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underdog :: fall/winter 06, originally uploaded by dressform.

i can't believe it's almost a week since i've posted anything. it's been a whirlwind of activity over in my corner of the world.

i WILL talk more about my trip - just not today. i actually still need a few days to finish formulating some of my thoughts [not to mention just download the images from my camera - it's been that kind of week here folks]

so..... in no particular order, but all of importance in some way shape and form:

1. new stuff available at underdog ink . some of you know this already b/c you signed up for the email list.... so if you want to be the first to know you know what to do :) ! amazingly enough one of the holiday cards is already sold out [wow! how did that happen?!] - but there's plenty of stuff left.... and i actually plan on adding stuff a few more times between now and the frenzy of the holidays to come. i'll post about updates here.... i don't want to keep sending out mass emails - well... maybe one more

2. speaking of the holidays i will be participating in a couple of sales with the above stuff. if you are local i'd love for you to come buy and say hello [and buy handmade - not just from me but from other amazing and talented artists - like shash!! . the info on any sale that i'm participating in is available on the events page of the underdog site. woo hoo! i bought a very special foldable camping table that i'm very excited to test out [yes.... i get excited by things like this]

from wendy :: kokeshi
this lovely lady is mine all mine.... the incredibly talented wendy sent her to me. if you are lucky enough to catch wendy and her work at bazaar bizzare... you should!

beautiful use

i participated in beautiful use organized by the lovely kelly . the above 5 senses [ shari!!! ] package was sent to me by reva . everything about this package was perfect... the fabric for my needle holder [will be put to good use!] the wrapping.... the lavender scent... and her photo is gorgeous! you should definitely check out her blog - she has a great sensibility. thank you reva!!

5. i was asked by renee if i wanted to participate in a blanket project she cooked up. the premise is to buy cool space age blankets for homeless folks since winter fast approaches. thank goodness for cool organized people who are willing to do things like this! if you want to join in check out her post about it... and leave her a comment there !

6. on no wait... not 6.... thanks for making it through this post... i'll try to do more frequent and shorter posts [really i will try]. i have been keeping up w/ most your blogs, but flickr is a lost cause.... hopefully soon. is it just me or does life speed up come november?? um... happy almost friday?!?!?! [friday!! oy vey!] which means check out ash's book club post!

p/s from matilda : hello everyone!!! thank you for all your kind hellos.... i wish you could all pet me!! mama has been spending some of her computer time playing with me.... pppuuuurrrrr


bugheart said…
i have
finally done
so i am
on top
of things...
1. new stuff
is so cute!
drool. drool.
2. if only
i lived there,
i would
love to see
3. i heart
wendy's new
4. oh. i have
to post
my beautiful
use stuff.
5. we do similar
work with
here in DC
because it
so so cold.
6. i was bad.
i finished
the book
in 3 days.
bad gwen.
alyssa said…
Everything looks so lovely! I love the rhino and the bird.
maditi said…
lovely new things in your shop - love the rhino with the bird in particular :)

and of course you always get the the best gifts :)
gracia said…
Yes, it really is Friday already... and mine is almost over... as is November. Yikes! I really better get a wriggle on on that time machine trap for you... sounds like you are in dire need of it. I'll keep you posted on my progress. A prototype fashioned from pins, twigs and thread coming up!
take care, g
wendy said…
oh what lovely things...I actually like the rambly posts...the underdog ink images are awesome!
good luck on your sale and thanks for the plug about mine...have a great friday and an even better weekend!
julie said…
no no..long posts are good!! Love your new UI pieces and your recent pressies..especially the bird and that lovely lady!!
Have a great weekend xxx
pat said…
Since you receive such lovely things, you must send out wonderful presents as well! I can hardly wait (pant, pant) until you do a post on the recent trip you took....
Anonymous said…
oooh, excited to go check out the shop. and looking forward to some gratuitous kitten shots!
Anonymous said…
all so good! soo goood!!
Anonymous said…
lisa! hi.

oh lots of goodies you have there. both your own and gifts. :) i wish i could come to the handmade sale and meet you and shash! maybe one day...hope you have a great weekend. xoxo for you and matilda and chini and tonka. (did i leave anyone out?)
Anonymous said…
1. awesome stuff as usual lisa! especially the rhino & I can't believe the robot mens shirt is already gone!

2. I wish I lived in the area, I would love to come support all you girls! & there is nothing wrong being excited about your new table:)

3. I heart everything wendy makes!

4. totally gorgeous photo from reva! & the goodies are really sweet. ( you have had christmas all month long already!!)

5. We do a blanket & scarf drive here every year as well! I'm also participating in a stocking + toy drive for homeless children.

6. Thanks for posting on the club blog! I had alot of fun posting this week ;) we are so close to finishing the book, what shall we read next??

& xo to Matilda, after I saw your new kitty I had a dream about getting a new kitten!

anniebee said…
hello dearest!

the new underdog ink items are fantastic! I wish I WISH I could come visit you at the show (and buybuybuy). I understand completely the excitement over the folding table, I'm like that too :)

I love wendy's work so much! I predict she'll be a big hit at the bazaar.

Splendid swap package :) You always photograph your swaps/surprise packages so beautifully.

Renee's idea about the space age blankets is genius!

xox, abee
Anonymous said…
lovely everything, lisa! i've missed reading your blog.
poppy said…
yay! going to underdog right now!
lisa s said…
gwen :: not bad... that book is so amazing.... i hope you go over to ship and give us your 2 cents

alyssa :: thank you!

hi maditi :: one great gift to report from you!

julie :: don't encourage me

pat :: i haven't been doing my part so much lately. must send more out into the world

hannah :) more kitten shots on the way

hi tracy - thanks!!

shari... i hope you do come out here someday... we also have garbo and pachuco.... one more cat and dog!

hi ash! xoxo thanks! i dunno what we should read next - but something!

hi abee..... coming from you re: swap package photography that means a lot! yeah those blankets are super cool!!

eirann - missed YOU!!

jan! :) xoxo
sk8ordiehard said…
thanks for the mention!
so far it has been a great success, and a couple people in other towns are doing their own emergency blanket drive.

your cards are gorgeous!!
anne said…
uhm, i'm sort of late on this. lisa, i didn't check out your shop before and now i did: your designs are just wonderful, i love the two different bird designs, i just adore the t-shirts, the colors!! i wish i could buy one, i would if i could. i'll make one of your t-shirts top of my wish list! hope your sale will be a big success!
Daphne said…
yeh! new stuff! nice shot of wendy's little girl...

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