drawing a day ~ week 44

drawing a day ~ week 44 Originally uploaded by dressform.

so... back to regular programming.... heh heh. so i guess there's a big nature theme to the above. nothing new... but i don't usually do 3 in a week. maybe it's the pink... maybe it's the weather....

been noticing lately all the purging and organizing going on out there... blair and abby immediately come to mind. i'm super jealous of their clean-up b/c honestly i can't even fathom trying to take on that task until i have the next 2 shows installed. but i've been noticing how things pile up - and i mentioned that i wanted to photo the piles to try and re-frame them - hopefully make them prettier.... shari said she'd been doing the same thing.... and then gwen posted about her piles yesterday....

not that we need another blog-a-long project, but... if you are game... shari and i are going to post piles on wednesday. join us... i'd love to see your piles... in all their messy, beautiful, working ways !!

jenn garrido

design sponge reminded me of jenn garrido's work. she actually went to the same grad school as me - a couple years before me.... i really love her new work... it's delicate and colorful, but also minimal in a way that hits me just right. plus i love the idea of editing with paint. what do you choose to paint out and why. editing - i think self-editing is always a challenge and i'm always moved when artists do it well.

tonka and his shadow

polaroid for today. what is it about shawdows and grass that is just so
compelling?? that is my big question for today. [ wenders you like a good question... any thoughts?]

and oh! if you are in the bay area i've got some of my work in a show at ego park gallery for the next few weeks.... and tomorrow i get to have dinner with 3 :: amazing :: blogladies . see you wed! with piles of piles!


wendy said…
oh the drawings are lovely...and pink...I love the ones on the shelf...folded over this invisible shelf, and the poppy pods are quite lovely!
I think it is shadows & and anything, not just grass...but shadows are at the same time part of something unknown, but then it is also a repeat of a tangible object, a repeat with editing...
bugheart said…
bring on
yer piles!
i'll be back
for more
on wednesday!
i love the new stuff- i like the 3rd one over on the top the most!
Julie said…
Always love nature drawings and these pink ones are lovely!
Might join in with the piles - they are taking over here!!!
i LOVE that link to jenn garrido's work - really beautiful..i choose to edit my words a lot - im so clumsy, always put my foot in it - so less is more in my case!!!
Good luck with the show!!!
abby said…
Ah! Okay-you wanna see some piles, you shall see some horrible piles!Yay! We can show the real us!
AS usual your work is amazing and inspiring...making my way to flickr right now...do you have any shows going on in December?
Shari said…
my piles are ready! they aren't going anywhere. lisa...your drawings from this week are so dreamy. i love them and such a cute little tonka polaroid too.

xo shari
blair said…
I have the feeling your piles would look much cooler than mine would Lisa! : )
gracia said…
With only a few hours of my Wednesday left... I'd love to have joined in with a little Wednesday pile themed action but alas I've run out of time... due no doubt to too many piles of tasks around me. I'm up to my eyeballs, ears and thumbs in piles... it's getting a little out of control.
Wonderful drawings and piccies as always...
take care, grache
simple me said…
This week's drawings are inspiration to me. Love the trees and the pink. A while ago I didn't use to like much pink but now I'm starting to appreciate it more and those buds in pink caught my eye.
Jenn Garrido's work is fantastic. Thanks for the link and for sharing this...I've already added her site as a favoutite.
ps: thanks for your friendly words on my blog.
maditi said…
i honestly wouldn´t dare to show my piles ;)
jenn garido´s work is amazing!! hope you had a lovely dinner with some fellow blogladies!!
lisa s said…
wendy.... oh - i love repeat w/ editing.... oh oh oh !!

gwen.... you're on!

thanks erin!

julie... thank you!! i'm glad you like jen's work too. and i'll take all the luck i can get

abby - YES YES YES!!! show the piles... by december everything will be down... are you coming here??????

thanks sweet shari! can't wait for your piles!

blair - i doubt it.... :)

gracia... there's no deadline on the pile posting.... join in! thanks for the kind words [my eyeballs are pretty tired from being almost covered up]

paula... i'm always excited to share art work that i like... and thank YOU for your visits here!!!

but maditi - if anyone can make a pile pretty it would be you!!!
kelly rae said…
oh wow. just found your blog. and you have such great photos and links and information. and the best part? i just moved to san fran and am also an artist. perhaps we can connect someday! and i just found your other blogger gal friends from san fran, too. how cool is that?
poppy said…
the drawings are beautiful (of course)!
andrea said…
adore the pink in the drawings...

and lord, have I seen some piles in the last two weeks. too bad I was out of the loop. would have loved to share some of my enormous piles.

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