroids continue to amaze me. I now understand a little more how you achieve that effect I love so much, old film. But, it definitely also takes your brilliant style to make them work so.
Shari said…
hi lisa,
thanks so much for mentioning my compound word project! so very thoughtful. i think we have about 12 participants so far. i love the colors for the new wall work. glad you are feeling energized. lovely polaroids too. have a fab weekend! xox, shari
bugheart said…
such great polaroids.
i need to pull
my camera out.
where will
your show be?
anaromerodesign said…
Beautiful pollaroids!
Karen said…
Completely loving all your pictures!
Abigail said…
Oh goodness..I thought I had commented on this post..! How remiss of me because..I love it!

..Your plans for the new doily wall work {the colours will be icily divine and such a beautiful antedote to all the HOTness around!}..the polaroids {oh! the shot of you - so lovely!}..and the compound word project link too...just greatness all round!

Bon Weekend my dear {even if it is almost over}..xox!
wendy said…
I love the color scheme!!
and the poloroids...AMAZING

is your crit group people from school?
ladylinoleum said…
Briana and I are right with you with the doily've no idea.

I'm with Bri on the polaroids too! Awesome.
lisa s said…
ky... i never saw that movie. i know i bite! yes! more doily projects in the works!

bri... what in the world are you and the LL working on?? hi to mom... how was os mutantes??

jan... :D thanks!

blair... isn't it great! yay! thanks for the kind words on the polaroids.

shari! woo hoo! 30 participants! can't wait! so exciting!

gwen... yes! pull that camera out! the doily show will be at the richmond art center here in CA - i will post all about it !!

anaromerodesign - THANK YOU!

hi karen!! xoxo thanks

hello sweet abigail... i wonder if the color choice does have to do w/ all this heat... hmmmm :)

hey wenders... thanks! crit group is seperate from school... it's this group that asked me to join them last year - we meet 1x a month at someone's studio - it's great !!

ok regina... i'm totally curious now... doilies unite!
gracia said…
Hi Lisa,

Oh how I love seeing your workings and colours for the forthcoming August wonder! And those polaroids of beauty too... Magnificent things are always brewing over here.

LJ & I have similar deadlines/things approaching in August, which as you mentioned is REALLY, REALLY, terribly soon (yikes!)... take care, grache
andrea said…
loving the polaroid of you (and thank you for all the polaroid info... been dying to play around with it).

the compound project sounds amazing! if I wasn't so crazybusy right now, I'd be so down with it.

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