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a corner ! started by the amazing soulemama and now boasting over 1000 members. geez.

so we got a new fridge. yup that one pictured there. it wasn't really because we wanted to spend loads more money than we should but because the old one started clunking and thudding... and not freezing ice... and allowing our milk to get clumpy [try pouring THAT into your coffe. EEEWWW]. so instead of paying $200 to have the maytag repair man come out to fix our fridge that we had basically outgrown we went for the new one. gosh this fridge is dreamy... and since i am one of the luckiest girls on the planet and hubby loves to cook - it's all worth it. i think we've both been caught opening the double doors and oohing and ahhing at all the space.... heh heh. next to the fridge there is our vintage stove which i LOVE and hope to never replace. i can't help but say : they sure don't make 'em like they used to.

i promised a more cohesive post this time, but i lied. sorry.... so get ready for some random info.... and i have to say - i'm kind of relieved that many of you are feeling as scattered as me. i'm not happy about it because really we all shouldn't be this insanely busy, but it does provide a comfort in #'s effect.... so thanks for all your me too chimes!

help dogs -- get cool buttons
these are the cool buttons i just got in the mail from needed some funds for a couple of cute stray dogs.... in return for a bit o' cash i got the nifty items pictured above. wanna help too?

amarylis at night

the polaroid for today - it's an oldie that i somehow forgot to upload. it's actually one of my all time favs.... kind of goes w/ the roses from the last post, huh?

abee's got my number

abbee sent me this package of goodies for sending her a CD. i don't see how exactly that is fair seeing that she also sent me a stunningly cool CD... but you don't have to twist my arm to accept such glorious goodies.... thanks annie

underdog ink was mentioned in a new to me blog the other day indie obsession . thanks brandy!

my life right now seems to be a series of piles.... i was actually thinking of photographing all of them in the hopes that they might look more inviting in pictures. i so so so want to clean and purge and organize... but just can't. not yet.... in the spirit of the want to de-accession, though, and in the spirit of bugheart's monday give-a-way.... i offer you this:

rabbit_rabbit coin purse

i don't want anything in return. first person to email me or comment and request it - it's yours. EDIT: OK alyssa it's yours... i just need your address email me: lisasolomondotcom {at} please note it's NOT perfect... i wasn't super neat on the hand sewing and i still haven't nailed the pinching of the closure clip onto the fabric [it's much harder than it looks]

happy thurs ! it's my last day of class... bittersweet


alyssa said…
I think it is beeeautiful! I would love it and take really good care of it.
Funky Finds said…
Aw shucks...I'm #2. The pouch is adorable! :)
bugheart said…
and i am #3!
it's so cute
and pink too.
how i heart
the new fridge!
i love vintage
there is
to be said
for modern
does it make ice?
how i would love
to have a fridge
that makes ice
(for cocktail-making
of course).
nicole said…
Oooh new "whitegoods", quite exciting.
poppy said…
love the fridge! matches mine!
Abigail said…
Ha! Am I am echo or what...our fridge is in the process of breaking too..keeps on switching off! Your new one is very snazzy :)

Your polaroids are amazing, as always...I think that is my favorite too. Last day of class!-im sure your students had a blast with you- Well done for getting through..!

gracia said…
Feeling scattered? Feeling scattered... absolutely. Spending the day sanding wooden tree branches was ideal, all I had to focus on was smoothing the rough... perfect! As to sentences, to forming sentences - impossible!
take care, grache
pat said…
You are a very talented photographer, young lady! The new fridge must be a dream....ENJOY it alot. I bet your students were as sad as you were about the class ending
wendy said…
that polaroid is amazing!! amazing.
I hope you last class went that fridge, but that are amazing with the polaroids!
Julie said…
Love the polaroid!!
Shari said…
hi lisa,
looks like you've got an awesome new fridge. :) i love the new polaroid. i'm in big need of purging and organizing over here...and funny that you mention taking photos of the piles/mess cause i just did that yesterday and might put up a few on flickr. great minds. hope your last class was a great one! xo shari
blair said…
I love that fridge. I am so into kitchen sprucing up, so kitchen pics get me giddy. I love Kim's badges, I got some too, only right now I think they are pinned all over Emma's pink jacket (she's so 80's). xo
maditi said…
you may feel scattered - but you still manage to post all these beautiful things :)
whenever I feel scattered (which is quite often) my blog is dead ;)
lisa s said…
hi alyssa! thanks for wanting it...

hey funky.... next time!!

gwen... :) ... there is something to be said about new appliances! it does make ice, but we don't have water set up on that side of the kitchen, so maybe someday we'll get that going....

hey nicole! you guys down there call them white goods?? love that!

jan - ah - we have good taste in fridges! :)

abigail - oh golly that is too much. we are living parallel lives! xo

gracia.... sanding branches sounds right about now! sentences? uh....

hi pat - thank you so much! it was sad, but i'm getting more used to those last days....

wendy... thank you dear friend....

thanks julie!

shari - let's have a pile day next week!! what do you say?? how bout wed??

blair... ditto on the kitchen stuff. it makes me really giddy and happy. and how CUTE emma must be!! [also glad that you helped ginny and gonzo out!]

oh maditi - you are so kind.... really.... you blog NEVER seems dead. EVER!! xoxo
andrea said…
yay for new refrigerators! love it. unfortunately, the one in our new house sucks! bad enough to complain to the landlord... but that's another story. and the vintage stove is dreamy. absolutely.

even dreamier? that polaroid of the roses. stunning.

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