the point of loose ends

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EDIT :: it was brought to my attention that you can't click out of bloglines to see the install shots of the show.... you have to visit the post physically on my blog... and then it works... so FYI

that was the title of the show that wendy kawabata and i came up with. above is my dad and grandmother looking at my work.

this was one of those really great show experiences. the kind that make you wish that all shows could go like this. first of all the people who teach/work in the art departement down at mira costa are incredibly friendly and helpful and interested [they asked great questions]. remember how my box was magled by Fed-Ex? someone made me NEW FRAMES.... so i got there and didn't have to re-frame stuff.... wow. plus it was the first time that i showed several bodies of my work was really cool to see how the pieces connected to one another.....

wendy kawabata
wendy's piece bloodlines

i also think that some larger force [kismet] was at work in bringing wendy and myself together. i knew i'd like her after seeing a few images of her work and our email exchanges back and forth.... but i didn't realize how precisely our interests and aesthetics would collide, intersect, and converse with one another. she is a caucasian woman who has taken her 1/2 japanese husband's name. i am a 1/2 japanese woman who's name doesn't reflect that. she is really thinking about her 3 year old son and how to bring him up in a world where his cultural identity is somewhat in flux. i am living that life. she is living in hawaii where she is re-examining her colonialist roots.... i often dream of what it'd be like to be in hawaii - the only place i've ever been where people thought i came from the village down the road - not some exotic country or undiscernable ethnic bloodline.

the point of loose ends

we had to give a talk about our work 3 times. by the third time we were both a bit punchy. it is REALLY hard to figure out what to say that 3rd time out. even if you fundamentally realize that the audience hasn't heard it all before, i just could not say the exact same thing. luckily we were able to steer the 3rd round and asked for more questions from the students.... and we did it in more of a free flow.... the first 2 talks we went one at a time. the last one we interrupted one another and went back and forth between thoughts and our works.

the point of loose ends

for the first 2 talks my family was there. luckily the room was full enough that the addition of my mother, and father and grandmother didn't add to my nerves. :) it was actually really great to be able to talk about the blanket piece and then point to my grandmother and say : that's HER voice! one of the faculty asked my parents to say something during the 2nd talk and i was so incredibly moved by what they said. i am so so lucky to have the support of my family. even though they might not always understand what it is to live the life of an artist, they are there for me in every way shape and form. their warmth and concern and pride for me is something almost indescribable. plus my dad pointed out a thread between us - his anti-violence/war philosophy and my work with the tanks and targets... i honestly didn't even make that connection.... and it's been staring me in the face!

if you'd like to see more install shots [and some details of some pieces]:: click here

and if you'd like some art stuff to chew on..... wendy brought something up that i've been rolling around in my brain. part of what i love about our works together is that they both fundamentally are relying on the act of drawing. mark-making. and we both like to use non-traditional materials to do this. she mentioned that she sees the act of drawing in 4 potential approaches ::

1. draw what you see - something right in front of you
2. draw from memory - something that you once saw, but you no longer have a reference to
3. draw from imagination - something you've never seen. ever.
4. drawing as appropration - using other materials/ideas/visuals as source materials....

well... there went my idea for shorter posts i guess.....

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and lest you think i did nothing else in southern calif

come aboard
i did manage a few photos.... check all of them out here. the light is definitely different down there....more soon!


wendy said…
wow - I don't even know where to start. I love that you have the hapa connection...I think about that a lot in regards to my future that your family was there and that you even you realized something new about your work.
how long is the show going to be up?

(the light is totally different down there...getting excited about my move)
Nicole said…
Just wow Lisa. ONE day I'll be at one of your exhibitions. Congrats, sounds like you had a fabulous experience. BHugs with GUSTO ;)
stephanie said…
i *love* when you talk about your work and what it's like to be a working artist. so inspiring. thank you.
bugheart said…
what an
amazing post!
i am so touched
and in love
with the idea
of how
you and wendy's
work mingle
but also
how your
parent's interpret
your work-
because afterall...
they have insights into
your psyche like no
one else...
how wonderful!
cally said…
wonderful post and a show I wish I could see in person. Plus all those grest links with Wendy, I just love stuff like that. Yey to your wonderful supportive family too.
alyssa said…
Such a beautiful post so tender and soulful.
Your show sounds amazing practically a retrospective of your work:)! You are a remarkable woman and artist.
Your family sounds so warm and wonderful. You are all so lucky to have each other.
I love the art work on the wall with all those tiny dresses. I wish I could see them better.
Take care and a big Congratulations!
julie said…
What a fantastic post Lisa...i could go on reading for hours if youd continued writing!!!
I can imagine how the support of your family is so wonderful and you even found that link with your dad...amazing!
Great art thoughts to think...thank you for your continuing inspiration!!!!!!!
anne said…
lisa, i'm very touched by your post. it is amazing to make this instant connection to someone and discover so many things you have in common and to share! that is such a gift and happens rarely (in my experience :)) also, it is so wonderful you have this kind of support from your family! it sounds like they really see you and love you! amazing and what a gift!
i'm happy for you all went so well with your show and all about it sounds just wonderful!
Anonymous said…
hi lisa,
such a wonderful post. i loved reading all about the show and how your work/life intersects with wendy's. it must have been amazing to have your family there with you and to hear the thread from your dad that you have never thought of! SO glad that your frames were repaired/replaced too. sounds all in all like an amazing time! xoxo shari
natasha said…
congrats! it appears that the stars were alligned, eh?

it looks just lovely!
Tiffany said…
I'm so happy that your show was one of those amazing and ever so wonderful shows! The photos are fantastic!

You're definitely inspiring me to grab the sketch book and some charcoal, but unfortunately I'm at work (I think they'd frown on that); thank goodness I have my drawing class tonight!

Happy Tuesday!
sally said…
What a beautiful post. So much "good stuff", I have to sit and think about it some more.

So lovely to see your family come out and support you.
nichola said…
Wish i could have been there. Well done.
natalie said…
so happy to hear you had a great show and that your family were there to share it with you...

N x
abby said…
thanks for sharing your thoughts about your work/show.
The connections between you and wendy are interesting to think about. i love it when people like that come into your life. makes me wonder...
it is neat to hear some about the connection you share with your father-I had no idea that he was so similar-it would be cool to read some of his writings...(I am assuming that maybe he has some??)
my father was a very good artist and as a child we would ask him to draw things for us. He would make us find photos of the things we wanted him to draw-he said that was the only way he could create. he had to have some image in front of him to copy from. now, i find that i can only draw/carve from something i see or something from my memory. this is why i am in awe of you and your work-because you create these really amazing images from imagination and found materials.
anyway-i am going off...
happy thanksgiving if i don't "see" you!
skona said…
i was looking forward to seeing and reading about your show. what an amazing experience! congratulations.
gracia said…
How I would love to see those 'loose threads' in action... it looks wonderful. And how exciting to see all of your work side by side, one cohesive and impressive body of work - how thrilling. I'm off to explore the photos now, to take a stroll through the gallery.
take care, grache
jenny vorwaller said…
lisa, :) what a satisfying experience, such a show! i felt excited just reading about it, and i'm so proud of you :))

happy thanksgiving sweetie! :)
blair said…
it all looks so fantastic Lisa. I would have loved to have been in that audience to hear you talk about your work. Missing our correspondence, but glad you're back.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Anonymous said…
wow. this sounds like an amazing show and how wonderful to be able to share it with your loved ones. i love that your parents spoke, i only wish i could have heard what they said! i too hope to see one of your shows in person one day...
besitos, risa
poppy said…
wow! thanks for taking us there! really felt like i was there a bit, and to have your family nearby - so sweet. sounds like you have such a great and supportive family.
Marieke said…
Congratulations with such a succeeded show! And happy Thanksgiving to you of course. x
Daphne said…
WOH! This all looks so amazing...SUPER!! and I love your show title! I am still egerly waiting for you to have a show in NY. I think it is so special that your parents spoke...and how you describe that the speeches changed, did you feel that they got better at the end?

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