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first things first.... i'd like to all welcome you to shari and ashley and my new book club blog. ship of fools . go check it out if you are so inclined. [and ashley has some GIANT news on her blog! so exciting!!]

while driving home yesterday after what felt like the longest day teaching - the word "shift" kept rolling around in my brain. i am really liking my drawing class and yesterday i tried to get them to shift their perspectives. i asked them to ONLY draw the negative space in a still life - not outline what they actually see. usually there are 1 or 2 for whom this is actually EASY - but for everyone else it's a stuggle. what excatly IS negative space when one object butts against another - how do you move from one section of negative space to the next? there is always the student who is SO fearful of making a bad drawing that they take no risk. even though i assure them that it's not a "good" drawing that i'm after. and yesterday i had the pouty student. the one who didn't really get the assignment and because they are naturally talented and have always been able to draw well they get frustrated and shut down. my job is to attempt to get them to re-focus and actually do the assignment. part of me wants to just yell at the top of my lungs - you are SO LUCKY to be able to spend 3 hours drawing today. i won't have 3 hours to draw today. it's a luxury. enjoy it! of course there are those that struggle and struggle and then voila! all of a sudden something clicks and that SHIFT has been made.

i have been thinking alot about what i might need to shift and change in my life, in my work, in my studio, in my brain.... [big things and small things]. i think part of this is surfacing because i'm unsure what i'm going to be doing after Jan. 1st for a job job. i have plenty of jobs, but i always like to have something steady so i have an idea of what my income will be.... and i don't have that lined up right now. and that is nervewracking. but i am trying not to focus on that. i have things to grade, stores to update, websites to build, artwork to make, applications to get out [one due monday!], gardens to weed.... [need i continue?]. yesterday mav was talking about life being like chapters in a book. i like that metaphor very much.

so - if you are local and have nothing to do on saturday - come to the the richmond art center from 4 to 8pm. i'll be there and you can see the new doily installtion. i'll post pics of the show soon....

and if you are curious - above is the yellow fire alarm box at the macarthur BART station. i used to pass it every day when i worked in SF. i loved it. and never photo'd it. got to that finally!

have a great weekend!


hannah said…
wow wow about ashley! thanks for sharing your book club with us, looking forward your thoughts. oh shift... we have been shifting for three years. not too much fun. things have a way of working out though, dont they?
Anonymous said…
Hi sweet Lisa, loved these interesting. i remember the big click when i was in art class in high school...i suddenly got it!!! and i still have the painting from that moment!!!but i often doubt myself as an artist...
I wish we could meet up and have an in-depth discussion on art and life!! You do so much and are so inspiration - im sure you will complete the puzzle without any problem by 1st Jan.
I also like the idea of life being made of chapters...
To great new chapters and a great weekend xxx
jenny vorwaller said…
oh what a post about ashley! thats amazing! :)* about new books? :))
Daphne said…
hi lisa, shifting is forces you to make desicions. And that means progress right! You are so creative, I have no doubt that you will find something that gives you peace in your mind.
I am happy about the book club! the book is holding me away from everything :)
I would love to come to your show and see your doilies in real, :( but i'll be happy waiting for the pics!!
bugheart said…
shifting is
a scary thing.
so difficult
to make that
initial shift
and then you just
go go go...
know what
you mean...
but i feal like
i am
still stuck
in 1st gear.
kelly said…
Jumping into the unknown? Are you kidding? I'm the person whos hands are gripping white to the rope dangling over the edge. I wish I could shift more easily, go with the flow...but the known is so comforting that its so hard to let go of.
Though I feel your drawing class- I was terrified sick thinking about taking drawing class. For god sake, I'm a photo kid for a reason. I never got good. But I really really enjoyed it. And it was a lot easier for me to do the repetitive, mudane tasks than the good kids...I actually enjoyed drawing small circles for 3 hours. A fresh view is some much fun. I just have to remember that.
blair said…
Yes...shifting. Its so necessary for me, even though I kick and scream at the thought. I recently completed a little art assignment that I volunteered to do, then felt completely stressed out by my inability to do whatever it was I felt was expected of me. Later I realized that they truly wanted whatever it was I wanted to do. That was hard to get my head around, I think I tend to work hard to let no one down. Anyway, in the end, the work I turned over felt very me and yet it stretched me too. I think it was exactly what I needed at the time.

Congrats on the bookclub. Count me in, I needed an excuse to start a new read. xoxo
pat said…
Since I worked for myself for years, I can relate to the anxiety one can feel about the need for security leading one to not turn away work, etc. One must be careful not to let the tail begin to wag the dog, so to speak, in that situation. A new chapter will open up for you if you are patient and allow life's energy to let it happen....this is because you have lots of talent AND great interpersonal skills. The latter means that people will seek you out to do something for/with them.
wendy said…
I guess if shifting has to happen the new year is as good as any...I think I might have work shift after the new year...good luck.
love how you your thoughts flow
anee said…
given current events in my own life I can completely understand the anxiety (and yes, excitement) around a life shift. I look forward to being inspired and thrilled by whatever your next chapter brings.
Anonymous said…
hi lisa,
i'm behind reading and trying to catch up. love the photo. shifting is what i am trying to do...from one career to a new, unknown one and it is hard. i totally understand. i loved mav's metaphor too. lots to think about.

i'm also hoping to make us a little ship of fools theme song. i'm so into the guitar right now.xoxo s
lisa s said…
hi hannah.... yes - things usually do work out [thank goodnes!]

julie.... hopefully someday we can meet up and have a discussion. that would be so fun

jenny.... yes - new books too. nice idea

daphne... i wish you could have come to see the doilies too.... thanks for the good cheers!

gwen.... you in first? nuh uh.

kelley :) i bet you are a fine draw-er. most people are - they just don't think that they are....

hi blair.... i hear you on getting your head around things and not letting anyone down. totally my MO... glad you'll join the book club!

pat... i agree about tail waggin the dog. thank you for your high compliments. it's hard to believe those things no matter how many times you hear them

wendy - really? shift for you??? so curious.... you are kind about the writing. it's haphazard, but that's how it goes

abee.... you ALWAYS make me smile friend.

shari.... it's funny how many of us are feeling this right now. a ship of fools song?!?!?! WOO HOO!!!!!!!

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