it's all a blur

gocco maddness, originally uploaded by dressform.

my dining room table has been work station central for the last couple weeks. the last week super intensely. that's the holiday card getting printed.... i was too far into it when i decided that i was a bit loopey for doing the 2 color/2 pass card + printed envelope.... so it goes. at least i'm not punching out little red noses and gluing them down one by one this year. :)

this morning i tested out my commute for the spring semester. i had to fill out some paper work and thus i attempted to get to my new place of employment by 9am. i am going to have to get really zen in my car. over an hour folks. and it should take 30 mins. tops. playlist suggestions welcome! [maybe i should get books??]. and i'm going to have to leave my house at a tad after 7am. [remember i'm not a morning person]. can i change my biological clock? jan-may 2007 will be an experiment! i am also going to be teaching at CSU [where i currently am]... one class... also earling morning. so i'll have afternoons free. i like this idea.

so... shari and abee both asked what i was listening to while i was installing [and BTW - THANK YOU so much for your enthusiasm about the installation! i am already semi scheming the next one.... fingers crossed]. pretty much all women singers... jenny lewis, neko case, pj harvey, cat power, billie holiday.... over and over - entire albums... need the continuity. every once and awhile i threw in johnny cash, or jets to brazil, or the evens....and one morning i went with an old spoon record [i needed to wake up]. sometimes i even listened to things twice in a row. it's sort of one of those things where if the music is working you don't want to change the mood. it's hard to describe my state of mind when i'm painting on the wall. i only make a few marks to help me figure out size and distance and then i have to just go for it. i can't be too present because if i overthink it it comes out crappy.... but i can't be off in never never land either.... i think this is the balancing act that creative folks have been trying to put into words for eons. i'm sure someone has done it a million times more eloquently than me!

two things to note: alicia's post... i'll second stephanie's amen {and did you SEE her button wreath? sigh}

AND blair's post.... that quote. i need to burn it into my mind... [wait - does that make 3 things?]

vintage beads make good earrings

i think this is my last post until post [i just stupidly made myself laugh... how many times can you use the different inclinations of the word "post" in a sentence?] the gloggy sale on saturday. i found this great couple strands of czech beads.... so the above earrings got made. there are a few i was able to make several of - so all leftovers [and i'm sure there will be leftovers] will show up in the shop . i still have mounds of stuff to attend to... so if you are wondering what i am doing... think tagging.... pricing.... tagging... tying string.... if you are local... come by.... you already know shash and you might get lucky and spy lisa or mati -- who aren't selling - but will be visiting! woo hoo!

and just because... here's matilda!

tilda by the fire
do you think she loves our fireplace??

cute matilda
can't help it, right??


julie said…
oh yes...that balancing act..which for some reason, a lot of the time prevents me from doing things at all!! You put it very well my dear ;)
Love the buzz coming from your corner..buzy..buzzy..creating..
humming...enjoy xxx
Anonymous said…
oooh, i like how you described the balancing act!

i'm not a morning person either. i was my entire life until about 2 years ago when i got a job that allowed me to sleep till 9:30 everyday, and for the first time in years, i didnt have a headache when i woke up in the a.m. i wish i could run on 5 hours of sleep like some people can- i've tried but i end up being so clumbsy for the entire day!
wendy said…
for your drive...books on tape might be a good change up...sorry that it is going to be such a long commute.
love your discription of how you need to present, but slightly open to opportunities that arise...It is a confusing state to try and discribe.
good luck with you sale!! I'll be thinking of you as I pack and hope that I don't forget something important!
matilda is a beaut!
hannah said…
gocco, art, good music, fireplaces and cute kittens??? what is not to love about this post! have a good time at the sale. i really need to get cracking on my cards...ugh, i need an idea!!
bugheart said…
you sound so busy...
sounds so
i need to
call or email you
i am behind!
blair said…
I say, books on tape are great for long commutes. I fall asleep after about two pages of even the best books, so its been a lifesaver for me to be able to drive and listen. I am just catching up on your amazing installation, its really beautiful Lisa, I'm thinking of a song I love called "Perfect Blue". I love the thought of you, intensely concentrating, while listening to music. I know what you mean about playing something more than one. I painted my entire college apartment (a.k.a. the dump) over the span of 4 days listening to the same Smiths album. By the time I was done, I was either ecstatic to see other people or ready to jump off a building!

I can't wait to see your cards.
Daphne said…
Yep! i am sure now! they ARE sisters... Poes does that same thing...laying on her back in the chair, on the ground, in her bed...everywhere! And those eyes...Matilda is beautiful! I wish they could meet :)

An hour in a car...blah, I would go for the books, although only when it is a nice voice to hear at!
The free afternoons are great though! You feel like you have a whole day to spent!

Lots of Gocco work, curious to see what it will become! :)
risa said…
i have to have a pair of those red earrings! sooo pretty!
abby said…
You're going to teach at sfsu?
That is rad!
Maybe if you're still there in a few years I'll see ya? My sis went there and when james is done up here we hope to go back down there (a little jump for joy at the prospect of seeing you in "Real" life)!
Hmmm...I owe you a cd anyway-so maybe I will finally buckle down and make one for your commute. I always turn to "take the fifth"by spoon when i need a jolt. Love to hear about what you listen to while you work...
um-so jealous of the glogg sale! THose earings are sweet-love the red.
Good luck to you darling!!!!!
Anonymous said…
the blur is contagious. i have it too. even my glasses don't help ;)
Anonymous said…
oooh lots of love in this one. enjoy the sale. (i must dust of my gocco this weekend - thanks for reminding me!!)
Anonymous said…
hi lisa,
love the new earrings! i'm super excited to see your holiday card. a one hour commute...hmmm. do you listen to podcasts? maybe you could listen to the next bookclub book on cd! oh, matilda. you are a cutie! xoxo shari
poppy said…
ah matilda! ah gocco! ah johnny cash!
Anonymous said…
beautiful earrings.

I wanted to check out the book club but the link wasn't working (nor did it work when I pasted the following URL:

...if you have any tips/info they would be appreciated.

Anonymous said…
...oops. it worked a few minutes later. sorry to bother you. thanks to for the info about the dollhouse. - Lara
eireann said…
your posts sound just like you must sound. they make me smile. I love your syntax and your manner of writing.
alyssa said…
A big congrats on your new job! That commute is awful, just thinking about that bridge makes me cringe. I like your positive spin on it, you are such a trouper. I think books on tape would be good. Are you looking for music selections for the road, too? Well here is one, except I have no idea how to get a hold of her CD, because I wrote to her, but didn't hear back. Her name is Izzy Cox, maybe you have already heard her? I first heard her play on a podcast somewhere and her music is amazing. Listen to "Devil, Devil" on her MySpace page and you will see what I mean.
If you like her and figure out how to get her CD let me know. Take care and sending good thoughts for all your driving.
maditi said…
the gloggy sale sounds great :)
good luck with all the pricing.... tagging... tying string - really looking forward to your cards!!
pat said…
ditto from me about the earrings and Matilda...both are great! I hope your sale on Sat is a huge success.
Elaine said…
Lisa, I just tried to email you but it bounced. I see you answer emails in the comments section so here is what I wrote:

Hi Lisa,
I just wrote a blog piece about you.

But after I published it, I happened to read about the no use of work without permission. Could I have permission? I think that bed drawing is so wonderful.

Here is the link:

and direct link:

Let me know what you think. I would really love to keep the photo up. My readers would love you.

gracia said…
All a blur over here as well... how can it already be December. I heartily recommend the good ol' audio book... a wonderfully, rather daggy love of mine! And I, too, listen to the same album over and over when it works... and always an album in its entirety.
A happy, fruitful gloggy sale to you - sounds ace!
take care, g
Ky said…
congrats on your new position! LOVE the earrings (like candy - yum!), and the tages you are printing. where did you find those? love 'em!
Hayley said…
Hi there!

I feel you on the drive; I drive over 340 miles a week! The good thing is that your drive is the exact lenth of time of a This American Life episode which is now being podcast free on iTunes. Older episodes are only $.95 each. Trust me, your drive will fly by in laughter and tears [every episode has at least one story that makes me cry a bit].

Oh my is that a cute little grey cat! I love the belly picture!

Tiffany said…
That face! I had this whole comment prepared as I read through your post and as soon as I saw that little face and that stretched out little body, it flew out of my brain!

But the earrings are very funky and your list of musical installation inspirations will have me checking out the ones I'm not familiar with!
lisa s said…
julie >> hi! i'm glad to know we are all balancing

erin >> thank you!! yeah - i'm no good on 5 hours either! sigh...

wendy >> hope the pack and move went ok! been thinking of you!

hannah >> :) how's the card coming??

gwen >> me behind too... relax....

blair >> ha ha about your smith's painting story... i know exactly how you felt!

daphne >> so glad to see poes!!!!

risa >> :)

abby >> i can only hope that i am there in a few years... fingers crosssed!! funny that you listen to spoon for a jolt too!

diana >> how's your blur?

tracy >> how'd the goccoing go?

shari >> yes.. podcasts... i have a hard time finding good ones, though....

jan >> !! :D !!

lara >> glad it wored out!

eireann >> your comments make me smile... always....

alyssa >> izzy cox is such a good tip... now if only we can find a CD

maditi >> you'll be gteting a card!!

hi pat! >> thanks!

elaine >> thank you SO MUCH for wanting to write about me AND for asking permission - it's really great that you did that!

hi gracia !! >> ace.... i love that!

ky >> i'll email you w/ envl. info

haley >> you are GENIUS - how did i not think of this life??? thank you!!!!!

tiffany >> heh heh... she does that to me to. but that's what's great about pets. must slow down to give them big pets and kisses!! enjoy the music!!
Marieke said…
Hi Lisa - good luck with the Gocco madness! I am having one too at my house :-) x

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