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if they had an IV drip of caffine available i might just sign up. my brain is on overdrive.... wall works.... teaching [we had our 2nd critique yesterday. gosh i love these students. talk about putting yourself out there].... mending targets.... all morning i thought of coincidence and collision... all bus ride i kept thinking that the next music swap should involve one song. pass on the one song and then make something from it - i hear lines of lyrics and swells of notes and i want to draw... what would you do?? but no time for that... i can see change and growth in my students and then revisit it in myself... this is teaching at it's best... a symbiotic relationship.... ebb and flow.

there is so much to do that i want to do nothing. i want to have a spa day... a pedicure day... a lunch date day... a milkshake... a lavish sushi feast.... oh yes these will be my rewards when shows are installed [and de-installed the wall work at traywick has to come down in the next few] and grades are turned in and studio visits and madness and t-shirt organizing is over....

have you visited what you make it? [thanks modish for the heads up....] it's a great zine... i love how you flip thru the pages like a real book

want to see what i do as a "graphic designer"? my banner for the UC philosophy departement [my photo too!]

say it with me :: growth [sesame street knew that repitition was the key to success]

trumpet vine


love the photos you posted...

it must be really cool to have students like you describe. i really miss being a student, i hope to make it back to school eventually- it seems as if its taking forever, but its okay because it gives me more time to read lovely blogs like yours. :)
wendy said…
love those photos!!
I am thrilled that you have good students...makes the time you are working so much easier to see as time well spent.
good luck with everything!
rooting for you over here in the heat!!
I am exited to see what comes out of all your shows!
pat said…
I love the banner and the photo which complements rather than detracts from the site! While you are fortunate to have such great students, I am sure part of it is the inspiration you give them as their teacher. It's a wonderful, life altering experience, isn't it?!?
Shari said…
lisa, hi!
i adore these polaroids. you have such the eye!! it was fun to see the philosophy banner. love the chairs. i hear energy and excitement in this post and your mind swirling with ideas. a good thing, right? your students sound amazing and i LOVE your idea for the next music swap. my head is swirling with ideas too but only because i'm feeling a bit lost. happy day to you! xo s
bugheart said…
g r o w t h
nothing like
from your
own students.
like still
be a student
at 32-
talk about
the banner
is wonderful!
hope i can
join in
on the music swap.
Julie said…
such beautiful photos!!!
amstar said…
just lovely.
a charge in my otherwise sleepy day.
dani said…
i love these photos - love love!and the banner is way cool!
Abigail said…
I love these polaroids today...growth indeed...I feel like I grow every time I see your creations!

Take it easy this weekend sweet Lisa..treat yourself..xox

ps..I think I have an image in my archives that you may love re your wonderful banner..ill dig it out for you, and send with the CD's xx
ladylinoleum said…
It is really difficult to teach and make great art simultaneously. You're amazing girlfriend. Truly gifted.
mav said…
ah..... growth.
i feel it just with a read of your post. i have nothing to add but thanks. xo, mav
abby said…
Each polaroid is somehow better than the next, I am in love with them...
A sushi feast does sound divine, a milkshake doesn't sound too bad either! You amaze me with your productivity, photos, art, writing, teaching-and a graphic designer!?! You are awesome.
-your music swap idea sounds grand-although the idea of another swap is daunting. I hope you find some time to relax! I miss you-abby
poppy said…
beautiful banner! simplistic, depth. great photo too!

growth - (i love growth - if i don't grow constantly i become stale)
lisa s said…
erin... i am blessed ot have students like this.... and if you want to go back to school - you will make it and it will be fantastic!

wendy... thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

pat... teaching is life altering... and i feel like my inspiration is the smallest part of the equation... but thank you

shari - hi sweet one! i'm glad you like the next music swap idea [although that will have to be in a while....] and thank you for everything - swirling heads and thoughts UNITE!

gwen... growth is big, huh? and i hope hope hope you will participate [when i actually get it together??]

julie - thank you so much! and thanks for visiting/commenting - i have "seen" you around.... :)

amstar - thank you for such a lovely compliment!

dani :) :)

abigail... you are a doll... thank you... i feel like i grow from you as well.... and i can't wait for the image!

regina... i thank you... really. your words mean so much to me as you are gifted too!

hello mav... you who so often makes me grow... xo

abby - relax ... yes... can i schedule that?? um... music swap is down the road... way down the road... and i've missed you!!

jan.... yes... must avoid being old bread! :) xo
simple me said…
I love these polaroids...

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