s l o w down

hint of fall

the light late yesterday was just so gorgeous. here comes fall. it's really here.

so many of my students have been sick. and this morning i awoke with a tickle in my throat and feeling a bit wobbly. i'm going to keep this post short as i think i should just go lay down and try to think good thoughts about not getting sick [and take some oregano oil - do you guys know this trick? it kills bacteria/fungi and has prevented many a full blown sickness in my life!]

but before i concentrate on wellness.... 1. THANK YOU all so so much for the kind kind comments [and for those of you that posted about it: jan and kelley !!] regarding the drawing a day series being finished. you can see the whole series of them here and i'm working toward getting them all on my website. if you are feeling really adventurous you can watch the set as a slide show ... i'm not going to respond to each of you in the comments because it would just be thank you thank you thank you.... liesl asked a great question, though - and i will address it once my head isn't so foggy.

2. big thank you to christine who sent me such a perfect b-day gift. i coordinated my outfit to match it on tues! it's so perfect for me i can't stand it!!


3. big thank you also to camilla . her package arrived after what felt like the longest day ever.... it was wrapped amazingly as well [but i couldn't wait to take a picture - i just had to open it....] LOOK:


camilla - yours is a bit closer to being airborne.... i promise some extra sweets thank you for your patience... and i'll give you a tiny little hint....
in progress

ok. i think that's about all the excitement i can handle... see you friday when shari will be posting for the book club . be well all


bugheart said…
i think
i am first!
oh yes
fall and
the light
has been
you take care
of yourself-
i'll have to try
that oregano trick
are little
bags of
lovely prizes
julie said…
Beautiful autumnalness and pressies..love the horses Lisa!!
Hope that cold doesnt catch up with you..take care xxx
ooh i have never heard of this oregano trick...how much do you take? i would love to try it (but i hope i dont have to for a while!).

i hope you are feeling better soon. i hate when i can tell that im getting sick and then i realize "if i get sick then this and that will all be pushed back by yadda yadda days"...ugh.

you have been getting some wonderful gifts! i LOVE that necklace.
wendy said…
I have been battling the tickle in my throat for a couple weeks now. With gargles of warm water and vineger and rescue remedy, but it is lingering...wonder how the oregeno would help.
Your gifties are amazing...Is that a camilla original...it is beautiful!
and lastly those photos........they take my breath away!
pat said…
what WONDERFUL things you exchange with your blogging friends!! I hope your olive oil treatment works. My loved one has taught me that airborne every 2-3 hours for a day or two keeps those almost gettting sick symptoms from blossoming into something more serious!
Anonymous said…
hi lisa,
i do hope you are feeling better this morning. i didn't know about the oregano oil trick. thanks for sharing. your new necklace is so cute and camilla's art is amazing. i'm about to sit down with a second cup of coffee to watch your drawings in the slide show. yay!
xoxo shari
Anonymous said…
on my way to the slide show too. some thoughtful respite - and a reminder to go s l o w. (thank you!)
blair said…
oh dear. Take care of yourself. you know, I'm feeling a bit craggy too. I've been pounding the airborne all day, but now I'm going to get some oregano oil, how do you use it, just drop it in your mouth.

Too jealous to comment on those presents...
Austen G. said…
lovely photos..those leaves, that necklace, the art! so great. hope you managed to chase that cold away. cheers!
Daphne said…
...amazing deep orange color leaves...I see leaves all around but this color is so rich, and then against that blue background..Wauw! i'll try that oregano oil tip, take care *d
dani said…
love the autumn photo!!!! stunning

and your presents are to die for. wow, enjoy!!!
Kelly said…
Oregano oil...hmmm...I must try that. I usually go for the vitamin C tablets and take them every four hours and drink gatorade up the wazoo. Hope you caught the bug before it caught you! I'm in the second week of being sick, and my docs dont know what it is, some sort of mono like virus :P I'm so in love with the 52 week project, its perfect.
laurie said…
mmm... those leeves are lovely!

p.s. a belated congratulations on finishing your drawing-a-day project. go you!
lisa s said…
hi gwen... xo - you must try the oregano oil!!! it really works!

hi julie... i'm so happy you like my t-shirt! thanks for the well wishes...

erin - EXACTLY!!

wendy - yes - i am lucky to have a camilla original. so very very lucky! try the oregano oil - a couple of drops in water... but BE WARE - it's nasty stuff - have a chaser....

pat... airborne doesn't seem to help me.... so i use zinc lozenges and oregano oil....

hi shari! ooohhh second cup of coffee sounds so good.

hi tracy. need the s l o w reminder more often i think!

blair.... i'm so glad it worked for you... :)

hi austen... thank you for commenting!

daphne... hi!!

dani... thanks! [i know - good pressies for me.... :)]

oh kelly - your sickness sounds awful. i'm sure having to go to school doesn't help! be well!! and thanks for the kindess on the drawings

hey laurie - i thought of your leaf/sky photos after i took mine :)

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