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i woke up to the most amazing fog.... but by the time i had my coffee and grabbed the camera it had alreday disappated a bit.... fog makes me think of hitchcock.... instantly makes me want to put on a hood and wander around.

the first day of class seemed to go well. i have about 13 students thus far - which for me is a perfect number. i hate having really big classes. smaller is more intimate and opens up possibilities. i feel like i can cater the class to the individuals instead of just trying to maintain some semblance of order. the first day is always short for me though. just going over the syllabus and supplies for the first project. i'm excited because i have 3 students from my drawing class in this class. it's much nicer to already know a few people instead of starting out fresh. i really wonder sometimes what my first impression to the students is.... to me its incredibly important that the class seems serious, but also not too heavy handed. we are here to work - and art is no joke - but life is not fun without humor. i always struggle on how to get that across.

shadow anenomies

don't step on the daisies

more polaroids from this fall. black and white registers so differently doesn't it?? why does this still surprise me??

i'm excited because my sheets arrived yesterday in a beautiful green box.... know who else has these sheets??? and who also has some work of mine? renee . she posted the other day about putting my drawings up on fresh paint. something about seeing where my work lands makes me very happy.

so this post was totally random, but.... this is how my head is working these days. must run. grocery store... studio.... have to finish work. must arrive by Feb 12th [gulp - learned that today]. i have a lot to do.... bye!!!


Shari said…
hi lisa,

fog and black and white. two things i love. so glad to hear that you have a nice small class and that you are enjoying being back.

good luck with all of your projects! are you feeling firmly planted or still precariously perched? xoxo s
risa said…
that's funny...i posted photos of the sky today too.
i love hearing about your teaching. i work with a group of 12 (althought the number changes all the time) teenage boys in a residential drug treatment center within a juvy hall. i work with them one on one, in sort of a counseling capacity and then also have a class with them that started off as a purely english class but as morphed into more of an english/art class. but we do simple arts and crafts project, nothing as complex as what i am sure you are doing with your students. :)
Karen said…
Hi Lisa!

I love pictures of skies....Yours is quite moodily gorgeous...

Yesterday when I was driving by the lake, there was the most gorgeous sunset amidst the trees and cold crisp air but I couldn't capture it since my bag was thrown in the bag and I didn't want to be a risky driver...

I am sure as a student, they're quite happy that it's a small class too...
hannah said…
i would love to take your class lisa! it was always those teachers that took a firm but happy line in the beginning that ended up being my favorites. love the random thoughts, i feel all over the place lately too. going to pick up the taxonomy of barnacles at the library today!
Eireann said…
thirteen is just right, i think. happy new semester!!
amisha said…
these moody black and whites are wonderful... it is funny how b/w gives this air of mystery to things... like having a candle burning, and after viewing them color seems like someone walked in and turned the light on.
so glad your first day of class was a good one! my partner started teaching yesterday too... he said it was the first time in... goodness, about 12 years of teaching that he wasn't nervous at all. must be some good energy in the air.
mati rose said…
beautiful sheets and b&w polaroids! good luck with your class~ 13 sounds just right.
simple me said…
Love the polaroids and the fog too. I love to walk in foggy night. It makes me feel slightly scared :)
Have a good day and enjoy your work.
great photos!

i love those sheets- i need new ones for spring, and i would LOOOOVE some white and green ones, but my husband would probably ruin them in an instant! hmmm...but MY side of the bed would still look nice :)

i like your random post! it makes me feel much better about all of my own random ones!
pat said…
While people say you can't tell a book by its cover, first impressions are a powerful influence in how things evolve. So, I agree that it is a challenge to find the right balance between being serious and still having fun with one's work/class. I hope you can enjoy this class as a stimulating refuge from the other stresses of your professional life!
Marieke said…
Hi Lisa, such wonderful photos! Happy semester to you x
julie said…
Lisa, i would love to join your class!! how lucky they are..
all three of these wonderful photos say to me ...'hidden'..not all is clear..a lot of the time with B&W i have this thing of something the viewer is being teased and were not allowed to have it all..i love that!! Not sure if any of that just made sense...good luck with the dead lines!!!
sk8ordiehard said…
You should post pics of your new sheets on flickr to keep my sheet pics company!
Best of luck with the new semester!
xo Renee
cruststation said…
I love black & white photography and your polaroids are amazing! Beautiful choice of bedsheets. I would love to attend your art classes, you must be a wonderful teacher. I remember my art class days, although it is serious-art is also about fun and being free with the creativity...I'm sure your students feels that.
gracia said…
Thirteen does seem like your lucky number... just look at those beautiful photographs, 1, 2, 3!
See you at the tea party? Though you'll have to excuse my behaviour as by the time you reach Friday, I will be quite drunk on tea.
take care, g xo
louise said…
Hi Lisa,
Glad to hear that your first day went well... and I love the fog photo, it definitely does have a Hitchcock atmosphere.
blair said…
so funny how you're liking the smallness of a class of 13. I am leading a girl scout troop of 13 girls. Funny how that group size seems smaller the older the students are (seems like a lot of girl energy in my group : )

Those sheets are gorgeous! Seriously, new bedding is just about my favorite new household thing. xo
Vanessa said…
I am a 1st timer here. Lovely photographs throughout...And the pets...How adorable!! I have a lot of catching up to do!!
anne said…
hello dear lisa! i love your recent bw polaroids! they have a hitchcocky feel about them, fifties and mysterious. the flower shot is just wonderful!

i can imagine fog in sf is really beautiful. i always love fog more when it's close to the sea :)

glad, your class seems to work well and happy sleeping in the new sheets!!

xoxo anne :)
lisa s said…
shari - still PP.... but a bit more planted :)

risa... i will try and talk more about teaching... your job sounds amazing. i'm so impressed. i couldn NEVER do that!

hi karen.... i know what you mean about risking driving. been there

hannah - i wish you could be in my class!

hi sweet eireann! xo

amisha... i know b/w just feels different. how great for your partner!!

mati.... xoxo

paula... i wish i could have gone for a walk in the fog... sigh....

erin.... get nice sheets - you deserve them - even if the hubby would ruin his side :)

pat... so true so true!

hi marieke... thanks

julie... i wish you were here.... and i love what you say about hidden. just perfect

rene... OK i will once i get them on the bed

crustacian... THANK YOU! i wish you could be in my class too

gracia.... hee hee! drunk on tea

louise... glad you like the fog

blair... i know - funny how age makes such a difference, huh? i'm a sucker for new bedding too and felt i needed a treat!

vanessa - WELCOME - thanks for your kind comment!!

hi anne!!!!! i love the fog - it really really is beautiful.....
Listoria said…
Those photos are wonderful! Love the fog shot. I live up the hill from a river and on foggy mornings, when I drive along side it on my way to work, I swear that I'm going to see a pirate ship sail out of that fog. It just has that "perfect for a pirate ship" look.

(oh, fab sheets! new sheets...even just newly laundered sheets...are wonderful! enjoy)

bugheart said…
me again...
catching up.
such wonderful
and i am
loving the
b/w polaroids...
what camera
are you using?

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