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matidi posted a beautiful rose polaroid today.... so this is my response to that ! it was taken a while back when i met mati in san fran... you can see a few others here

edit :: i forgot to mention ky is hosting a music swap if anyone is interested !!

i just mopped my kitchen floor. ugh. i wish there was a way to snap your fingers and have that done. our whole house could use a cleaning and re-organizing. it's on my wish list... as is a new kitchen with a dishwasher.... a new bathroom [this is actually becoming a necessity as things continue to break in ours].... the outside of the house painted [brown and red.... mmmm].... but i digress.... these are not inspiring things. these are everyday realities....

hoping for happy accidents [a fav] posted about this store in london which i would love to shop at.... labour and wait . i think i love almost everything they have.

and now i'm off to the studio... i have a bit of gocco printing to do... i owe a shower gift to a bloggy friend . 1/2 is done.... 1/2 to be printed. speaking of printing.... 2 new shirt designs are on the way too.... as well as a re-stock on the pink on brown springbird.... and who knows what else i'll throw up there.... and / or take down

and a small moe update :: she has been eating pretty regularly [i think fancy feast tuna is her favorite. this is funny because she NEVER would touch canned food before. only kibble]. she is still hanging out and purring with us and for that i am grateful. each extra day seems like a blessing.

oh! tomorrow is the opening of NOSTALGIA at after modern from 5-8pm. if you come - please say hello if i don't already know you.... i have to figure out what to wear. oy! what do i wear??


Tracy said…
lovely shot

have fun tomorrow night! will be thinking of you...
bugheart said…
oh how
i love your
have fun
at your
i could
lisa said…
you could wear a sack and you'd look pretty.
maditi said…
have fun at the opening!! you´ll look lovely with whatever you wear!!
and I adore your flowers - thank´s for the response ;)
julie said…
Your flowers are beautiful as are maditi's!! I love your polaroids girls!!!!!!
blue...wear blue! Enjoy.
Some purry kisses for Moe and you :) xxx
julie said…
oh..i forgot to say..thank you for your great advice on the art classes!!!
Karen said…
I agree with Lisa. You'd make anything look fab. Really great news about Moe. If she's only eating wet food, try also the Wellness brand. The Salmon has stuff like brown rice, flax seed, blueberries, zuchini and lots of vitamins...That's what my little honey eats when she does eat wet food...
blair said…
Man I'd love to be at that opening, really love it! I'll be thinking of you.

I just saw that kozyndan have shown at that gallery, we know them. and the world gets smaller.... xo
gracia said…
Hey there Lisa, have a great opening... & wish I could pop across and see the exhibition in person.
take care, g
(Happy news about Moe too... our guys love fancy feast tins.)
louise said…
Good luck for the opening, hope it all goes ace for you... re house repairs, ever since I saw the Harry Potter movie I've been very jealous of the Weasleys ability to clean and cook with the wave of a magic wand. Now ever time I'm faced with household jobs I mutter "where's the magic wand now!"
see you, lj
dani said…
cheers with the opening!
love love love that image!
ditto about the house, repairs, renovations needed...add to that our tax for the last 2 years which is hanging over my head.
good to hear moe's on the rise.
wendy said…
hope the opening went well, I am sure it looked fabulous!!
glad that moe is eating and hanging out!
shash said…
hey lisa,
hope the opening was fun. i am hoping to make the one next saturday. kisses to moe.
shash said…
shoot. just realized i had my dates of your shows all confused. (i guess this is what being unemployed does to me.) well, i'm definitely going to stop by the aftermodern one some time. and then maybe make it to another opening.
alyssa said…
I hope your show went well. I love what I saw on the gallery's site. Such cool mediums! Watercolor and vellum; I've never thought or tried that before, brilliant. I love the red bed piece.
mati rose said…
i hope your showing went well my dear! thanks for the mention above... lovely gerbers.
lisa s said…
hi tracy! thanks

gwen... i wish you could go too!

ha ha lisa.... i'm going to wear a sack someday and we'll see about that!

maditi... ah...thank you for the inspiration!

thanks julie... you are so sweet

karen.... thanks for the tip... hubby has also been getting a/d - it's a special vitamin protein enriched food!

blair... smaller and smaller... thanks! i wish you were here too!

hi gracia thank you!! i wish you could pop over too [as i'd love to do so to see your owls as well]

louise.... yes - the magic wand! where is mine?!?!

hi dani... thank you dear!

wendy.... xoxo

hi shash - would be happy to have you come to anything!

alyssa... thanks! FYI - special vellum - called duralar - takes the wet mediums... other vellum buckles... yuck! thanks for the kind words

mati... :)

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