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EDIT :: i've had a couple of people email and say they are having trouble commenting. one person said they commented but the comments never showed up. grrrrr.... i've also noticed i've had some trouble commenting with other blogger blogs the last few days.... wonder what is up?? so if you had a specific question please try again... or if you want to email me : info {at} lisasolomon {dot} com should work. thanks guys!

hi friends! i'm a bit rushed as tomorrow class starts.... [oh please let me not suffer when getting up that early tomorrow.... please]. AND i'm going to mac world [yes i'm a geek]. but i'm feeling good because i got my hair cut today. why is it that haircuts always make you feel so much better?

i'm posting the above image in the hopes that a few of you might like to help out. speaking of helping out - i can not get over how the kim family auction did. wow. it sort of restores your faith in humanity. there's no way that money can replace what was lost, but it's so nice to feel that outpouring of love.... wow wow wow.

but i digress....

kitchen sink is a GREAT magazine [art, life, music, culture] and they desperately need help.... it's run by local folk here in oakland CA and they don't pay themselves [none of the contributors get paid either]..... they have two issues left in them and need some help procuring the funds to do it....

read more and donate if you can. even $5 ! there's a donate button on their homepage. i'm going to take out a 1/8 page ad in support!

i DO also have ulteriour motives here since i had a lovely conversation with lacey j roberts that's supposed to be published by them.... we talked about art and craft and what they mean to us. but i'd put the call to donate out besides that fact. i really would!

i would love to do a mini-round up of some of the mail goodies of late... and i'm sure there's something i'm forgetting to say, but.... all for now.... i'll leave you with an old b/w polaroid [finally caught up on the scanning] it's my film noir take on my vacuum mount boston pencil sharpener....



Chelsea said…
Good luck tomorrow, I'm sure you'll do great! If I was closer I'd buy you a coffee in the morning. Just remember to enjoy.

Shari said…
love the film noir photos. so lovely. here's hoping you wake up with a smile on your face ready to go! enjoy that first day of class lisa!

xoxo shari
amisha said…
hi lisa,
first day of class here too... hope it goes well for you!
thank you for sharing the kitchen sink info... it looks really interesting. i felt a similar rush of small-press anxiety when bitch magazine, my all-time favorite, was almost shut down last year due to these national distribution issues... arrghhh. luckily they pulled through & i hope this one will too...
gracia said…
The magical power of a new haircut... there is nothing like it, though a new top comes quite close. Enjoy the swish and feel of those newly cut hair follicles.
take care, g
risa said…
i'm looking forward to hearing how the first day went...
wendy said…
I hope classes started off with a bang - in a good way.
thanks for the heads up about kitchen sink...what a cool little mag.
and you moody polaroids are fabulous!!
julie said…
Hello sweetness, hope the earlyness wasnt too bad..rrrrrr!!
Im so looking forward to yours and sharis colaborative project - what a great combination!
Im liking these B&w's a lot and your new haircut for a new year is lovely!! xxx
lisa s said…
hi chelsea - coffee would be nice! i had made myself a cup to take with me in the car - and i forgot it :)

hi shari - no smile when i first woke up, but it wasn't as bad as i thought

amisha.... i think the ks folks are kind of tired of working so hard, but i do hope they get to do the last 2 issues. it's really a great mag.... thanks for checking up on it

gracia... yes! new haircut!! :D

risa.... i'll try and remember to talk about the teaching thing since you are interested

wendy... hi dear! thanks for liking the moody polaroids!

julie... hi cutie! early was not good - but not as bad as i thought.... i'm excited about shari and my project too.... it's underway!!
Hayley said…
Hi there-

I have the same pencil sharpener which I "stole" from my father's desk many years ago. I honestly think it is the only pencil sharpener I have ever owned in my life. Love the polaroids.

bugheart said…
sorry i
am so behind...
love the polaroids
and your new
i love
the post-haircut
wish i could
get my hairdresser
to do my hair
every morning
so everyday
could be
a good hair day.

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