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from my bloggy friends....

i can't believe it - but i have MORE mail to show you... and honestly i can say that the kindness of you blog friends has kept me going these last few weeks. often at my wits end i would return home to find a box.... sometimes i'd wait until after dinner to open them so i could savor the contents.... i feel spoiled, pampered and loved..... and it's not just the physical objects you send, but the words and the thoughts too. there is such an understanding here... blair was just talking about it.... it's overwhelming. so i can't say it enough.... THANK YOU all so much.....

above was my amazing package from a very sly fox . i am so happy to have met you dear ashb.... and even happier that we share in the bookclub ! i am wearing that scarf tomorrow even if it's 80 degrees out! the fabrics are so good!!

but wait... there's more [remember ginzu knives?]
my most favorite bug sent me a rhapsody in green. she knew i was going away this weekend and knows i love green... and since she is always so well coordinated..... she sent:

jet  setter in green
do you SEE the tonka bag? no really - do you SEE THAT??

inside the luggage:
in the luggage
go ahead and roll your eyes alicia it's another coat for my collection. but amazingly the train case came w/ all the original packaging... the little purse... the shower cap!! the keys!! wow

and be careful what you say around her - i joked all i needed were vintage green glasses and these showed up:
piece d'resistance

sigh.... will i not be the coolest traveller ever?

and because in another life i WAS an artist... oh wait... i still am, right? i mean i'm installing that show at mira costa college this weekend.... here's a piece that made it's journey safe and sound.... i hope to get back into the blogging stride this week.... i actually have news to report... things to share.....

a  bed dreams

happy hump day!


julie said…
oh gorgeous goodies from lovely friends! You made me smile with your words this morning :) (see!!)
You are such a good friend back...you deserve it!
And im in LOVE with this beauty that Camilla received. Your attention to detail is amazing!!xxx
pat said…
Such generous friends you have. You are going to be SMASHING in the scarf, coat, green glasses and travel case, etc. I wish I could see you get off the plane in San Diego!
Anonymous said…
hi sweet lisa,

now we have matching sly flox scarves and green traincases. hmm. i think some coordinated traveling is in order!! where shall we go??

love the beautiful piece with the bed and teardrop. oh and i want to hear your succulent idea!
xoxo shari
bugheart said…
your piece
for camilla
is just
and the scarf
the coat
much better
on you
than me.
Anonymous said…
wow, love it all. that gwen couldnt be sweeter...
sally said…
You look so cute in your new scarf. And the rest of your goodies? Fantastic!
alyssa said…
The bed piece you made for Camilla is freaking amazing!
What wonderful gifties.
christine said…
you are such a lucky lady, and oh so deserving, too! xo
abby said…
oh my lord-y!
She sent you L U G G A G E ??
Wow-that is some rad, rad loot, lisa! All the good karma is coming back to you.
Dang girl!
Good luck this weekend!
lisa said…
all i can say is WOW.
simple me said…
Lucky girl! You lucky girl!
I just needed that tranquil and poetic bed to lie down for a while now :)
laurie said…
oh-my-goodness! that is the most amazing haul i've ever seen -- and i've ssen a lot in my time! ;)
Dawbis said…
wow! so amazing!
luggage?!?!? GREEN luggage! oh my! wow. just...wow! everything looks so great, you must be in paradise!
blair said…
do blog buddies know you well or what?? All the great things you've gotten in the mail just seem tailor made for you. I'm still sighing over Gwen's Tonka bag, I'm such a lazy knitter, so I'm well aware of the amount of work in something like that. And that COAT!? And the scarf. Thank God we have each other, huh?
cally said…
Wow what a wonderful selection of green goodness!

And Camilla's piece, I was excited when you showed the 'peek' at it earlier cause I love the whole image and the blueness.

Then we see the full piece and it also had a bed ( I always LOVED your beds from drawing a day - well done on your year BTW) and then RED which is my fave combo with the blues, and then ...i must stop and breath... the numbers, THREE numbers, I love 3's and one was a 3!

What a perfectly wonderful creation. And the way the background is all muted I love too, it looks like some wonderful dream image, I have dreams like that, dreams that I'm in bed and there are lovely big blue patterns around me and handwritten numbers.

I could gaze at this all day.
abee said…
camilla's piece is just sooooo beautiful and your fab mail surprises just show how much you are loved :)

have a good trip, I bet your fellow travelers will wonder who that incredibly stylish lady is!

xo, abee
anne said…
lisa, what goodies !! and christmas is not even around :) you will be an impressively stylish traveller as anne just said ! such pretty things (still loving the colors of the coat!!
risa said…
you lucky gal! isn´t the generousity of the blog world amazing! you simplymust post a photo of yourself all decked out and ready to begin your travels. please!
poppy said…
oh lisa, i adore that last art piece of yours! beautiful!

and you must be the luckiest girl in cyber world! getting all these goodies!
Karen said…
Hmm...does that mean you won't want any more goodies? ;) I still have yet to post your birthday gift, which will now be an early Xmas gift...

I have piles of post to send too...No excuse other than the fact that I am getting ready to hibernate... Thanks for sharing your goodies with us...

shannon said…
Wow! Green in every way you are! Friends, clothes, bags, glasses. I'm so happy to have found your blog. Have a great trip.
louise said…
Oh my, such wonderful snail mail. You will have to take a photo of you on a train station all dressed up in the green travel combo of fantasticalness!
Cheers, lj
gracia said…
That little purse AND the shower cap PLUS the keys... wow indeed. Plus wonderful snail mail delights.
Happy green travels to you... grache
Ky said…
gracious me (hehe), today i am wearing that very blouse (in the first photo)! such goodness abounds!
lisa s said…
hi nichola, julie and pat.... yes... i am quite lucky!

shari... yes... coordinated travel. with SOUND!!!!

gwen... thank you my dear friend... and i dunno about the coat looking better on me...

hannah - yup!

hi sally!! thank you!

alyssa.... thank you....

christine and abby and lisa and paula... :D

laurie... i know - it's pretty incredible... pinch me!

hey dawbis - so nice to see you here!

erin... yes - paradise...

blair... i know... i am so honored.... you all know me like a GLOVE!

cally... your comment makes me tear up. thank you. really. [and i'm a big fan of 3 - and odd #'s actually]

hi abee... and anne... and risa.... and poppy... i am lucky to know YOU all!!!

karen... :) i will never turn down goodies... never!!

hi gracia and louise... if only i was travelling in green style to your hemisphere [with shari - also decked out!]

gracious me ky... how exciting that we are shirt twins!!

xo all!!
susan said…
i adore that artwork! the coat is cool, and so are the glasses, tres tres, but that piece of artwork - WOW!
Anonymous said…
Still in love with your illustration with the bed...

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