drawing a day ~ week45

drawing a day ~ week45 Originally uploaded by dressform.

it's monday already? wow. my favorite thing thus far today.... running into the yard to get fresh basil and cherry tomatoes for a fresh mozerella panini for lunch. our basil is going bannanas. need to make pesto [add that to the list]

i think i explored all possilbe quadrants of the paper this week. top, bottom, right, left, middle....

time to say THANK YOU! to ky.... . we did a little music + extras swap....

such goodness {fromgoodness}
i loved the colors the second i got it [orange envelope!!] plus i love that ky explained her choices on the CD - what a great thing to do!

what a beautiful doily. i want to frame it

western birds cover
what an amazing book.... i feel so so lucky. every page is so inspiring. it makes me want to make more t-shirts... more stationary... more things w/ birds! see pages here and here

mantra for the week :: ebb and flow. control what you can.... let go of what you can't.... tackle that list. i can't believe i start installing tomorrow at 10am. i'm nervous.... excited.... i will try to document....

speaking of documenting.... if you want to see what the show at ego park looks like... go here. i'm thinking i might put some of that work up for sale on my website when the show comes down.... we'll see.....

have a good monday! see you wed. with piles again....


blair said…
That book looks amazing! orange and blue are my favorite colors together right now, so that package would have made me jump!

The show, perfection! I'm amazed at your talents Lisa, they never seem to end.
ladylinoleum said…
Good luck on your install girlie! I always feel the same way before installing too. Actually, it makes me really anxious, not just minimally nervous. LOL

Ebb and flow...yep, I am trying to adhere to these principals now!
leonie said…
if you like birds, try this site. it's native birds of new zealand. some of them even have what their birdsong sounds like.
Shari said…
love the mantra and will repeat daily. :)i am excited about the installation.your drawings this week were amazing lisa. truly. do you really do one a day or do you sometimes do 2 in a day? yay for more piles! xo s
nicole said…
Hey - break a leg and install away. Big (.)(.) from across the pond.x
wendy said…
good luck with the set-up!
I can't wait to see how it comes out.
and your drawings this week...I am going to miss them when they are done!
the dollie...again I think the dollie selection always is my fav...but this week is super fantastic with the addition of the teacups...too sweet!
gracia said…
So many avenues to follow and explore... the new drawings, those colourful birds... ahh. I'll be airing my piles (fingers crossed) with you this Wednesday too.
Enjoy that panini... (from someone trying to eat their lunch by 2.30 today)... take care, g
gracia said…
P.S. Good luck installing tomorrow! Super exciting & nerve wracking... g
Julie said…
Our basil has died a slow death in this heat :(
Love your drawings - particularly the top right one..
I love your mantra...so positive.
I cant wait to see your installation finished...
pat said…
I admire your courage for putting your work out there for others to see. I wonder if it gets easier with time by your developing a "thicker skin"/more self confidence? Or does it depend on what you are showing that particular time? Anyway, GO FOR IT, kid!!
Di said…
Hope you foudn some fun and joy in doing the installation.
What a lovely swap package- the doily is gorgeous!
louise said…
Hi Lisa,

Everything is so exciting especially the book.

Your description of fresh panini is making me rather hungry too.

Cheers, Louise
bugheart said…
i am always
see your
you inspire
me to start
daily drawings
of course)...
but maybe
you luck
and inspiration
alyssa said…
I love today's drawings. I especially like the bottom right one. It is very intriguing. I just wish I could see it better.
Daphne said…
Love the brown one from this weeks drawing a day!

When are you going to have a show around NYC, I would love to see one of your installations in person... Have a good build-up! dag*Daphne
lisa s said…
blair... it is a GREAT book! from you - such a talent - i'm super flattered... thank you!

thanks regina... anxious YES! follow the flow....

leonie... OH WOW... thanks for that link!!

shari... yes - i really do one a day... althouh i have sometimes added the thread the next day - sometimes i get all tied up and can't quite figure where to place it - so i wait to look the next day.... that's part of why some of them aren't so great i think - but still a good excercise... xoxo

nicole... i love your boobie hugs

wendy... thanks! i'm glad you like the teacups

gracia... i wish i could have made an extra panini for you!!

julie... well i'd give you some of mine if we were neighbors... we've got a ton! thanks for the all the sweet comments!

pat - no thick skin here. but for some reason i feel like it NEEDS to happen... so it does.

di... thanks! that doily is lovely, huh?

louise... we'll of course one for you too!

gwen.... ooohh yes you should... public or not....

alyssa - click on the photo - it will take you to flickr... larger images are there....

hi daphne! thank you so much... i'd LOVE to show in NY - i wish i could. it's just not that easy to get a foot in the door there. but i will try!!!
andrea said…
oh man, ky knows how to hook it up RIGHT. she sent me the loveliest package of papers and cds... looks like she struck again... :)

btw, loving all the different papers in the drawings... love!

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