drawing a day ~ week 38

drawing a day ~ week 38 Originally uploaded by dressform.

bet you thought they were gone right?? oh no... they are back. i'm making it to 52 if it KILLS me.... [quite possible??]

so here they are. week 38. i felt rusty again. oh well. i am kind of fond of the bird one. i drew it w/ a nib/quill and 2 colors of ink and it just kind of flowed.... i'm wondering if that blue jay should be a t-shirt.... he's got such attitude....

on the idea of framing... wendy brought up theatre/film... and shari brought up music too.... so true so true. i guess that all of our senses can help us remember or re-frame a moment/idea/thought. in fact speaking of music.... when i saw lisa c the other day it was right before the neko case show she was going to in SF... so i thought i'd check out if there were any tix... and they had added a day.... so i went last Wed. night. um. her voice is more amazing live than you could possibly imagine. it's too good to be true - i could feel it in my chest and my toes and there were moments where she'd hit a note and you'd feel like all was well with the world. since it was the last night for the encore they played some songs that i guess they don't usually play - they even played "dressmaker". during the regular set they played 2 of my favs - "wish i was the moon" and "deep red bells"... the only song that was missing for me? "pretty girls".... they ended with john the baptist - so of course i was singing that for the next 4 days.... oh.... john the bapist.... oh... joh divine....

first day of class went OK today - i sent them off early to buy their supplies. i even got a little giggle or two - that's a good sign. i always feel like a blabbermouth the first day... blah blah blah.... the beginning painting boot camp has begun!

here's wishing you and yours a happy fourth of july [if you are here in the states and are feeling like celebrating a date randomly chosen to be of significance.]. i think we're going to BBQ here at home... and i have tote bags to line for a wholesale order - doesn't that SCREAM independance day?? oh yeah it does. i have some cool books and cooler mail to share, but i think i'll be a tease....


Shari said…
hi lisa,
i love your blue jay. he'd look mighty fine on a tshirt, too. oh that neko! she blew us away too. you might remember me raving and raving on my blog. she played "margaret and pauline" and said "i don't usually play this song but i feel like doing it tonight." so of course, i'm curious if she played it at your show. hooray for painting class...wish i could sit in on it. mail and books you say? hmm. you are a tease...in a good way. :) xo shari happy 4th.
bugheart said…
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bugheart said…
i always
feel like
i blabber
on my
first day too!
i remember
seeing neko
one night
at bumbershoot
on one
of those
beautiful nw
summer nights
the space needle...
did her music
fill the night air.
she had
just released
canadian amp...
those are
some of
my favorite songs-
due to
jerusha said…
that's exactly how it feels when you hear her sing.

i'm glad you got to go :)
nicole said…
Damn - Neko!!! Hope she comes over to my part of the world!
vegasandvenice said…
Girl after my own heart when regarding thoughts on holidays. I think it is funny how I don't really go in for the typical government holidays, but I feel bad if I don't do something traditional that day. Like I missed out on the fun. I guess they give us a day to treat ourselves and others in a special way. You might smile at other people at the park or say "Have a wonderful holiday" to a stranger, you might buy some yummy treats that you normally would not have. I think we should celebrate holidays more often. Even though my holiday schedule is not the same, I like the government holidays because it feels like we are all in it together!!

First time I ever thought of it that way though, so I hope it makes some sense *smile*

Dog is driving us crazy here though. We may leave town just to get away from the fireworks. He he
nichola said…
Love the birdie, and the balloons, oh.
Abigail said…
love the drawing group this week...and yes, the blue jay has such attitude, what a cool dude..the little punk ;)

Neko Case!!? Wow...I had never heard them over here, I LOOOOVE her sound. must try and get hold of some of her albums, any suggestions as to which one to start with?? I love finding new music...it's so great!

happy 4th of July....and happy sewing! great news on the big retail order...yay! hugs, xox
gracia said…
Oh, I love that feeling when you hear, see or experience something and you feel all is right with the world and I better hang on to and remember this feeling...
Your fourth of July plans sound pretty good to me over here.
take care, grache
Ky said…
i am particularly smitten with the "edging" drawing, and your choice of ink. =)
happy 4th!
poppy said…
yes that bluebird would be great on a t! and so cool you saw vancouver's neko!
wendy said…
oh lovely drawings how I have missed you. you may feel rusty, but these look amazing...the bird, quite the 'tude!
love your description of the concert with neko!! sounds amazing!
don't work too hard.
pat said…
the blue jays by our house always chase the other birds away from the feeder. talk about ATTITUDE!!
i love the blue jay...he DOES have attitude, like you said annnd just like real blue jays.

ive never listened to niko case, maybe now is a good time? i might go check this out!
lisa said…
i am so glad you got to see neko!! amazing, huh?? let's please get together when i get back from chicago!!
simple me said…
I love the ballons and the bird...but it is difficult to decide as I think the whole thing goes well together.
lisa s said…
shari.... thanks... hopefully i'll get to that shirt.... oh yeah... neko! she did paly margaret and pauline, but said the same thing... so either we were both lucky, or she's a liar liar! :)

gwen... what a lovely memory!

jerusua... me TOO!!

nicole... i hope you get to see her too!

christine... you crack me up! yes yes on the holiday stuff... our dog too.... :)

thanks nichola!

abigail.... i hope you like neko!! xoxo

thanks gracia, jan, wendy, pat, erin and ky!!! i'm glad it's not only me that thinks the jay has the tude! :)

lisa... me too... yes yes after chicago!

thanks paula... you are so sweet!
briana said…
I love it when you are a tease... So glad you saw Neko - I got to see her a few years back at a tiny venue with The Sadies. Amazing the punch that *tiny* little red head packs. After the show I got to chat with her awhile about our shared obsession with Elvis Costello (she covers one of my favorite songs - Running Out of Fools on Blacklisted). have you heard her cover of Bob Dylan's Buckets of Rain? If not, i will send it to you, I have a couple things for you actually...

She's an amazing artist, everything she makes is so simple and yes a million miles wide with soul. Much like you, my dear.

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