holiday march

holiday march
getting your lambs, reindeer, camels and deer in a row [sorry ducks]? i hope so.

the other day i was fortunate enough to have a leisurely breakfast {what a luxury that is!} with the fantastic brianna . she is simply stunning in person - tall, beautiful.... wicked coversationalist.... funny.... charming.... but you can tell of that from the way she writes. i can't help but wish for a bloggy convention - every time i have met someone face to face i am simply charmed..... i suppose the next best thing is risa's virtual tea party on the 12th of jan..... come play along....

so in the next few days i plan on:
kitty pals

hugging those i love

holiday wrap

giving a bit of cheer


reflecting and searching for quiet moments

and EATING!! [thank goodness for appetites!]

be sure and check out THE KIM FAMILY AUCTION site..... i'm already drooling over everything..... bidding starts jan 3rd... get ready to spend that holiday cash

be well. enjoy celebrating in whatever way, shape, form that you do!! see you soon!


julie said…
camels...lined up...and breakfast with you, what a treat!!!
Enjoy these days reflecting, veging (how do you spell that?!!) and just being with loved ones,
love julie xxx
risa said…
funny how you mentioned brianna because right before reading your post i popped in a cd from her...weird. i'm glad you'll be at the tea party!
wendy said…
loving all the sweetness in your photos!!
(that tea party sounds awesome!!)
sounds like you are getting back to normal!!
sarah said…
happy holidays dear lisa, loving your wrap, and the holiday march made me smile, take care xxx
alyssa said…
I love the holiday march! I hope that you are feeling less tired and closer to a full recovery.
Take care and happy, happy holidays:)
one black bird said…
errr, maybe i am a little jealous that you got to meet meet brianna, just a her blog, LOVE it. and I love yours too. have a lovely holiday dear.
amanda said…
many wishing of light and love to you Lisa! Your march makes me so happy. ;)
jen said…
have a wonderful holiday! rest, relax, and EAT!!
gracia said…
Your holiday march, how I love it so! Perhaps that is were my two turtle doves went?
Have a great holiday, Lisa... it looks like you have an ideal one planned. Eat & be merry with those you love.
take care, g
louise said…
Hi Lisa,
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, I hope it rocks just as much as your holiday marching critters do.
Cheers, lj
pat said…
great holiday wishes from me as well, dear lisa. Wouldn't it be grand if someone organized a blogger get together a luncheon where people could actually meet each other? Looks like Chinny and Matilda have become fast friends!
Briana said…
Oh stop it... could you shine any brighter? Next time, maybe you won't be recovering and I won't be so hung... then again, next time I may not let you out of my sight again so quickly... but despite various states of conciousness, we now have borne witness to the fact that Elvis is alive and well and vacationing in San Francisco!

How hard do you think it would be to plan a blogger weekend retreat somewhere in the US? We could get a block of rooms and eat and make things... seriously, that sounds like heaven.
hannah said…
oh have a wonderful time sweet lisa!
maditi said…
merry christmas to you and your loved ones!!
enjoy the hugging, giving, reflecting and eating :))
anne said…
lisa, a merry merry christmas to you! enjoy the time and relax!
cally said…
yey makes me feel very christmassy to look at these photo's. have a wonderful christmas and new year Lisa lovely, and thanks for all your sweet comments to me in 2006, here's hoping I can be a more responsive blogger in 2007 cause you post so much that I want to comment on ;0)

Hugs.... Cally xxxxxxxsophi3
poppy said…
oh happy holidays to you - yours looks like its going to be good - and a bloggy convention - oh - can it be in san francisco?
simple me said…
Have the most perfect holiday :)

ps: You were so lucky to have met Brianna. I love her.
Abigail said…
Wishing you rest, relaxation and stagliscious times over the next few weeks....

Merry Christmas hon! much love, xx
blair said…
Your line up of activities sounds perfect! Have a great holiday Lisa, give that Tonka and extra cookie from me, k? must try. : )

Shari said…
hi sweet lisa,
wishing you and yours a very happy holiday full of eating, relaxing, and hugs. :) wish i could've joined you and briana. sounds fabulous. xoxo shari
posy press said…
embrace your quiet moments lis!
happy holidays and cheers to an amazing 2007! xo, amy
mooncici said…
merry christmas and happy new year to you and family! wishing u all the best of luck in 2007 - yay!!!
Di said…
I hope you've had a relaxing and satisfying Christmas, and that you're well over your illness- sometimes we really do need to listen to our bodies- I've been using Christmas as a relaxing rejuvinating break myself.
lisa s said…
hello sweet friends! thank you for all the well-wishes.... and

briana, jan, blair [and anyone who s interested].... seriously - blogger convention? SERIOUSLY!!! i mean it.... west coast???
andrea said…
happy happy to you, dearest lisa! your blog, your work, your friendship-- it's all brought me so much joy this year. xo

(p.s. our christmas collections/decorations would be very happy together, I think)
bugheart said…
hope you had
a wonderful
i'll toast to
in 2007.

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