i can see for piles and piles

studio pile Originally uploaded by dressform.

ok yes - i just made the dumbest pun on the planet. forgive me... i've been 2 inches from a wall in various positions on a ladder for 8 hours today.... i became one w/ the multitude of bumps and spackle fills on my wall [yes - i now think of it as MY WALL. yes.... you may refer to me as ms. happy. ... ms. slap happy to you!]

i'm posting my piles tonight because i'm up again early to repeat the above experiece. although tomorrow i also get to lie down on the floor.

pictured up top is a MESSY pile in my studio [since many of you commented how nice my piles were - i thought i'd share some clutter]

other piles spotted in my neck of the woods ::

pile of film
the leaning tower of film

pile of more felt
the counterparts to the guns... they now just need to meet up !!

and i even have a polaroid pile:
piles of old lockers

old lockers in the basement of the art building at UC... i have always loved these.

other piles spotted on the www ::
hello charles x2

if you post piles... do leave a comment and let me know because i have a feeling i'll be even more delirious tomorrow and i won't have computer access until the evening. i'll update the pile list as needed late tomorrow or early thurs....

have a good week!


Julie said…
You and your wall make a lovely couple!!!
A messy pile...yeah!!!..and more pretty piles....wonderful!!
louise said…
Hi Lisa,

As promised I've joined in on "Pile Wednesday". you can check it out here...

I particularly enjoyed your slightly blurry, slightly toppling pile of Polaroid film.

Cheers, Louise
gracia said…
"Me too" she chimed.
A little snippet of my piles can be seen on my blog too.
Love the polaroid pile... beautiful!
take care, g
hmmm...i need to get organized. or actually, i need to just get more cool stuff. heh. because then maybe i would have the confidence to post some piles!
sarah said…
wonderful piles lisa, hope your day goes well xxx
pixiegenne said…
ha! your pun made me laugh out loud - i must be a little punchy.
wendy said…
oh I am so glad that you have claimed ownership of your wall! good luck today!
and your piles are awesome...love the polaroid of the piles of lockers.
Pat said…
I LOVED the leaning pile. It reminded me of the tower in Piza in Italy!
poppy said…
i'm loving your piles series - i wish i could get on this bandwagon, maybe next week! those lockers - i love old lockers - want to see more!
LALA dex press said…
Inspired by everyone else's piles, I decided to de-pile (un-pile?) my studio + tossed + recycled last night. This is not to say that everything is COMPLETELY neat + in order now. I opted not to photograph the piles of laundry/ ironing/ dishes.
bugheart said…
all i can do
is drool
that polaroid
film pile...
Time Zero...
i have
to show!
i so
the locker
lisa said…
you can say, "love me, love my piles." ha!!
Shari said…
hi lisa
it's so funny...your little pun because all day that was in my head. :) i have more piles just no pics so perhaps next week i'll join in again. i love the polaroid film pile and the lockers. my most recent pile is a library book pile. t and i just came home with books about beer brewing, small business, and simple living. sending love and good wishes for a smashing installation. xo s
M said…
i only havepiles of messiness...
maditi said…
even your piles are beautiful - you know which one I love most ;)
eireann said…
those colors of felt are very nice together. unexpected!

thanks for your recent comments. I haven't been as good at commenting around lately but I'll be back into the swing soon.
lisa s said…
julie :) heee hee ... we are a couple!

yay to louise and gracia for joining in! loved your piles!!

erin - ALL piles are cool piles on pile wed!

hi sarah! xo

pixi... don't encourage me... i'll just make more bad puns!

hey wenders... thank you.... glad you like that polaroid

thanks pat! hee hee

jan... oh come on - show us some piles... pretty please! and if i find more lockers i'll shoot em!

la la - want to come clean my studio? pretty please? i actually think piles of dishes and laundry can be pretty...

gwen... that's the last of the time 70... yup. that's it....

ha ha ha lisa!

shari... ooooohhhh library books.... oooohhh

mylissa.... but there is beauty in that mess....

maditi :) xo

eireann... i was kind of shocked that they all went together too.... totally accidental... and no worries about commenting [duh]... i hope you doing well... and have a great trip xo

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