puppies, good mail, good thrift oh my!


can you stand it??? it's dot ! my friend rori's new little frenchie pup. she is VERY funny. likes to hop around and kiss and burry under her blankie.... my friend rori, by the way, runs paper monkey press a very cool letterpress shoppe in berkeley.

i am so so so procrastinating. i should be working on my syllabi for next quarter. but since they might be screwing around with my schedule i don't want to put in all the work until i know what classes i'm teaching for sure. sigh. i think i have post show syndrome too. i pretty much just want to curl up with a book and do nothing. not very practical i'm afraid.

until i have install shots i'll tease you with all the good mail i've received of late:

from abee

anytime anything comes with annie's return address i know i'm in for a treat. polaroid from cony island [she and wendy are doing a photo crawl there. you can join them if you are so lucky. where is my teleporter??] ... polaroid of her nifty dollies.... amazing vintage buttons [i want to frame that as a piece of art]... a great catalogue of a new to me artist Fanny Brennaman . they are miniature [love #1] paintings of slightly surreal images often containing something of the domestic [love #2].

from operation paper-cut

erin posted about her digital camera breaking a few weeks ago. i've admired her stuff for sometime and so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to help a gal out! you can get your own stuff from her shop .

from the small object

i have loved sarah's stuff for so so long and never took the plunge to get anything. i couldn't resist the stamp and the iron-on patches.... someday maybe i'll get lucky enough to spot and buy a clothespin peep [they sell out in like seconds - at least the ones i want always do]

from nichola

such an amazingly made bag and cute tape measure from nichola . oh how i love it! i think it may become my new camera bag... it's padded... the perfect size.... woo hoo! i think i got the better end of this deal... see what i sent her here

a good day thrifting

in my effort to procrastinate today i went thrifting. it was quite a good day. all the above for $8. notes on the above here

fern green

also procrastinated by finally wrapping and sending these little gifts. contents to be revealed here after their arrival down under

and since i couldn't possibly not show you one of my own pets... tonka would like to say hello!

what are you looking at?

see you all soon [phew - did you make it through all that??]


Shari said…
oh the little frenchies! so so cute. and your mail. oooh la la. you must have a magical mailbox. xoxo shari
ps: what'cha reading now? bookclub?!
pps: jen garrido hits durham friday at the branch! wish you could go with me. :)
wendy said…
love that photo of tonka...how can you resist those eyes!! (and I have a soft spot for frenchies...they always make me think of rabbits?)
love all your mail goodies, plus your thrifted goodies...lovely lovely.
(and your camera rocks - love all your photos)
blair said…
I'd scream over a mail week like that! I've been trying to get my hands on one of those clothespin peeps of Sarah's too, are you and I over-clicking each other to get one of those?? : )

That last picture kills me...I wanna puppy so bad right now, you have no idea!
maditi said…
hello to tonka and hello to all your beautiful new things :)
ohh, and I want a puppy too ...
julie said…
Oh yes..made it to the end...you are so teasing us ..not fair!!!
But what wonderful mail and lucky Gwen this week too!! Love the little plates you thrifted!
And finally the gorgeous pic of Tonka perfectly ends the post xx
Abigail said…
Oh what a post of goodness!!....so glad that you have it all, after the hard work and stress of the last few weeks....enjoy a bit of a rest, procrastinate all you want....you will feel like getting back to it soon!
...either that or you just become a professional thrifter, which wouldn't neccesarily be a bad thing with all your luck ;))))

Yes, the pooches are pulling at my heartstrings too! -- oh how I want a pup :(

anyway...almost friday! sending hugs, xox

{note: I got in again!! -- just disabled the pop-up blocker and hey-presto!}
Listoria said…
oh those faces!! what little darling doggies! i just want to hug them and kiss them and play (i love little dogs!)

bugheart said…
what goes
you send lovely
and you
get lovely
is so wonderful!
nichola's bags
are so wonderful...
and padded!!!
i need to get myself
a cool
camera bag
(instead of
it in
my knitting)...
that tonka
so cute!
Funky Finds said…
talk about a post full of fabulousness! love the pups. such adorable faces :) and the mail...lovely! and i love paper monkey press. i wish that was my company!! LOL
ashb said…
Oh wow! Look at those puppy faces! They are so cute and squeezable ;)

What awesome trades you did! You send the coolest stuff!
I love all that cool stuff you sent from the thrift store, those christmas ornaments were awesome!

I'm still amazed by your bug tags for bugheart!

hugs to you!
Lisa | eots said…
Oh my, yes, so much goodness, and you're such a sweet and appreciative recipient!

Definitely skip the syllabi writing and curl up with a book instead. Artemisia? ;)
risa said…
wow! cute puppies and amazing mail. does life get any better?
simple me said…
puppies, mail and thrifting. I'm happy that you are treating yourself.
I'm also curious about your reading and definitely just get yourself in the curl up somewhere confortable and immerse yourself in a story.
jenifer74 said…
ohh, my peep from sarah is one the way; first one & i'm so thrilled! i have those awesome iron ons too!

good thrift scores!
Kelly said…
How can I leave this post uncommented on when such a cute face like tonka stares up at me. And those lovely packages, lucky girl. Enjoy them, they look like a lot of fun.
And doing nothing can be o-so-good.
dani said…
i'm so jealous, everything here looks soo so good. lucky whoever downunder...
poppy said…
everytime i see a frenchie now i think of you! how lucky for rori too! so cute!

and nice thrift finds. oh to go thrifting in with you!
andrea said…
great bag and oh wow--- you weren't kiddin about the good thrifting. nice haul! xo
lisa s said…
shari.... i just finished the god of small things...and YES bookclub! we have a book, yes? i'll post about that on monday too! i so wish i could go to jen's show w/ you!

wendy - yup - rabbits and frogs.... and thanks for liking the photos!

blair.... mmm hmmmm bet we are working against each other on those peeps. we need to stratagize! i hope a pup is in your future

yours too maditi!

julie.... sorry. i sometimes am a tease... can't help it!

abigial - i WISH i could be a pro thrifter. how cool would that job be?? and i hope a pup is in your future too!!

hi tiffany... yeah - they are pretty irresistable. :)

gwen - right back at you w/ the goes around comes around bit....

funky finds... yeah PMP is fantastic! she does great great work!

ash - i'm so flattered you like the bug tags! :) they were fun to make for miss gwen... hugs back!

lisa\eots - how can i not be appreciative of that loot! i finished artemesia and so i read the god of small things... sad but really really good - did you finish? what did you think of artemesia?

jennifery... oh you are lucky! i love those iron ons!

kelly... doing nothing is the best thing right now! like luxury!! tonka would definitely kiss you back

dani.:) you could be lucky too!! :)

jan - hee hee.... i'd LOVE to go thrifting with you - if you ever get down here - it's a DATE!

andrea... xoxoxoxo so nice to see you here - makes me giddy - missed you so!

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