in the fuzz

flowers {with a victorian feeling}

above is how i see and hear the world at the moment. my ears are so clogged i'm not sure what to do. this sick purgatory is for the birds man. not sick, not well... i wander around in a semi-fog of semi-exhaustion faintly recalling what it's like to hear, breathe, smell, taste normally. [all things i have been taking for granted. lesson learned!]

i'm on that edge. the edge of almost dropping all the balls i am juggling. i have lists with sub-lists and post-its attached. i have my ideal order of things to do and the reality check of how things will get done.

i have deadlines and trips and visitors all happening with-in days of one another. i have art to make, art to pack, art to pick up, art to ship.

sometimes i think being reliable and dependable is also for those birds. but i know i'd feel bad if i didn't do what i said i was gonna. maybe i should go the way of lisa and close the computer except for work stuff [i know that would never stick, but i can contemplate it]

to temper all this wallowing in my own self pity i do have a bit of good news! i was just offered a drawing class at another institution for spring semester. i won't say anything more until i have a contract in my hands, but i'm excited that i most likely won't have to take a break from teaching and that it's one class [so that maybe i can catch up], and that i know i'll have a bit of steady income in the months to come. thank you job gods....

and for your listening pleasure try these two tid bits:
cat power &
neko case both from morning becomes eclectic . neko's is particularly funny as she has a giggle fit at the start of a song....

have a good wednesday - i HAVE to find a good suitcase i can check in that is big enough to hold some art [ gwen - i should have bought that green one!!] and BTW - if you haven't read the comments to the art babble post - there are some really thoughtful responses there.... thank you!


wendy said…
I'll keep my fingers crossed for your contracts to be amazing! whew.
And I'll also will you some time fuzz so that you wont be as slammed (aka think good thoughts). good luck with the making-packing-shipping art train that you will be on.
and also hope you get better soon!

(how about a picture of those lists?)
carolyn said…
Hey sometimes when you don't feel well you need to take a day off. Hope you feel better soon.
anne said…
oh, that cold sounds really bad! wishing you rest and a peaceful mind :)

congrats on your "soon to be" contract! regarding your previous post, you seem to be a really good teacher. And less money-worries is always so good!
Anonymous said…
hi sweet lisa-
i'm so sorry that you are in sickness limbo. that's no fun!! but, i'm happy to hear that you will still be teaching. yay!

i cannot wait to hear the musical tidbits. two of my faves.

sending get well soon wishes your way!
xoxo shari
cindy said…
hi lisa,

i made a list yesterday, and quickly shoved it into my bag because it scared me. it was too long with deadlines so close. that's good news on the drawing class. yah! i'm going to send you an email, but make sure you take your time getting back to me... :),
i don't want to add to your list...
ambika said…
Not to be the equivalent of a kitten hanging from a branch poster, but the muddled times never last too long. And congrats on the class!
julie said…
oh my dear you need some pampering and chicken soup..hope you feel better very soon.
Great news on the job seems the job gods were looking after me too ;)...
mmmm, green suitcase.....
Anonymous said…
a friend would refer to your condition as sock-head. sleep lots of liquids and so on... be well!
lisa said…
i was where you are for the last two months straight and i am enjoying my new found bliss of no immediate deadlines...i wish you the best in getting there too. and my thoughts are with you!!
ashb said…
I'm sorry to hear of your nasty cold ;( those are no fun, so I'm sending you healing vibes, so your senses can return. Congrats though on the next teaching job,I know it will come thru for ya!
I love that pic, fuzzy beautiful!

briana said…
Sending you healthy thoughts - I'm a voilently ungreatful patient when under the weather - I'm sure you are much more charming.

Sending you an email shortly -

dani said…
oh lisa, hope this fog and clog lifts soon for you!!

and good luck with the class...

even when you're sick you're still able to produce such a fine image. i love it!!!

all the best to you
blair said…
Its times like this when it would be great if we could all come over and help in some way. Cause we would!

Feel better L, being sick always comes at the worst times.
Marieke said…
Good luck, Lisa. And don't worry if you let a ball or two drop!
bugheart said…
oh lisa...
i hope
you are
out of
sick purgatory
(i am also
in the same
on the new
teaching job-
i knew that
you are
too damn good
not to be
up by
another university!
don't buy a suitcase,
i just shipped you
the coat
in an extra
vintage green suitcase
i had...
it should be there
by monday.
abee said…
oh honeypie, hope you'll feel better soon. your polaroid has a wonderful fever-dream feel.

congrats on the teaching gig!! I look forward to hearing more about it when you've finalized things.

xo, bee

p.s. how sweet is gwen?
poppy said…
i feel for you...when it rains it pours. why does that always have to happen?
Kelly said…
Icky. That is just no fun. And frustrating. Heres to getting better, faster. And don't forget, if the balls drop, no one will die. Take a breath. Let your sniffles subside a bit. And then go find those balls- I'm sure you'll find they played well together while you were gone and are no worse for wear.
gracia said…
Hey there Lisa,
Oh, yes, I know that feeling, that feeling of "dropping all the balls i am juggling"...
I feel as though I am sitting on top of a giant jack-in-the-box, keeping the lid shut and if I move everything will explode and I'll not be able to shove all he components back into the container.
Here's to a release from sick purgatory soon...
see you, g
louise said…
Here's to a speedy recovery from sickness purgatory and congrats on the new job!
Cheers, lj
lisa s said…
hello friends! thank you so much for all the well wishes and good thoughts and permission to drop a few balls! i really took it all to heart!

and i'm almost totally better now... almost!

gwen... i can't belive it?!?!?! i'm so excited!!! thankyouthankyou sweet friend

and abee--- gwen is super sweet.... like you!
Daphne said…
oh I am so behind... still many well wishings and I hope this class-thing turnes out positive!! You see, it all becomes clear in time :) *D

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