drawing a day ~ week 52 ~ the end

drawing a day ~ week 52 ~ the end!

belive it or not i've completed my year of drawings. so strange to be done. it was really nice to end with black as i felt it really emphasized the line quality of the thread itself. i think i'll show some of them in the upcoming show at mira costa college in oceanside. i have to think about how i might curate a series out of them. a few weeks... specific imagery... ??? a couple of people have suggested making them into a book. i really love that idea, but not sure how feasible it is to self publish a 260+ page book... anyone have a thought on that??

the opening on sat. went well. one kid kept running up to my wall attempting to jump on the floor platform. his mom kept saying you can't do that - and he kept saying but i want to TOUCH it.... there was a doily right at his head level... in a way i found that to be the ultimate compliment.

and now for some random tidbits:

a photo that i took of some rosemary was just included in a photo essay on this old house.com

kokeshi book from lisa congdon
this book from sweet lisa congdon is high on my inspiration list this week!

new pens
these pens that wenders turned me onto arrived today! i got them here

i have a few more lovely gifties to show you.... but i'm saving those for next time.... hope you all had a great monday!


wendy said…
I will miss your drawings so much and I think you finished so strong! The crows, the black dollie, the circles, the end, the pinecone...I don't think I can pick a favorite this week...they are all so very fabulous.

(I love those pens too!)
abby said…
Wow, that is so amazing, lisa. You are awesome, your drawings are awesome, and I think a book of them would sell and be lovely. I wish you luck with that and hope to see it all come together for you.
thanks for sharing with us all, you are a huge inspiration and a positive influence on us all. THanks and congrats!
trudesign said…
Congratulations on being done, I've very much enjoyed following your weekly drawings. What an awesome accomplishment.
bugheart said…
oh wow-
and can i say
i am wild,
simply wild
the idea of making
it into a book...
a small run book
with some
written sections
about the process
and how it
the year...
it would sell
like hotcakes
it would!
one black bird said…
"I look for art and I make it
from the familiar and the ordinary,
so nobody will notice,
be forwarned,
have time to take an attitude,
be forwarned,
rather they will be surprised,
by something inexplicable
by experience, by an intimation,
without the art situation
or it's hallmarks,
they invent it for themselves,
see,not just look."

Anu Tuominen

Thank YOU Lisa, for inspiring us to "see."
my favorite drawings yet! i love them all so much...i probably say that every time but they just keep getting better.

doesnt it feel great to complete something this big?? 52 weeks is a long time- way to be committed!

oh yeah, i definitely have to check out those pens.
joy madison said…
so lovely lisa! I can't believe that its been a year! you are such an inspiration!
julie said…
This is one of my favourite sets...so beautiful and strong..im with Gwen on the book idea!!!
And the story about the boy trying to touch a piece of you is kind of magical...
sarah said…
i'm feeling a little bit sad that this is the last week, such beautiful drawings to finish what has been an amazing 52 weeks... thank-you for sharing your wonderful project with us lisa, you are an inspiration xxx
Abigail said…
Lisa..I am so proud of you - what an amazing body of work to have completed!....so amazing - you rock!!

Yes, love the idea of the book too...maybe if you exhibited the whole lot somewhere as a big-ass solo show {!!}...you could have a catalogue/book made to accompany? They are so wonderful all together...a rainbow riot of beauty!!

conrgats again my dear! hugs! xx
pat said…
congrats from me, too, on a year's worth of disciplined creativity....a book of them would be fascinating!
Anonymous said…
what an accomplishment! i really love this last set. the crows, the pinecone, the end! wow. i LOVE the book idea too. i think it would be amazing to flip through from week one all the way to the end!

love your new colorful pens. looking forward to more drawings! xoxo shari
Karen said…
One year!!! You're such a star and inspiration, Lisa. Keep them coming! I really love the picture with the crows...
stephanie said…
wow, congratulations! i agree that black is a great way to end. this week's drawings are really striking.

could you make a book with a few drawings to a page? have you seen blurb.com for self-publishing?
ashb said…
Congrats! Lisa ;) I am all for you turning it into a book. You could write about what inspired you at that time or what you feel when you look at a particular drawing. I think it would awesome, I'd want one!

plus, great goodies you received! hugs to you!
natalie said…
the book idea is fantastic!

thanks for the pen tip off

N x
poppy said…
HUGE CONGRATULATIONS! what an accomplishment! i bet it does feel strange yet enormously fulfilling to have completed! i wish i was a publisher - i'd eat that up in an instant!

i think a whole installation somehow of these would be amazing - some of polaroids of them, some of the real thing, some blown up onto walls; some in pages of books; others....hmmmmmmmm....
mav said…
how smashing!!!!!!!!!
you are done with this chapter. wow girl. that is amazing. hugs & kisses, mav
Meredith said…
lovely! what a wonderful project you've done. and i agree, the project kind of cries out to be made into a book. a book and an installation.

Daphne said…
CONGRATULATIONS!!! YEHHH for 52 weeks... I love black, so I couldn't be happier. The last 2 - the end and the doily are my favorites! There must be a way to show all of them...would be so nice to see them all in one room! So so so curious what your next thing will be :) *Daphne
gracia said…
And what a fitting finale! Ahh, the black - love.
Eagerly awaiting to see what you'll do with all or some of them... "oh, the possibilities!"
cheers, g
louise said…
Hi Lisa,
Congrats on the years worth of drawings, what an achievement!
Cheers, lj
blair said…
I will miss seeing the drawings (so will my sis-in-law- she was been watching them and they have inspired her greatly). It would be completely wonderful to have a whole book of them, to hold in my hands, so if that ever comes about, sign me up! xo
Liesl said…
What an accomplishment! Would love to hear how they changed your drawings or whether you learned something big from them. Any thoughts, looking back?
maditi said…
congratulations on one year creating beauty!! talented and disciplined - the best combination :)
shash said…
congrats (a bit late) on completing your project! and thanks so much for sharing it with us. i really like the book idea, but also feel like i'd want to see them on a wall. maybe both somehow?
andrea said…
yay yay YAY! 52 weeks!? you are an inspiration. congrats, my friend! xo
Elaine said…
i LOVE the photo of your pens. LOVE it! you should make that your new masthead. it is so striking.
mango said…
congratulations on finishing! These are wonderfull. I just found out about your project and have been looking at the archives for more. They are just wonderful.

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