these days

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I've been out walking :: I don't do too much talking :: These days, these days. :: These days I seem to think a lot :: About the things that I forgot to do :: And all the times I had the chance to.

hello? anyone out there? the above song seems to epitomize my mood lately [name that tune?].... my break got a bit longer than i had hoped because i got sick. really sick. sicker than i've been in years sick. on the sofa unable to even read.... occasionally sleeping and waking to 2 kitties and 2 doggies piled on top of me.... tonka above pretty much says it all in terms of my energy level. do you see his tongue peeking out??

i watched a lot of movies.... harry potter and the goblet of fire, the matador, the chronicles of narnia [book is better except tilda as the ice queen rocks], pride and predjudice [i wrote a paper on how jane austin was actually a feminist in junior high.... and grandma i don't see my resemblance to keira knightly], the royal tennenbaums [again], brokeback mountain [again], three burials....

i still tire easily. so i guess i must just listen to my body which is seriously telling me to s. l. o. w d. o. w. n - OK OK - uncle.

i just wanted to pop in and say hello. that i'm still here [even though i contemplated what life might be like w/out the blog]....

here's a bit more holiday decoration ::

a bit of holiday cheer

i have been managing to get cards out, but shopping? ha ha ha [or should i say ho ho ho]. oh well. it will happen when it happens.

what i really want to do though? work in the studio. but grading and tidying must come first.

inedible cupcake

a former student and i are working on a cupcake show that will go up in Feb. at mama buzz . we are going to sort of re-create the cupcake cafe in NY.... cupcakes seem to be all the rage these days. did you see the cupcake soaps that gwen bug found? or if you are in a cupcake kind of mood you can go here or here . for the show i'm also going to make a series of drawings like the above.... cupcakes decorated w/ poisonous/inedible flowers.... temptation can be deadly.

ok... time for a nap. be back soon.... thank you all for popping by and saying hello... and for all the well wishes!!! xo


jenny vorwaller said…
aw lisa, i'm here typing sicker than a dog in bed right now too! slowing down is a good idea...but not what our minds and hearts want to do, especially at this time of the year!

:) tonka kills me with cuteness, by the way.

to 07! besos! xoxoxo.

(im stumped on the tune...any hints? :)
Abigail said…
Sweetie! So sorry to hear you have been crap for you! *hope* you can shake it before Christmas, although I guess it is the last thing you want to be happening in a week...? {a week!!!! eeek!}

..I have been watching lots of movies too. Saw Lost in Translation for the first time last night and though of you and our dream trip to Japan....loved it btw. :)

...sending BIG hugs and wishes for your well-ness....rudi the stag {? ;))} will be with you soon to bring seasonal cheer!! take good care in the meantime love, xox

ps...the new series is amazing, I just love it. even sick you are still a genius.
leonie said…
i'm out here! hoping you feel better soon.
ziazia said…
These Days by nico and the velvet underground!

I've been listening to that song too... :)

zia zia
Anonymous said…
so sorry to hear you haven't been well, big hugs xxx
Anonymous said…
oh lisa, it's so nice to read your post. i've missed your thoughts! glad you are feeling a bit better. the cupcakes decorated with poisonous flowers...what an inspired idea. looking forward to seeing more and also to many wonderful things in the new year! hugs from the east coast. xoxo shari
Ky said…
~*~*~*~*~vibes of the healing variety headed your way~*~*~*~*~*~
martha said…
oh -I hope you are feeling better soon. The cupcake drawing is....brilliant. Poisonous flowers? the perfect decoration for dieters:)
Anonymous said…
Dont you even dare contemplate it..!!! Ive really missed you and hope you are ok!!

love that picture of tonka and would love to veg out like that for a day or 10!

And your cupcake is just genius lisa...the idea behind it and the drawing!! Love your mind :)
Big hugs and kisses from feel well (happy chanukah if you celebrate ;))
anne said…
oh no, and now you've been sick! so sorry to hear that! please take your time to rest and don't rush, will you?! there are so many more good movies waiting for you ;)

yes on the cupcakes! great ideas! and the tonka-pic is killing me too ;) you didn't do shopping but you decorated, which is more than i did ;) and i'm not even sick :)

sending you hugs and well wishes and a most enjoyable unstressful christmas!
maditi said…
walking, napping and watching movies sounds perfect :)
now I wanna have a nap next to tonka :)
all the best to you!!!
risa said…
i hope you feel better soon! and that all your energy comes rushing back (although not too fast).
i missed you too...
i love the idea of a cupcake show...there is an artist in seattle (i'm blanking on his name) who did a series with robots and pink cupcakes and pink cupcakes were served at the opening. mmmmm...
but your art is yummy enough to eat on its own so you probably don't need to do this. :)
big hugs!
Karen said…

Was wondering where you were or whether you were caught up in holiday madness. Tonka is the cutest! Love sleeping pet pictures.

Feel better soon!
Tiffany said…
Sick for the holidays is seriously no good!

May the Fairy of Wellness bonk you over the head with her magick wand (which is a tylenol glued to the top of a thermometer...and her tiara looks very similar to an old fashioned nurses cap)!


hannah said…
oh lisa, so sorry you are feeling rotten. its a good thing those kitties and that tonka like to help you slow down. did you like the new p&p? i love it for what it is, just like i love the bbc one.
wendy said…
the strength is slowly coming back.
a little photos here a little catch up there....I hope grading is going smoothly! And that your not pushing quite too hard yet!
love that photo tonka (and garbo?) too cute with the tiniest bit of tongue! funny
and the cupcake idea I must chime in with awesome! I love that you push that limit!
camilla engman said…
Dogs love when you are sick, don't they. Laying in one big pile, not only whith dogs, actually whith their human! I hope you are taking it slow and will get better :) That picture of Tonka is wonderful.
cindy said…

rest, and rest, and rest some more. sounds like a perfect time for all those movies.

i love your cupcake drawings, poisonous sweets, how great.

Crissy said…
What an ADORABLE pup!! :D
Super cute!!

I really, really, really want a French Bully in my family .... (sigh)

Happy Holidays!

simple me said…
I do really hope you are feeling much better now.
Just relax with those furry fellows next to you. They are always great company...except maybe when they snore :), even then they are always great.
a husband 2 cats and 2 dogs? what a big must be a house full. Here it is only a husband and a dog that looks like a cow (in pattern not in size, fortunately) and I'm always running around.

Get better and enjoy all movies...take this opportunity to review all those movies that bring back great memories.
bugheart said…
how could i
have missed
your post?!

i missed you so!

i was gonna say
one of my fav
songs but
i have always
wanted to be
a nicco wantabe
{at least in looks}...

can you use
the cupcake
for your show?
i am sure you
were who
i was thinking
can you?

so glad
you a better...
wish i could
come by
and relax
and watch movies
over the holidays!

blair said…
this whole holiday season seems to be a wash for more than a few of us. I'm concentrating on the relaxing part this year. I have too, or else I may make myself crazy. Listen to your body, it knows. Curl up with that amazingly cute Tonka. Can't wait to hear more about the cupcake idea! xoxo
blair said…
this whole holiday season seems to be a wash for more than a few of us. I'm concentrating on the relaxing part this year. I have too, or else I may make myself crazy. Listen to your body, it knows. Curl up with that amazingly cute Tonka. Can't wait to hear more about the cupcake idea! xoxo
gracia said…
Love that song, love that pose (the happy zzzzz's of canine sleep), love your new things coming... take care, g
mary said…
I'm so glad you popped back in for a bit, and I'm sorry you've been so ill. I truly can relate, and I think it's great that you're just listening to your body. Good for you, Lisa. :)

joy madison said…
love the cupcake, love the tonka photo, love to nap!!! Have a super merry chrismtas! (oh and I got your gorgeous card, thanks!!!)
meg said…
i heart nico :)
sorry you have been so sick.
your mantle looks lovely.
have a wonderful holiday.
Aurora said…
A sea of comments might drown out my voice, but just so you know, I love you. I've been sicker than in years too! Sick soul sister o'mine.
Teresa Sheeley said…
ahh, jackson browne song, "these days" is one of my favorites! I love his music, and I love cupcakes! Hope you feel better.
susan said…
ooh a little late in the listhere ... jackson browne, these days...
we have two sickies in our household rightnow. i am fighting it and hoping to stay sick free for the next two weeks!
feel better soon!that sleepy dog is one cute pup.
lisa s said…
jenny.... your fellow commenters got the song :)

abigail... <3 lost in translation... so so so much..... thank you for thinking i'm a genius :)

hi leonie and zia zia - thanks for your comments

hi sweet shari and julie.... xo

anne and maditi [the germans together :)] :) maditi - tonka would love to nap w/ you!

risa... robots + cupcakes? have i died and gone to heaven??

hi karen... xoxo

tifanny - i tried to get a pic of that fairy, but she wouldn't let me

hannah - i did like p/p.... it's nice to hear the witty dialogue outloud... plus gotta love the english manors :)

hi wenders.... :) yup - that's garbo

camilla - yes... the dogs love lazing on the sofa

cindy... thank you!

hi crissy... thanks for popping by.... frenchies are super charming! i hope you get one!

paula - your dog looks so cute! we actually have 3 cats!!! but one is always on his own.... yes - a very full house, but that's how we like it!

gwen.... oh - really? the soaps? that could be fantastic... and you could be part of the show then! yeah... nico is lovely....

hi blair... all i can say is at least we've had electricity! :) xo

hi joy! yay!

thanks meg... you too!

aurora - you are my soul sister in sickness and in health

teresa and susan - i didn't know jackson browne did a version of that song... hmmm.....

happy holidays ya'll!!!
jerusha said…
oh! i didn't know you were sick! i'm very glad you're starting to feel better ~ i'm sending you a message right now!

(and that's the song i was thinking when i wrote my 'these days' post too ;)
Marieke said…
Hope you get better soon Lisa, and have wonderful holidays!!! That decoration is amazing by the way xxx

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