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so... in case you missed mav's announcement when she was the guest blogger on design sponge i figured out a way to make nice prints of my polaroids and have decided to sell them in limited edition. all the info on what kind of print [dye sub] and the cost, framing options, etc. etc. is on polaroid page of my shop . and in case polaroids aren't your thing i've added a few fabric drawings and dipped dresses that i found around the studio too.

it's a BIT tricky to order the prints - i tried to make it as easy as possible, but you do have to visit my polaorid flickr account to get the name of the image you might like. this seemed like the only way to handle the increasing/changing images since i don't have a good inventory shopping cart [i'm working on that]. also - i'd like to extend the 15% discount to any bloggy/internet friends. just email me and i'll send you a separate invoice.

in other news ::
shari , ash and i have decided to make the book club more "official". the current book is the history of love by nicole krauss.... i'll announce the book club news on friday here....

and b/c today is all about the polaroid... one for the road

see you friday!


alyssa said…
I love your fabric prints and beeswax dresses. They are all so beautiful. Someday, I hope I will be able to buy one of your pieces. Until then it's nice to look and covet.
posy press said…
great news re: the polaroid prints & can't wait to see the details with the book club!
Anonymous said…
hi there. guess what? tomorrow, in my literacy through photography class they will be loaning out polaroids. we only get them for 2 days but i'm very excited to take photos!

can't wait to decide which print is the one for me. i'm putting it on my christmas list. xo s
wendy said…
oh to pick the polaroid...going to look through. And those dresses WOW...so beautiful.
your polaroids are amazing...love them...
Daphne said…
I see so many dreamy polaroids, they all transport me back into an other time...the colors are so 'soft'. loving it!!!
bugheart said…
your polaroids
all lined
up like that
in a
s e a
of polaroids!
but i am crazy for
your beautiful wax
and polka-dotted planes.
can we start
a band
by that name,
"polka-dotted plane"?
love it...
wish i could
have seen
your studio...
i am amazed
what you
keep finding
in there!!!
blair said…
Lisa, its about time to decided to share you polaroid images with us out here. They are always so gorgeous. I must try to rack up some paypal funds, I've already picked out my favorites. xo
julie said…
Lisa, how i love your polaroids..and the wax dresses and your figurines...Shari asked if there was a list of artists whose work we would like to own one day and you are on my list!!!!
I have to start saving..and wish i had time for bookclub!xxx
louise said…
Hi Lisa,
A nice selection of polaroids. Good luck with the printing process! Great idea about the limited editions.
Cheers, LJ
jenifer74 said…
ooo - i want in on the book club!
i love polaroids; my mister has been experimenting with them for years; taking them apart and putting things in them, multiple exposures...great fun!
maditi said…
how could I not love this post ;) perfect polaroids!!
oooh la la! i need to win the lottery so i can buy all of my blog friends lovely things. these are really great, lisa.
sarah said…
so hard to choose a favourite... excited to hear more about the bookclub :)
lisa s said…
alyssa - thanks so much. that is very kind of you

hey there posy... thanks!!!

shari - SO EXCITED! can't wait to see yours - and i'm honored to be on your x-mas list...

wendy.... thanks friend

thanks daphne!

polka-dotted planes would be a great band.... do you play anything gwen? :D next time you will come by the studio

hi blair. you are too kind....

julie... i'm so honored to be on your list. it really touches me!!

thanks louise!!!

jennifer - come on and join the book club. i have a friend that is really into polaroid transfers... i always oogle at hers!

maditi - xoxo

erin... :) i wish we could all win the lottery - wouldn't that be great?!

sarah.... i'm excited by the bookclub too!!
anne said…
I'm so excited for your polaroid adventure! I think (hope) this will encourage you to keep taking more (and more!) polaroids. Did you hear that there's a new sx-70 film coming out???
andrea said…
your polaroids are so fantastic, lisa.

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