finding a path

path to where?

my oh my it's not a great week for the pets in the blogworld, huh? mav , shari , and kelly i'm sending well wishes for you and your loved furry ones!!

i was completely inspired the other day by this amazing post by gwen . her photos and description of how she found the abandoned house inspiring really hit a nerve with me.

in the way that only the internet can do... i then stumbled upon a few more moments of abandoned beauty. first this abandoned city in russia

and then... this photo by noah! . the beauty in the decay.... i then oohed and ahhed through his photos of the san francisco dump - check out both of the sets .... as well as the photos he's drawn on . i can't really pick a favorite they are all so incredibly dreamy.

so today i started the next installtion at after modern . i painted two 4 post beds on the corner of a wall. thankfully i like it and that part is done. frankly it's all the wall painting i can muster for a spell. i realize that i am reaching my limit... thank goodness i have a couple more weeks before i have to teach. if i started next week i think i'd literally be a zombie at the head of the class - mumbling some incoherent nonsense about hoping for happy accidents and finding motivation with-in and from-out....

one more thought.... bara has started to post some of her thoughts on poetry. i'm moved by how her response to "good" poetry is similar to mine with the visual.... also i'm excited to be schooled in poetry by someone so passionate about the subject. it's always something i've admired from afar and never dared to delve into. she is giving me courage.

ok friends... i will start to share some of this new art soon... promise.... and i've responded to comments again [sorry i slacked on that for the last couple of posts]


maditi said…
good luck with the painting :)
I just love your links: noah´s work is so amazing - as are gwen´s story and photos on that house!!
wendy said…
love the abandoned, fortotten things..when nature begins to take back...I have photos from the south where nature is taking over the cars, building...roads and signs to nowhere.
good luck with the install!
julie said…
your links are great and Noahs work is amazing!!! Love the picture of the mattresses.
Im also so into the idea of decay and time at the moment..
dying to see your installations!! xxx
bugheart said…
when i think
of you,
i think of
a slacker...
heesch lisa
you are installing
a million shows
how could
YOU be a slacker!?
you are just too
i was bouncing
around to all
your great links
i almost
to comment...
i am all
oogley over
noah's photos-
you know
i would
be crazy for them...
i feel so
can't wait
to see
your shows
i might
die from
so much
and inspiration!
blair said…
Lisa, I love the way the photo illustrates your thoughts in this post. Hope you kitty (and everyone elses) are doing okay. xo
Kelly said…
Your email made my day, I read it on my partners laptop as I was watching the bunnies frolick outside. I just realized how wonderful the world is and how much better my world is because the internet- how odd, that I could go on something that should 'isolate' me only to feel so much more connected.
You are a pile of projects and accomplishments. I'm so jealous of all your art students!
briana said…
Oh baby, oh baby, oh... Catching up on 3 weeks of blog posts here - I've been overwhelmed with creativity (the great blessing/curse cundrum) and holed up in the studi (aka my livingroom) working. Your *path* photo just resinated with me so strongly... as do your words.

As always.

I'm just heartbroken over Moe - a million kisses floating up the coast to both of you.
melissa said…
thanks for the links to the fantastic photos- I especially loved the tour around the abandoned city in Russia... lots to think about...
pat said…
The Russian city is a haunting and yet fascinating scene! I look forward to seeing some of the art you are putting up for display in your shows this fall.....

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