drawing a day ~ week 51

drawing a day ~ week 51

ONE WEEK. holy cow. a year. big changes and little changes. one thing is for sure... time marches on. this week felt very concise. what you see is what you get. next week is black.

telling stories

i got to spend the whole day friday with miss gwen . we started our day at the de young checking out the gee's bend quilts. they are just stunning in person. i was so glad gwen was there to try and peek at the backsides with me.... and we discovered our favorite quilter was loretta pettway. there were MANY pettway's in the show - and they had great names.... but loretta has an innate sense of composition that got me EVERY TIME [and she said she hated sewing]. i could not get over the wonky edges and the use of materials and the stains and the love that these quilts embodied.... oh and from gwen's grub i learned that the de young as a bulding is BRUTALIST ! [which in a nutshell means you have a hard time determining a sense of scale]

we then went around town thifting.... she has a fantastic eye. i wish she lived out here so we could go shopping together all the time [although it could be very dangerous....]. heck i wish she lived out here period.

we ended our day at lisa's ... where shash stopped by... it is so so exhilertating to be in a room with these women [not to leave you out grub - you are fantastic too!]. they have style, they have grace, they have taste.... and they are FUNNY!!

gwen lisa margaret

from bugheart

gwen also made me a bag for my birthday. um yeah wow. pink w/ a hippo. and i have to say - this year was pretty swell in the gift department. if you haven't peeked - check out some gifts on flickr .

trying to gear up for the opening of "geographic premonitions" at the richmond art center on saturday. it's a really long one.... and i also agreed to be on a panel discussing art on thurs. the 19th there. yes i might be crazy.

i'm also trying to organize and photograph new t-shirt and stationary designs for underdog ink . stay tuned.... i'm dreaming of having an intern.... or a robot.... or a stunt double. yes i need a stunt double....

and if you didn't know already stephanie moved her blog - it's like a step over a crack.... go reset your bloglines or goggle reader or whatever, K?


sarah said…
that's it... an intern, yes! i need one too please, i love week 51 lisa and i can't believe there is only one week left...
Karen said…
Happy Monday, Lisa!

I can't believe it's almost been a year.

Say "yes" to the intern. I interned during my college days and it was always a really good experience and helped me get closer to what I wanted to do...

Gonna go check your Flickr to check out your goodies...
Shari said…
um, i'll be your intern!! :)

your day with gwen sounds so so fun. aren't the quilts of gees bend amazing?! t and i went for my birthday in atlanta and i could just have stood there in one spot taking them in all around me!

looking forward to new underdog designs.
are you ready for book club? xo s
Shari said…
ps: love the drawings. one week to go!
trudesign said…
That's amazing that you have done that for almost a year. I've enjoyed watching it evolve every week.
ashb said…
Ha! I'm with Shari, can we both be your interns?!
That would be like the best job ever!

I bet you and gwen had a blast & I love the bag she made for you and Lisa C! so cute

Also Shari and I briefly talked about creating a blog for the bookclub, she may have already mentioned this to you, so sorry if your reading something you already know but we wanted to know what you thought? It could be a ton of fun to have a place just for the latest read ya know!

Let us know whatcha think ;)

julie said…
Lots and lots of loveliness today..love your drawings, they made me smile this morning!
And Gwen...i can so imagine how much fun you had together :)
Have a great week xxx
Marieke said…
What a lovely set of drawings again! They are delicate, extremely tasteful - wonderful! Oh yes, how great would an assistant be :-)
joy madison said…
the flag one is AMAZING!!!!! I adore adore adore it!!!! I might need to make one of my own I love it so much! I love the look of garland like that, and have been planning on making some for my house. I love it!
gracia said…
Oh, yes! I need a stunt double too...
And bring on the black.
take care, grache
pat said…
so much to comment on:

I have really enjoyed your drawing a day series. Will you continue?

Spending time with friends is such a boost to one's spirits!

The gifts are full of loving attention to you and your tastes.

Those who know you must feel blessed, my girl!
wendy said…
I am a little sad to see them go. I love the dollie one...as always...can you get an intern. That would rock. I am sure you could get a college student. You have so much to teach....
good luck with your last week of drawings...glad you had some great gifts and time with friends!
hannah said…
hip hip to fun blog friend visits! let us know if you get that robot prototype working...
risa said…
i love this weeks drawing...and those are fantastic photos...i love the one with gwen moving. beautiful.
bugheart said…
i'm back!
i wish i lived there too.
but i'll be back soon!
i am dangerous-
i am a total
thrift shopping enabler.
did you keep the coat?
thanks for taking
so much time
to hang out
with me...
it was the highlight
of the trip!
ladylinoleum said…
That's so cool that you all had a fantabulous time! Blogging is the best way to meet those of like minds. Yay!
natalie said…
only one week left?! I can't believe it - time has flown by...It has been so great to see your 'drawings a day' and I will miss them

This week's are lovely, I love the colours and the doilly in space! and black next week seems like a great choice to finish on

Can I be your intern? (only half joking) I will take doillies and chocolate as payment!

N x
poppy said…
one week to go - wow - that is so amazing! looking forward!

i wish i could be your shopping partner, intern, student....
LALA dex press said…
I love the hands in the top right drawing. Hands (+ feet) have always been my drawing downfall.
lisa s said…
sarah - i wish i had an intern dispensery

karen - it's hard for me... i've had a few students interested, but my studio is so private - it has to be the right person... you guys... you guys i know and trust - would be so cool

shari - i WISH you were my intern [although you are overqualified!] xoxo

trudesign... thanks so much

ash - ditto what i said to shari!!

julie... gwen was really fun to hang out with - i have to say - every person i've met blog wise has been fantastic

pat - i feel blessed... and i don't think i'll continue a drawing a day - but the series definitely started me on some paths that i want to continue on

wendy.... i probably could get an intern, but it's got to be the right person.... so hard

hannah - definitely on the robot prototype!

hi risa!! thank you!!

gwen... i sent the coat off today.... :) it was hard - but i think she'll use it way more than me. hanging out w/ you was fantastic. please come back

regina.... WE have to meet!!

natlatie - you are HIRED! doilies and chocolate no problem [but you are overqualified too].... um can you teleport to my studio on friday??

jan.... ME TOO....... so much... when do WE meet???

lala.... those hands are xerox transfered... i didn't draw them :) it's funny that you say that though, b/c i had my students draw hands and feet last week....
daphne said…
I see a doily, I see a doily...just one more week, one more drawing (well 5) are you already starting to miss it? I do...

love the second motion picture...
andrea said…
ooooooh, I was wondering when you were going to get to see the quilts of gee's bend... I favored loretta pettiway's pieces as well... and yes, the composition! I couldn't get enough, the way the squares and lines and patterns jumped around, the resourcefulness... so magnificent.

and your drawings! the one with the flags is making me so happy right now.

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