drawing a day ~ week 40

drawing a day ~ week 40 Originally uploaded by dressform.

bye bye blue... hello purple. 40?? 40?? only 12 more weeks? no way. how did that happen? i felt like i was rushing on these. but oh well. i was thinking that it might be nice to bust out and do something "crazy" - but i don't know what that might be. you usually can't force that....

OK - so before i become a word recluse... i have formulated a few thoughts on artemesia... [i think lisa is also reading... not sure if anyone else is? but pat asked about it in the comments]

:: the idea of torture. of course with rendition and the like in the news it seems even more prudent. i find it amazing that BOTH sides - defense and procecution - were tortured to see if they were revealing the truth. somehow thru pain you are supposed to expose your true nature? being a pain wimp that gives me the heebie jeebies.

:: art patronage. i think it's funny how art patronage has shifted - away from religion - but is still tied to an extreme upper class. at least mostly. big artists demand big money and only the rich have that. this goes against a fundamental desire of having art for the masses [museums sort of fufill this need, but.... that's another discussion]. i also have been thinking about how artists are ultimately tied to this patronage. how does that influence what you make?? reading the demands / agreements between artist and patron were quite interesting.... 3 figures... the size of the canvas.... any specific colors [color indicating wealth]. things are slightly different now - but how much so?? i touched on this idea of patronage a bit ago. in some ways parameters are nice - whether they are set by the artist or by an outside force. sometimes i think the parameter actually allows for freedom. freedom within confinement [oh that sounds deep]. i'm also completely fascinated at how religion seems like this front for wealth gathering. the pope wants bigger and better churches and bigger and better art.... religion as government. also poignent in the current state of the world, no?

:: intrigue and scandal. i find it funny that both of those only add to the desire of artemesia's artwork. the same still holds true. so many artists ride that train.... some with success [koons, duchamp]. to me this is tied closely to the culture of celebrity and infamy.

:: the whole feminist aspect. of course i am interested in the first woman painter to gain such notority. it makes my stomach churn that she's basically property [can't be admitted into the academy w/ out daddy's permission]. i love that she reached for that - felt as though she was deserving. i also love that she was strong - aware of herself as an artist and a woman which leads me to...

:: beauty. [this kind of relates to the intrigue part]. would artemesia have become so successful if she wasn't beautiful? or surrounded by a sex scandal? beauty is a double edge sword. i think people are drawn to beauty, but it can also breed confusion and jealousy. in some sense i love that she used her beauty - painting herself nude - to further her career.... but i also kind of hate society for being interested in that. this feels very current in our culture.

:: jealousy and relationships. i like all the backstory in artemesia. who is jealous of who and why. why was artemesia's father somewhat left out of the history books [his rival not including him when he wrote a pretty extensive "history" of italian artists]. i wish i could say that all artists are friends and supportive of one another [seems that way here in the blogworld], but alas we are an emotional lot. who doesn't like a bit of gossip? who isn't interested in complicated human relationships....

so there you have it. i have about 1/3 of the book to go. i'm curious to see what happens when father and daughter re-unite. plus all the polictical stuff is funny. i love the notion of artist as spy and secret message carrier [painting portraits of bigwhigs put you in the right position to this!].

because it's summer and pretty darn hot here... polaroid #1:


the whole set here

tomorrow i take my class to SFMOMA and i'm meeting the lovely mati beforehand for lunch. yay!


simple me said…
My favourite this week is the one on darker paper. It's really inspiring.
paula :)
Abigail said…
I love your thought on Artemesia...I really want to read that book now {in addition to the susan vreeland one} to see what else it throws up....such a great story though!!

I am digging your drawings this week...I love the colour purple {not in a crazy wear it head to foot way you understand!}..but it is just so regal and I love the spectrum of purple - all of them are fabulous!!

Flamingo-ramma! Superb polaroids :)

Stay cool my dear {heat wave worldwide it seems!}..and have fun with Mati!! xox
posy press said…
your polaroid set is amazing {and drawings too!}...beautiful shots! have fun with mati and enjoy moma...i so want to see that mathew barney exhibit! hope it travels down south soon!
Shari said…
hi lisa,
oooh! now you've got me hooked. i've got to get my hands on a copy of artemesia. 40 weeks! Bravo! that is an amazing show of dedication and commitment and i just always love to see what you're exploring.

and the polaroids!! swoon. my personal faves are the flamingoes and the orange crush...oh and your grandmother's beautiful pitcher.
xo shari
maditi said…
those flamingos are perfect for a summer day!!
have fun at the museum - enjoy summer :)
sarah said…
loving those flamingos... so great to read your thoughts about artemesia i just finished on the weekend but i will pop back about that... right now i need to go over to flickr for a closer peep at the drawings, they look wonderful!
pat said…
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Artemisia. She was a VERY complex person whose relationship with her father had a very powerful impact on her life (whose does not?!?). I enjoyed the book for its honest portrayl of her, her relationship with her father, and of the times in which she lived. Not knowing much about that time in Italy and the Church I found the latter very interesting. I hope you find the time to finish it so you can see what happens with her father and the rest of her life....says something about how people get older, too!
mooncici said…
Oh Oh I want to go to MOMA too! :)
Ky said…
it seems that i have this habit of hopping on the book bandwagon after you have finished reading it (i.e. devil in the white city) - perhaps i will dig in from the beginning on the next go-round! for now, your words regarding artemisia have piqued my curiosity....so many books to read, so little time!
have a blessed day - enjoy moma and your time with mati!
Lisa | eots said…
It appears that we are both in the same place in Artemesia's story. Your insights about patronage and rivalries among artistic contemporaries will give me new perspective as finish the book. Also, you mentioned 'freedom within confinement' that comes from the artist/patron dynamic; quite possibly Artemesia felt that same way in regards to her role in society as the property of her father [and then her husband]. I'm very interested in what you will say regarding 'art for the masses'. As for religion as goverment,[too much of a discussion for this venue], thankfully faith is an individual's relationship with God.
wendy said…
love the new look of the dollies...I need to learn how to do the french knot...next time I am out I want to get some stitch lessons!!
sorry I missed meeting up with you!
briana said…
Your poloroids f*&%in' rock, dudette! Your thoughts on Artemesia have me chomping at the bit to pick it up. Ah, how the bedside pile grows...
bugheart said…
i just love
the one
on brown paper!
i am
a sucker
bugheart said…
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dani said…
love the flamingoes!
and the books sounds great...it's on the list now.
poppy said…
amazing thoughts on artemesia! also loving the purple (love purple!)
andrea said…
holy pink flamingos! those polaroids are the illest.

(and now you've got me wanting to read artemesia! always wanted to, but now...)

have fun with mati!
lisa s said…
paula.... thank you!

abigail... i'd love to hear your thoughts on artemesia... you are such a fine friend... i hope it's cooled a bit in your neck [heard on the news that it's been horribly hot!!]

hi amy.... thanks.... really!

shari... you are so kind... thanks for looking at all the 'roids :)

hi maditi... hope you are enjoying your summer too!!

oh sarah - i'd love to hear your take on artemsia!

pat... hmmm how people get older too?? it's funny b/c i don't really know much about those times besides the ART....

cici - come on up!

ky - i know - so many books so little time.... sigh...

lisa.... yes yes yes... i love the freedom/confinement w/ her father. so so true. tied to him and wanting to be free of him.... oh golly. and THANK GOODNESS faith is a personal thing... i think religion is a whole nother story. faith - faith is your own. period.

wendy. DEAL. i'll teach you french knot in 2 shakes of a stick.

briana... i can't remember the last time i was called duddette! :) yes - the bedisde pile... you'd be a fabulous book club member!

gwen *big smile*

dani, poppy and andrea.... thank you.... xoxo

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