step seven :: contemplate the mini

if you haven't stopped by - be sure and go to shari's blog to see the latest installment of the documentary project. the word today was proximity and i'm sort of excited by the proximity of our responses.

inedible cupcake :: virgins bower

so i uploaded a few of the inedible cupcake drawings to flickr.... you can see them all here . above is the poisonous virgins bower. i had never heard of the flower before - but it's really a pretty flower. i'm sure it'd be perfect in buttercream icing.... yum. thanks for all the cupcake love out there... it's been so fun to share this project and get all of the reactions.

hands down my favorite comment was something along the lines of cupcakes? that's such an a-political thing. oh contraire mon fraire [it was a guy who said this]. cupcakes are gender loaded i believe. esp. if they are cute and deadly. it reminds me that sometimes it takes a second look to really "get" something. ever quick to judge myself i need to be reminded of this. [besides the fact that thankfully it has been established that the personal is political and by golly i was taking those cupcakes personally :} ]

as i was looking at the cupcake drawings i was realizing how small they actually are. some of them are on 6" doilies.... totally inspired by risa's post on the mini a few days back i promised her some images of work of mine that included very small pieces of clothing. the idea for these stemmed from an amazing collection of old house keeping books called Cassell's Household Guide. The books had great illustrations [many were inspiration in the drawings a day] and details on how to maintain a household circa 1850-1900 [guessing on the dates]. article titles included "domestic surgery", "the rearing of farm animals", "topiary construction".... i did these pieces based on sections called "shirtmaking" and the "management and rearing of children : clothing for an 8 year old girl". i made the patterns and drawings and piece of clothing to the scale of the book. there was something about translating it so directly that i really liked - esp. since they were meant to be human sized. i made everything... including the hangers.

i actually have these back in the studio. i showed them at the mira costa show a few months back. it was nice to have them see the light of day.

cassell's household guide :: the rearing and management of children

cassell's household guide :: the rearing and management of children

cassell's household guide :: the rearing and management of children

cassell's household guide :: shirtmaking

cassell's household guide :: shirtmaking

cassell's household guide :: shirtmaking

ok risa... hope it was worth the wait!!

have a great tuesday friends


ashb said…
I love these pieces, the dress, the pattern, the cupcakes, so much that is great :)

gwen and I were really missing ya this weekend ;x

julie said…
WOW..Risa is going to LOVE is all do you put together such tiny clothes?
I like how it all looks together..the patterns and clothes..
And i love the cupcake drawing..the tiny size seems to make it all the more tempting!
btw, loved your discussion on 'proximity' xxx
sarah said…
i really just love this work so much lisa, thanks for sharing it with us :)
gracia said…
Everything, "including the hangers" - fantastic! From cupcakes topped with the beautiful, though poisonous, virgins bower to all things small... darn it! When will I complete that teleporter.
take care, g xo
cruststation said…
Oh the pattern drawings and clothing pieces are so adorable with so much details! Isn't it wonderful that we are inspired by everything around us including our blogger friends? Love the idea of illustrating on a piece of doily, they make beautiful frames.
risa said…
omg! lisa, they were totally worth the wait. thank you! i love them! fantastic. because besides little food i love little clothing best. and i actually have a little bit of a fashion theme running through my art collection...sewing patterns ALWAYS draw me in. i have actually started making little clothing several times but have gotten frustrated and gave up each time. i can appreciate the work that went into these little treasures of yours! they definitely deserve to see the light of day!
bugheart said…
those minis
are amazing...
i love the
of the
tiny dresses
and framed

and your
wendy said…
this is quite amazing and lovely!!
I adore the pieces.
LeeAnn said…
I recently found your blog and I enjoyed reading up on your cupcake project. I love those "cute but deadly" drawings of yours. I am totally in cupcake love at the moment!

In fact, I should make some to enjoy with the hubby for Vday. (sans poisonous flower, of course)
Shari said…
i love all of your mini creations. "the personal is political". so true. i, too, was excited by how our thinking overlapped this week. so glad we are documenting together!
xoxo shari
amisha said…
i had the strangest dream last night of cupcakes i couldn't touch... must have been thinking of this work before sleeping...
the cupcake drawings, the mini clothes... i love this work of yours that is so evocative of personal spaces, desire, gender, childhood. thank you for sharing it!
skona said…
very cool! i love that you made the hangers as well.
jen said…
i love both sets of work! that cupcake on the doily is calling my name...too bad it's so deadly;)
Vanessa said…
I adore Risa!!! She is a love. So, that means your post was extra special and it was the perfect combination of things I adore.. A word on Cupcakes, a bit of wonderful art, mini's and Risa...Love...
blair said…
Hello my dear! Happy Hearts day! As I've already said, these little outfits literally took my breath away. You have them displayed perfectly too, on the big span of white wall. I am in awe of this type of thing, its so unexpected. Wish I could have seen you at work on these.
maditi said…
small and so amazing - love what inspired it!!
Sunny said…
i love the tiny art. i like the intimacy of tiny objects. bravo. ever see something and think to yourself, "man i wish i thought of that..."
louise said…
Love the cupcake drawings. I'm off to check out the glass doorknob right now, I can't wait to check out your collaboration this week.
lisa s said…
ash.... i wish i could have been there.... so much

julie :) hi sweet one! i used lots of toothpicks and the tips of my fingers :) so glad you liked proximity too!

hi sarah... thank you....

gracia... yeah - gotta do it from the ground up, huh? when WILL you complete that teleporter? i want to see your show too

crustation - thank you - and yes - doilies make wonderous frames!

risa! hee hee.... i have to dig up this artist for you... she makes little clothes out of paper.... i'm glad you like my little creations.

gwen and wenders... xoxo

leeAnn.... thank you for coming by and commenting! i hope you made those non-poisonous cupcakes

shari... ME TOO!!

amisha! your dream!! it would be perfect in our shop!! thank you for your kind comment

skona... yeah - sometimes i have to just do the whole thing.... :)

jen - it might just make you throw up - you might not die ;)

vanessa... thank you!! i adore risa too :)

hi blair... well i'm glad i could take your breath away since you manage to do that to me all the time.... you are always welcome to be a fly on my wall!!

hi maditi... thanks!

hi sunny - thanks for coming by and commenting... you are so kind!

hi birthday girl!!! xoxo
Kathleen said…
Love the dress and pattern pieces...really lovely work. I SO wish I could see you cupcake show in person. Looks amazing!
UNIFORM Studio said…
these little clothes and the patterns! especially the patterns! are so amazing. The figure/ground ones are so striking. The contrast of them with the 3 dimensional sewn pieces is especially wonderful.

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