drawing a day ~ week 42

drawing a day ~ week 42 Originally uploaded by dressform.

monday monday... and the last day of august [how can that be??]

i was a full of trepidation when i hit publish that last post.... i almost immediately took it down. i mean i really went back and forth --- too personal? is this too much?? and all i can say it that you guys are so incedibly grand. your sincerity, your concern, your genuine heartfelt responses really got to me [and my grandma by the way]. so thank you thank you thank you. did i say thank you? i did again in the comments....

i guess in the end for me i just had to think about if i'd publish what i wrote as a story or in a book [as if i could ever write a book - HA] for anyone to read... my answer then was yes. and if i'm ok with it in that context then i'm OK with it here....

week 42 - 10 weeks left?? gulp. these drawings have many eccentric personal thoughts to them. i guess i should say that usually the drawings do, but this week there are even odder little details that i think i put in there for my own state of mind. i started to think about those little things. those moments of insertion and how they are what often fuel artwork [even the kind that looks like 2 colors and 2 lines]. then i thought about how i don't really mind exposing or talking about art i make b/c i can be more cyptic - where as words - words seem right there on the surface. no beating around the bush with those pups. even in poetic circumstances - yes open to interpretation, but little letters make up words make up sentences and BAM - there it is.

mail call:
from posypress
amy had a little contest on her blog - and i WON! woo... how did that happen?? i got the above PERSONALIZED box of goodness from her. so if you've been on the fence about getting a box of goodies for yourself hesitate no longer. skip over to her shop

from bara
coral has been a big inspiration lately. the color is so unique - not red, not orange, not even right betwixt or between.... so when eireann made these shirts.... i was hooked. and lucky me she sent a little drawing to match [and a grashopper felt tag which went with me to the studio for company so is missing in this photo]. you can get your own ohbara goods too

and just because.... the mug shot polaroids [been meaning to post these for a spell]

tonka - mug 1

garbo - mug 2

mug shot


wendy said…
love the dollie one, and those polorids are fantastic!!
I love how your 'voice' with these drawing are very changable...usually you can see the continuation in the week, but these are more fragmented...interesting I think...congrats on all your goodies!
Ky said…
ohmygoodness the polaroids...so sweet =) week 42?? where has the time gone??
bugheart said…
i'm so glad
you posted
about your
i know it can be
so scary
to put yourself
out into
but i am glad
you do...
more wonderful
than stories
about family.
oh, and
are the best,
aren't they?!
must go check
them out
on flickr.
joy madison said…
:) your art just makes me smile! Thanks for sharing more of yourself with us!
wow- everything looks so lovely!

i cant believe that so many weeks have passed already! and i also cant believe that its august. part of me doesnt want to acknowledge it because it means that my wedding is...gulp...next month!

that package you won is super cute-winning is so fun, isnt it?

take care!
pat said…
How unfortunate for me that I was late in reading your post about your papa! But the post was incredibly warm and loving....you, and he, were very, very fortunate to have shared so much together. A match made in heaven that will live on in your memories and your life in many different ways!!
Shari said…
lisa, lisa, lisa!!
the inspiration i receive from your site is amazing. i really love the light purple doily piece. such beauty. fun mail and mug shots...hardly! they are all SO cute. sending hugs, shari
posy press said…
...in love with the faint purple doily and the green one which I'll refer to as "the green bean drawing." so glad you liked your pack of goodies...love the polaroids :)
Abigail said…
Oooo what a feast!

This weeks drawings are fab as always....week 42!!!!! Yikes - it's almost 2007 ;) and I love the polaroids...you have such a gift there, capturing that beautiful 70's style grainyness in a totally uncontrived way....

great! xox
gracia said…
Hey there Lisa,
I love that the dogs are looking one way and you are looking another... forward and backward, left and right... lovely! And your latest works on paper... beautiful placement... they sit so well together.
take care, grache
simple me said…
Yes coral is definitely very inspirational and it has been a few times now that I think about doing things inspired by coral...I love the texture, the shape...great.
Also great polaroids...as usual!
paula :)
poppy said…
your consistency on this drawing a day is sooooooo inspirational - i bagged out on week 3? yikes!

this will be an amazing installation - at a gallery - a drawing a day for a year - wish i owned a gallery - i'd be all over it!

the purple is beautiful - and the polaroid dogs are making me smile!
briana said…
Loving the elipses... and the *mug shots* (oh kisses to all).
sarah said…
wow, coral (in the perfect shade) AND words, love!
lisa s said…
wenders... fragmented -- yes... changeable... yes.... love what you say!!

ky... thank you... i know 42?? geez

gwen.... thank you - again and again

joy! thaks for being here and making it really really worth my while!!

erin... wow... wedding... exciting!

thank you pat... so true. i am very lucky to have all the memories

shari... i am glad that i can return the inspiration that you so give to me!! xoxo

amy - will you name all my drawings for me?? i love "green bean drawing"! thank you again for my treats!

abigail... you ALWAYS make me smile... is it b/c i'm hearing a scottish accent in my head while i read your lovely words??

gracia... i really liked that too... i'm glad you noticed !!

paula... i know coral... i just ordered some beads b/c i couldn't stop thinking about it!

jan... you are such a dear! i wish you owned a gallery too... i'd love to see the whole year - all the flops, the shifts in color... maybe someone will do it??

briana - i have such a thing for the elipse - it's how my brain works... you won't hold it against me right? :)

hi sarah! yes .... LOVE!!

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