it was a good friday

dog love

yesterday was a good day.

lisa c came over. my dogs L.O.V.E. her [who doesn't?]. i love that she lets garbo kiss her. it's not very often that the one eyed pitbull gets the love she deserves!!

we had lunch

lisa c walks
we went to the goodwill, we went to target . where we each got sucked into buying a feather tree [we got green]

but i have to say... the highlight of the day was our visit to this amazing button store

button heaven

we have been sworn to secrecy on the location of this button heaven.... but let me just say that they have buttons from the 20's through the 70's ... on perfect cards... in drawers and drawers.... and as the very nice woman who runs the store said: none of these buttons are plastic. plastic buttons don't last you know.... these are composite buttons.... and if you come back we'll have different kinds because our house is full of them.

gulp. if you have a button request i'd be happy to see if i can fufill it! just let me know color/size/shape/creed. most likely they'll have it. but don't ask me where it is. because i can't tell you. lisa will kill me. heh heh.

all i can say is - i feel very very lucky to spend a day with someone so genuine, so creative, so full of life. she has a contageous smile... and i loved hearing about what she has planned for some upcoming shows. very exciting indeed gracia is working on a time machine.... do you think, dear, you could also work on a teleporter? how much fun would it be to hang out w/ all our blogger friends from around the world? a big old grand tea....

in other news:

* finished history of love.... if you have too head over to ship of fools to post your reaction. and to weigh in on what to read next

* enjoying mail from talented photographers:

from mav
the lovely mav

from simply photo
from the amazing talented jen
who also now has a blog !! have you visited it yet??

from maditi
and from maditi ! i coveted the poster... and now i have one + two lovely prints. i so want to get to my room in my house so i can put it up. [the room that is going to be all mine - the craft room... that room is going to have the most amazing art!!] she has a shop too if you haven't been to it yet.

hope you are all enjoying your holiday weekend. i will finally post pics from my richmond art center show next week... [between getting ready for the crafty sale on the 2nd!!]


anne said…
how wonderful to spend the day with a friend like that!! seems you had a wonderful time. and such goodies for you, yay!! the other lisa is wearing very cool shoes, i'd love to have those :)
Karen said…
sounds like a totally awesome Friday indeed. Your puppies are so cute! How are they dealing with sharing their space with Matilda?

I just bought those same prints from maditi! can't wait until they arrive :) and wow am I jealous about the button store...
wendy said…
amazing the photographs...lisa's cool strip action...and your mail treats...lovely
sally said…
What a wonderful way to spend a Friday. The photographs/poster are all so beautiful.

I just returned from the antique store where I usually pick up some of my buttons. Your secret store does not compare. I am so jealous[in a nice way]!
lisa said…
heh. they all want to know. my lips are sealed. you make me smile!!! i am glad you enjoy me as much as i enjoy you. let's plan another adventure soon!! xo, lisa
gracia said…
Stripes, buttons and secrets, good chums and one eyed loves... all the makings of a perfect day.
cheers, g
gracia said…
And a teleporter too - why of course! Two essential contraptions! I'd better get cracking...
see you (again), g
louise said…
Hi there Lisa,
Gracia has already begun work on the requested teleporter. It is only in its formative stage but already is looking very promising. She is collecting loose threads, blunt pencils and wire as I type. There is already a big red button which reads PRESS ME!
Anonymous said…
wow! must have been a lovely day! that button store looks amazing! and all of your new stuff for your craft room!!! how exciting!
blair said…
Lisa and Lisa...its like the artistic wonder twins! How fun it all looks, its so cool that you guys are close enough to spend the day together. I'm a little overwhelmed at that whole button store subject, composite or not, my God!!! Thanks for the link to Jen's new blog, so many great blogs starting up these days.
risa said…
that button store is my dream. and the woman who owns it sounds fabulously passionate about what she sells. love that!
bugheart said…
how i love
these posts
where we get
2 perspectives
on a marvelous
it looks
much fun!
the amazing
miss you
Jen said…
my darling, you are a zebra who has truly earned her stripes.
maditi said…
a good friday indeed!!
the teleporter idea sounds great :)
happy you enjoy your prints, thank´s for posting too :)
ashb said…
OH what fun you gals must have had!! I so want to come hang with you ladies :)
I looove your poochies, so cute! & the new kitten too!
& those buttons, omg! are they the best, YES! I would so put in an order for some of those, if your up for doing so :)

can't wait to see your interview on shari's blog!

julie said…
sounds like you girls had a ball...but how could you not with all those stripes, buttons and redness!!! Im sure your conversations are worth being a fly on a close by wall!!
Have a great week xxx
pat said…
A day with a friend like Lisa is food for the soul! I, too, wondered if the two of you are kindred spirits of sorts because you also have a contagious smile and giggle.....Does "the other Lisa" collect shoes like you do coats?
jenny vorwaller said…
oh lisa...what a fun day indeed! )* drooling over the buttons!
Tiffany said…
Those are the cutest darn dogs (well aside from my own cutest dog in the universe, Sadie the Wonder Dog)!

And what is it about buttons that makes the head spin with a host of project ideas? I would have been overwhelmed (My mother and I still have buttons belonging to my grandmother and my great-grandmother! Love them!!)

And I totally agree that Gracia and Louise should combine talents and build a teleporter - it would make life so much easier...and seeing the world would be so much cheaper!

Much luck with the crafty sale on Saturday! I will be manning my own table at one here in Maine that day!


anniebee said…
happy buttons!! you're wise to keep the location a secret, like most magic stores they have a tendency to vanish into thin air when too many people learn their location. you'd go back and there'd be a starbucks there instead maybe you'd see a lone button on the milk stand but that would be it... ;)

lisa has the doggie's stamp of approval so she must be fantastic!!

make sure G & L's teleporter includes an option to swing by brooklyn too!
Anonymous said…
hi lisa,
looks like you guys had a great time!
did you see your mention on the free people blog today?!
lisa s said…
anne... yes ! such a fun day... and lisa ALWAYS has cool shoes!

karen... they are OK w/ matilda... garbo really wants to play with her. she hisses when they move too fast... but when we are all relaxed ont he couch she'll snuggle with them!

jennifer... oh so glad to hear you got those prints from maditi!!

wendy... :) xo

sally... we can always look for buttons for you... always!!

lisa.... right back at you!

gracia... thanks for getting on the teleporter too!!

louise... oh i love big red buttons that say press me! is she making you help with the building?

erin... :)

blair... it is cool that we are close enough... but it does make me want to hang out w/ those of you further away too....

risa... the button store is a dream....

gwen... miss you too.... move here!!

hello jen! blush blush!

ash... you are welcome ANYTIME!!

julie... hee hee. we'd have great conversations too!!

pat... i collect shoes too - but lisa does have good ones... and she bought a coat during our adventure! heh heh

jenny.... wish you could be here too!!

tiffany - let's send eachother good thoughts on sat!! i loved your pic of sadie w/ the antlers :)

abee :) no no starbucks!!!!! of COURSE brooklyn. duh! must get to a cony island photo walk!!

hi jen... thanks for that!!!xo
mary said…
Oh my, there are too many wonderful things in this post. I can't even quite process it. I think I would have gone mad in that button store. How did you restrain yourself?

thanks for reminding me to get a couple of prints from maditi. they're gorgeous, and i really want one of those posters!


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