precariously perched

sketchbook :: shoes

reading mav's post today really struck a chord with me. i commented to her that i felt as though i was precariously perched. as i typed it, i knew the phrase was going to lodge itself in my brain.... and demand attention.

besides illustrating my love for alliteration [part of why i am loving a taxonomy of barnacles so much] the phrase just fits in my vernacular. i am notoriously drawn to things that hover between good and bad, easy and hard, dangerous and lovely or enticing - the purgaorty - the hybrid - the double entendre.

so i sit and think about how the new year sort of presents all these possibilities. and i am so grateful for how full my plate is. but i'm also very scared. i just said yes to a 2 person show that opens at the end of February {more on this as it approaches}. this is a fantastic opportunity, but immediately i worry about if i will blow it. i have a few pieces that i can "re-use", but i want it to be a cohesive show and so i need to make new work. on top of the work for the cupcake show. on top of teaching a new class. on top of LIFE. i want to show a small version of the RAC doily installation, but i can't possibly go to install it - so i'm frantically trying to figure out how i can make an installtion that can be put up by another's hands [hands i trust completely, but nonetheless they aren't mine - and i couldn't possibly ask someone else to paint on the wall for me.... it not only wouldn't be fair, it would ruin the integrity of the piece]

and so i feel like i am perched - almost like on a tight rope wire. balanced. excited. heart beating. there could be a pile of down pillows for me to land on if i fall. there could be a pile of treats if i balance and make it across. or there could be broken limbs and the rope could go on forever and ever.... precariously perched

above is a sketch from my sketchbook. since i don't have the drawing a day anymore i treated myself to a new moleskin..... and have been having fun doing quick, simple studies of things that surround me.... here's another sketch:

sketchbook :: wreath_tonka_chini
our holiday wreath and tonka and chini sleeping together [not so secret anymore they are!]

but i do have a new project about documentation with my favorite documenter that starts next week. you didn't think i could live w/out a project did you?

i am actually sitting in the studio waiting for paint to dry. i am cleaning up - new white walls are needed if i am going to be frantically working in here. bye-bye wall work 1 mock up.... hello ????

i also want to share what the hubby found for me on ebay for christmas. it makes me SO happy!!

scotch tailoring

and inside:
scotch tailoring contents


and oh! in case you haven't already heard... the kim family auction hit a few bumps in the road and had to be removed from ebay. but it will be back... and soon.... so continue to check that site for updates.... and by golly did people bid. i was outpriced out of everything with-in 3 hours. i really hope people bid like that again. it was nothing short of amazing! i can't wait to send the little rhino off to a new home.....


wendy said…
is there a way you can paint something & then print it onto something like vinyl...I don't know what it is, but you sort of peel it off the backing. that would give you the lightness of painting.

and I can't wait to see what you do with shari.
my grandfather always told me that although I was juggling a bunch of things you can only concentrate on one thing at a time!!
mooncici said…
ah sweet hubby! :) cheers to 2007!t
sarah said…
precariously perched (in the prettiest of shoes lisa)
i love that in a new year (this year especially it seems)... there is so much possibility, just a matter of taking those first tiny steps i guess... am sure that your work for the exhibition will be amazing xxx
mati rose said…
thank you for showing me tracy miller-- love love her work! maybe i'll join in on this month's read:) all of your projects sound so exciting!!! and i understand the simultaneously scary part!
Mary said…
precariously perched. so perfect.

i'm looking forward to seeing your project with shari. i'm sure i'll love it.

i have no doubt you can make it all happen, lisa. you're a star.
poppy said…
precariously perched - but at least you perch! this year sounds exciting - somehow it will all work - i will send little elves!
Nichola said…
I'm sure i saw that box on Ebay, you're a lucky lucky gal!
anne said…
lisa, love your little drawings. yay for the new moleskine! hope you have a lot of fun sketching. on a different note: i have no idea why i never looked closely at your wall installation!! it is so beautiful! just wanted to let you know this :)

to being precariously perched: i'm so sure, when there will be problems with your projects, there will be ways to solve them, too. you will give things the right turn at the right time and that will be YOUR way which is right for you. just listen to the belly voice :) and trust it :)

hubbies present is great!
gracia said…
I think I'm on that very same tight-rope... perhaps we can meet in the middle if we stay agile and don't loose our concentration?
Enjoy those first new pages of a journal, recording all that you see and experience around you.
take care, g
julie said…
Love these drawings lisa and have missed them...i guess its another one of those periods..finding our feet..your plate is looking pretty good ;) and im sure you will soon find your way and intuitively make the right choices for you. Trust yourself..have a wonderful weekend, love julie xxx
bugheart said…
my snowboarding
instructor once told me,
"if you're not falling,
you're not trying."
i think that that's
the same idea
precariously perched...
it means you
a pushing
to a place
that as you say...
may offer
sweet prizes
but also
puts you
at some risk...
we all know
that great
prizes are
in store for you...
but i'll be below
stacking up
the pillows
just in case.
amisha said…
such a good description of being "precariously perched" (i love the alliteration too!)... and this comment by bugheart... with growth & joy comes great risk and that makes it worth it... it sounds like 2007 will be full of amazing growth for you. (and the gift from hubby! wow!)
risa said…
i'm glad i'm not the only one who sometimes feels a little overwhelmed and scared by goings on in life...
i love reading your writings. they are inspiring, intelligent, interesting, and irresistible. :)
Abigail said…
'precariously perched' it. I think a new year will do that to anyone....I feel precariously perched, pondering the past and present... teheee! ;)

Yay for you on the new upcoming show! I know what you are feeling, that overstretched way..not wanting to compromise {the work!} in any real way....

I like what you said about having someone else do the work, and how that would ruin the integrity of the piece....I was watching a show the other night about Damien Hirst {it also featured Jeff Koons} and how they don't make *any* of their work themselves...they just have their huge volume of staff do it all. It really got me thinking, part of me was appalled {especially considering the million pound price tags etc} but part of me thought...well, good on you! {the creation of a brand}......but I am with you. At least when you stretch yourself, you can be happy with the end result...even if you are lying in a heap on the floor ;)))

So very much looking forward to the new work too..your wreath drawing is superb btw!
Shari said…
hi lisa,

oh you are so sweet to me. :) looking forward to our collaboration. precariously perched...i like it. there's a hint of risk but there are also wings so you can fly!!! xoxo shari
natalie said…
congrats on your full plate :)

you know you can pull it off!

N x
kelly said…
Falling always seems like the worst thing before you actually fall, but afterwards, you normally think 'hey, it wasnt that bad, in fact, I learned a lot'.
Not to say your falling...just to say, don't fear it so much. You can pull it off.
Ky said…
i love that your posts elicit a deeper reflection within me.....thank you for that =) as i read "precariously perched" i stopped and spoke it aloud, liking how it rolled off my tongue. i, too, am a fan of alliteration - one of my first memories of a song is csn&y's "helplessly hoping".....give it another listen =)
nicole said…
Hey Lis - perch away :) it can make you giddy ;) Hugs to you lovely. nx
Briana said…
Your illustrations are just like you -introverted and extroverted, a little tounge in cheek, with delicate lines and gorgeous bone structure...

Obviously being able to view flicker hosted images has changed my life.
simple me said…
I can relate so much to this "precariously perched". I feel like a little bird that is learning to fly and often I'm scared and uncertain.
But you don't have to be afraid.
That gift from your husband is so fantastic. Amazing find!
tara said…
oh dear. i feel ya. i haven't read yr blog in a long time...i'm pretty much in awe of how much you take on, and have total faith that you'll weather the next two months with ease...

and remember, there are lots of lovely folks around to catch you if you fall:-)
Janet said…
I am perching there with you at the moment, hoping not to fall, we know we won't. off to practice some Yoga so maybe I can turn it into perfectly poised! Happy new year too x
Alison said…
The perch is good - it's exhilirating in it's prospect of falling or flying and the possibility of what happens then.

And you know you have wings :)
lisa s said…
wendy - great ideas..... and your grandpa would hate my juggling...

hi cici! cheers to you too

sarah - :) thank you....

mati... so glad you like tracy! you should join in on the read

mary - blush blush.... thank you.... [but stars can fall a very very far distance :)]

jan - yes elves! yes!!

nichola :) i am lucky. hubby did so good

anne.... i love "belly voice" - i'm trying to figure out what it sounds like!

gracia... oh lets meet 1/2 way - that sounds so good!

julie.... thank you for the positive spin

gwen.... smart snowboarding instructor... and thank you for stacking those pillows. i feel safer already

amisha.... so glad you like alliteration too! it's not just me! [yes hubby is good :)]

risa.... you are definitely not alone... and thank you for pointing that out to me too!! xo

abigail - :D only you could continue the alliteration with such ease.... thank you dear friend. thank you

shari - it is YOU that is sweet to me!! i too - like that hint of risk

natalie... ok - if you say so! :)

kelly - falling is ok unless you are me - clutzy! :) no you are right. totally right!

ky.... i just want to SMILE back at you....

nicole... giddy is good. giddy is good

briana.... you know how to make me blush! so glad you can see the images!!xo

paula... thank you... it's so nice to feel encouraged and attempt to spread those wings

tara! thank you friend. so excited we are working together on something!!!

janet.... ah yes poised... that sounds nice

alison ... are they hiding under my superhero cape?? :)
maditi said…
your husband has cool taste!!
good luck with all your projects, exhibits and everything else :)

looking forward to your new joined project!!

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