bedtime stories

limn gallery - "bedtime stories" - install view Originally uploaded by dressform.

song time again ::

do you know what would be right here? some yellow. touch of humility... original sin... or two - from you.....

guesses? if gwen gets it again she'll be 3 for 3... i'm not sure if i can dig up any more prizes for her if she keeps winning *wink wink*. is there a prize if you get this right? i dunno... i love this song because i love the idea of a color being placed.... being in the right spot.... i've been thinking about this for days and days...

OK - so above.... install shot from the bedtime stories show at limn gallery. they put together a fancy pancy slide show so you can see all the other artist's work [which i really really like] here .

wallet size me - at limn gallery

here's a detail. this piece is actually a couple years old - so if you were reading the blog circa 2004 you know i made if for the gen art "emerge" show - and you'll know what i'm about to say - so skip ahead! they are all me [and mom and dad in the one].... the piece is named "wallet size me" because they are all wallet size photos... and they are actual size in terms of the embroidery to photo size. the other thing to know is that this is the back side that i'm showing as the front. i really like the idea of the "wrong" side being "right" - i think the back is actually as beautiful as the carefully stitched front [i try not to peek as i make these]. i also tend to like the slightly macabre relationship of red to blood - and of course it's coming out my own eyes here.... i think creepy and beautiful can ride a smiliar line and i like skating along edges like that.

i think i'm also going to show this piece in the show coming up at mira costa college.... i'm trying to think about what work to put in that show. it's the first time i getting to blend old and new work - a mini survey - so i'm trying to think about how things will relate to one another and what moments of my artmaking to include. this is turning out to be harder than i thought it would be....

black and white coat

green coat

i was really really happy yesterday when alicia posted about her coat addiction . it's not JUST ME! there is something exciting about fall and pulling out jackets and coats.... and no matter how many coat fineries i have in my too full closet i seem to be unable to turn one away if it presents itself to me at the right time and the right price. she showed 2 of hers so i'm showing 2 of mine, but really this is the tip of the iceburg of my coatland. you remember the pink coat right? so - i'll show more if you [alicia and anyone else] will show more of their favorite coats.... it is getting to be fall after all

you can click on my photos to go to flickr and read the details on my coats... and what i paid for them !

ok folks... have a great weekend! drawings and photos of the after modern install on monday!


bugheart said…
wowie wowie
your show
so wonderful...
up and down*
and coats-
oh it gives me
great pains
because i could
do a collection
on coats!
i have like a
grub says
i have to give
half away
we move..
want any?
in the
when i
sous chef
i always sing
"chop chop
your through!"
bugheart said…
i meant
to say...
i have a
of coats...
need another
pink one...
or blue?
vegasandvenice said…
Hello Lovely Lisa! What a lovely exhibition and what lovely coats. Of course my favorite will always be your "lovely pink coat", but that is only because it reminds me of how lovely you are! (very lovely all the time)
Alicia P. said…
Okay, baby. Challenge accepted. I've got more, though if I had that first one of yours, the black one with the white that looks like Marilyn Monroe's from "Wonder Boys" I would stop, because that is perfect.
julie said…
Your work is so beautiful Lisa..i love this idea of the wrong side being right...
and OH..that pink coat!!!!!
happy weekend xxx
gracia said…
Hey there Lisa,
Loved the tour of the exhibition... twas almost like being there, well, the next best thing.
And, enjoy the season of the coat... sadly, as we slide in to Spring, it's bare arms and good-bye tailoring.
take care, g
pat said…
Thanks for sharing your fascinating work. You must have been a cute kid with her own quiet little ways, eh? Your coats are AMAZING! How many days can you go wearing a different one?
wendy said…
oh this is fabulous...I love seeing your work up and they do have a lovely slide show on that site.

I don't have that gene...the collector one...I love to see it, but I don't have the energy to explore and find...that green suede is lovely...with the 'belt' detail...and the little tricycle in the photo is too sweet.
Ky said…
lemon yellow black!
lisa, i absolutely adore your needlework, and love seeing the collection of them together. =)
abby said…
your art looks so amazing and beautiful, lisa.
i would love to know how it makes you feel to have others looking at it? can you be in the space when it is full of people-or do you prefer not to watch the reactions?
your coats are adorable-i just can't believe it is that time of year again!
i hope you are enjoying your weekend-abby
Shari said…
hi lisa!
love seeing your art and hearing more from you about how it emerged. looks fabulous. the coats are great. i used to have a vintage red wool pendleton that i adored. i bought a black vintage coat last year but i am feeling the need for a new one.

xox s
Liesl said…
I'd love to see your work in person sometime. Very impressive!
natasha said…
i love the embroidered pieces. and i love that they are displayed in the red hoops. there is something so fresh about your work, there is a wonderful continuity, but there is always a newness. sigh.

oh, and i buy coats, too. most of them don't fit, but they are at the thrift store. if i knew a good seamstress that wanted them, i would be happy to pass them on. i hate having things that i don't use. i almost bought a vintage mink coat at the thriftstore and had to stop myself. a fur coat? what?
Abigail said…
the expo = woweee!

and the new old coats are super fab too....what good thrifting luck you have! :)

risa said…
i really enjoyed the slide show of your exhibit. i think it gives a good sense of what it must be like to see all that beautiful art in person. and like shari i love hearing details about the process/ideas behind your work. thank you!
simple me said…
I find this idea of yours of turning pictures of you into embroidery very interesting.
I think that embroidery has such a potential for development into art and you really created a piece of work which shows exactly that.
I also think that the back can be as beautiful as the front side.
Great! I like this piece of yours.
In terms of coats I must tell you that I'm also an addicted. I try to restrain myself, even because this is usually an expensive piece of clothing (except maybe when you buy it sencond hand) when you want to buy something different and/or good quality.
I'm planning to make a couple of them for myself this coming winter...if I manage to have the time, that is.
And definitely there is something exciting about autumn and putting on jackets and coats on.
blair said…
Holy mother of artwork, it all looks so amazing Lisa...and you actually talk to me!

I'm feeling totally justified to go out and buy a new coat right now. I'm thinking tweed, bright, hmmmm...
lisa s said…
ok gwen... so you'll have to show us your coats when you get back to blogging, ok? and i NEED NO MORE! [please don't tempt me!] ps... i'm always sous chef too

hello lovly christine... i'm so glad you love that pink coat! [as do i!]

alicia.... yeah - that white fur trim one is pretty darn special... but that didn't make me stop

julie.... thank you!

gracia.... yeah you guys down there... you are all backwards from us... you'll be wearing summer dresses while i'm freezing! :)

ky! yup! and thank you.....

abby.... hope you are well... thank you for the kindness... i'll answer your questions in a seperate email, K?

shari... oh that red pendleton must have been fabulous! and if you get a new one - show us!!

liesl... thank you!!

natashca... those red hoops were such a score - i have boxes of those hoops in different sizes and colors... i loved them so much i couldn't stop buying them. and thank you so much for the kind words... [and i would almost buy that mink coat too... just b/c]

abigail --- thrifting comes in waves - and cycles... like i'll find only coats... or only shirts.... or....

risa.... aw... thanks! i'm always happy to talk about my process... so glad you guys want to hear it!

paula.... thank you for your words. i too think turning things into stitching endlessly fascinating. thread alters things in its very own way. i would LOVE to see the coats you make... i'm sure they will be stunning.

blair.... golly. you really have me blushing now! yes! tweed! [wait - i don't have a tweed coat... hmmmmm]

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