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it's been a while since i posted a corner of my home....

the mail gods have been amazingly kind to me of late. wanna see??

from photo bird

jen is an amazing photographer. every time i visit her photostream i am in awe of her sense of composition and color. she really epitomizes the phrase making the ordinary extraordinary to me.... she suggested a trade and i lept. she has an etsy shop as well.

from  girlhula

music from girlhula

from andrea . miss hula and i have encountered more big and small coincidences in our lives than i can feasibly count. [the latest one being that our dads are both twins born days apart]. she sent me amazing goodies.... including the glove form in the home photo. [i have always wanted to collect them, but thought that the last thing i needed was another collection - and speaking of collections have you seen gwen's ? i love all of hers!]. anyways, andrea also sent me music [which i love] and her daughter ava made me [yes it's for me b/c it says so!] a fantastic drawing about learning to fly and jump::

from ava

supercapacity music swap

ali [another flickr favorite] sent me her divinely designed music CD and some buttons. [now of course i want a button maker - like i need another obsession?] you can get some of her fab buttons from her shop

it looks like i'm going to miss out on a wenders visit. sad sad.... but hopefully next time

OH! if you are in Raliegh, NC [ shari are you??] i'm in a summer group show at Bickett Gallery that opens tomorrow night.....

i'm thinking my posts for the next week might be shorter.... more visual? i've been lugging the land camera around with me so there are lots of polaroids.... i'm feeling kind of drained from the long teaching hours.... we shall see.... [i know better than to make promises or predictions] mav wrote about falling into the cracks.... i'm liking the idea of that. although some of my cracks feel like giant fissures....


vegasandvenice said…
missing you lovely girl!
Ky said…
perhaps willfully falling into cracks? =)
oh the goodness - thanks for sharing =)
sarah said…
your corner is making me smile, have a wonderful weekend xxx
simple me said…
Well can I admit that I'm jealous? :) Wonderful gifts I bet just what you needed after those long teaching hours.
Have a wonderful weekend!
pat said…
The gifts are a treasure trove to savor but also a reflection of how very much you must give to others!

I bet you and your friend who also has a twin for a Dad must have some interesting stories to swap. Any other children of twins out there?

I KNOW you are swamped with teaching and don't want to write much right now, etc. BUT I cannot resist asking that you share some of your ideas about Artemisia. When you get a chance, of course.
briana said…
What an awesome bounty! I love the way that bloggers bestow tiny kindnesses on each other so freely. As I see bits and pieces of swaps and post-bourn pressies, I am alos aware of the irony that more people don't do this with the people they have tangeble contact with in their daily lives...
mav said…
oh it all looks FAB. hula's music taste changed my life ... in the swap.
hugs & kisses, mav
poppy said…
you have such a great eye for making a corner....keep them coming!
Karen said…
I've missed the corners of your home pictures. Oooh, visual posts would be lovely..
Shari said…
i cannot believe my good luck! just when i thought that nc is boring the fabulous art of lisa solomon arrives in the triangle. raleigh is about 30 min. away. i am SO SO excited. in fact i couldn't be more excited except of course if you were coming too!

falling into cracks you say? well remember how many times you find a single beautiful flower growing up from a crack in the sidewalk.

hugs for a good weekend! shari

ps: i wonder if the bickett allows photos?
pss: polaroids? yes please!
blair said…
Slow it down if need be, your polaroid images are some of my favorites! I love what Shari said about flowers growing from cracks, its so true. Those are the strong ones too.
andrea said…
aw, shucks! I love seeing what I sent you photographed through your eyes and posted here. such a thrill! and when I showed ava her drawing... her eyes lit up. :) it was package loooooong overdue, a joy to put together, a joy to send. so glad you enjoyed it, my friend. sososo glad!

as for going more visual, I hear you-- I've been considering the same thing (linked to the photography thing, no doubt). obviously, I'm attached to words but there are days (weeks) when the words don't flow and all I feel like posting are photographs. they often say more than I ever could with my words. when I recently participated in the week of colors (and then continued it for another week), I found the images to be a great impetus for words. sometimes I felt like I had nothing to say and then I'd shoot something and find that I did. and I liked having something visual to post everyday. and now with an unexpected move coming up, I just may have to go this route for a bit. anyway, I'm open to experimentation... and with the photos that you've been taking lately... well, I'd LOVE to see what you're going to post...!

xo to you.
bugheart said…
a collection
how cool would
that be!
i will have to
keep an eye out
and send you
what collections
do you have?
i do love
your corner
with the glove.
wish i had time
to pop down
to raleigh
to go see
the show
with shari!
Abigail said…
Mail goodness indeed!! Lucky lucky...

Cracks, fissures...Crikey! hope you have on your safety harness darl!?? ;)

Mucho congrats on the show...wish I was there to see too! So, so looking forward to the gems your land camera will no doubt capture {with your genius guidance of course!}...*grin*

hugs to you for the weekend, xox!
maditi said…
lucky you !! love photobird´s cards and ali´s cd is the best!!! beautiful design and very cool music :)
dani said…
good luck with the show!
yes, more photos please!
and twins born a day apart....the poor mum! i'm a twin born 10 minutes apart and apparently after i was born my mum seriously went into a serious condition and wasn't even conscious for my sister's birth.
lisa s said…
christine... miss you too!

ky... willfully falling... that is great!

hi sarah - thank you!

paula... :) they are just what i need. i feel quite lucky!

pat - i wonder about the twin thing too... hmmm

briana... i know. the whole blog thing is totally tied into that. i talk less to the people i know in real life too...

mav... yeah the music is amazing!

hi poppy and karen... thank you... i might be running out of them! :)

shari... you are so so sweet... i wish i could come too!!!!!! and thanks for all the encouragement!

blair... oh the strong flowers in the cracks... that is such a lovely image!!

andrea... you are a real gem. i can not thank you enough... and ava.... and i'm so with you on the visual thing....

bugheart... i have too many odd collections to mention - but i'll try and start documenting some of them. old bottles, hopefully now glove forms :O... i'm honored that you would want to go see my show.... thank you

abigail... safety harness... haha... can you make me a gorgeous one so i'll actually wear it?

mati.... i know - ali's CD - amazing, right?

dani... thank you and thank you... and you are a twin???? wow!!
wendy said…
love that corner... and your mail is fabulous...probably because you are...sorry we didn't get a chance to hang out!! :(
gracia said…
How to fly & jump in one concise drawing - lovely. You're one step closer now...

Enjoy your wonderful loot, grache

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