ask wenders and you shall receive


ok wendy for you.... she asked to see my lists.... not really exciting, but... here they are!

quick quick... have a very special visitor this weekend... i'm sure i will get to hear many many good tales.... but it means i'll be a bit absent the next few days....

so... don't forget ash is posting on ship of fools today. i can't wait to read what she says. i'm loving the complexity and beauty of this book!

and because i can't resist:
secret pals

i think tonka and chini are secretly friends - but they don't want us to know about it. i caught them like this the other night. my guess is that when they are sure we are asleep they are snuggling like bugs in a rug!

have a great weekend!


laurie said…
wow! you ARE a list keeper, aren't you? ;)

p.s. adorable photo of the ptes.
wendy said…
I L O V E that photo. I am a huge fan of lists. When I am in the throws of a large project...I throw up a big piece of kraft paper and tape it up to the wall.
love your different they mean different things?
have a great weekend and thank you for that photo!!!
julie said…
Lovely colourful lists they are too!! I wouldnt expect anything less from organised person you!!!
have a great weekend lovely...such a sweet photo to start it off xxx
pat said…
My goodness! Do you keep ALL of those lists going AT THE SAME TIME?!? WHEW, I get exhausted just thinking about the prospect of managing all of that. You are AMAZING, girl! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your visit this weekend and pass along a good story or two, eh?I think animals have their very own communications with each other that us humans cannot even begin to fathom.
ashb said…
aahh! what a cute pic of your babies! Isn't funny how animals don't like their owners to know they like one another?! My two cats do that all the time, they are so like, " don't sniff me like that right now, mom is watching!!"

Hope your having a great weekend!

bugheart said…
i am
a sucker
for list-making...
yours are
your beautiful
and plots
new ideas...

tonka is
so photo-
have the
Daphne said…
so many lists, I would go crazy! very special make me curious :) have fun! very nice picture of your loved ones, I bet too they snuggle up!! *Daphne
Nicole said…
Lists....terrifying :)

Oooh I love little Tonka and Chini! Sweet.
lisa said…
i heart tonka.
hannah said…
secret snuggles??? couldt be cuter than if they were outright cuddling.
poppy said…
secret friends - (such a great thought - and so cute together!)
Anonymous said…
Those faces are so irresistable! Thank you for sharing that picture - oh, super sweet!


Anonymous said…
hi lisa-
i am a big list maker too and just like wendy i put a big piece of kraft paper up on my wall. :) the bigger, the better.
hope you've checked some things off.

tonka+chini=complete and utter cuteness.
xxoo shari
abee said…
lists make me happy even if I never manage to cross everything off them. I always get a kick out of finding an old list and seeing what I thought was important "back then"!

tonka and chini...swoon :)

xo, bee
gracia said…
Ahh, bug snuggling fur pets - love!
Lists, lists, list on paper - another love...
take care, g
louise said…
Hi there Lisa,
Your colourful paper lists look beautiful and busy. I hope you have been able to check a few things off over the weekend.
Cheers, LJ
anne said…
hi lisa,

thanks for coming by my blog yesterday:) you really are some ball-jugler with those lists. i would feel terriefied and sleepless with these! hope, that by now some things were resolved. again, sending you confidence & strong nerves!
Ky said…
oh how terribly sweet, tonka and chini......makes my heart smile =)
lisa s said…
hi laurie ! tis true... i keep lists! glad you like the pets....

hi wenders.... the different colors are mostly so i can see... but sometimes i color code projects or thoughts together!

hi julie... xo

pat - they are not always that bad! and yes... at the same time. must....

ash... yeah - tonka esp. he's a don't want mom/dad to see this type of guy.

hi joy- tonka hearts you

gwen.... it's not fair how photogenic tonka is, huh?

hi daphne... the lists keep me from going crazy.... :D

hi nicole!!

lisa... tonka misses you!

hannah - i do have one pic of them snuggling - i caught them before they realized!

hi jan - isn't is sweet... i can only hope it's true

tiff - glad you liked it!

hi sweet shari... i wish i had the space for that kraft paper list!

abee... i like the "back then" check! heh heh

gracia... show us your lists?

louise... a few... but must get to more

anne - my pleasure! thanks for the confidence! all is welcome!

hi ky! how are you??? i'm glad tonka and chini make you smile!

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